Show/Episode: The walking Dead Season 7, episode 9 "Rock in the Road" Date/Time: Sunday, February 12 in ~ 9 p.m. ET Channel: AMC Watch The walking Dead Live currently with: DIRECTV now (free 7-day trial), Sling TV (free 7-day trial) The walking Dead creators aren't ones to offer away too numerous spoilers. In fact, they room being downright tight lipped around the upcoming episode, "Rock in the Road." every they have released is that Rick will be presented to a brand-new community. If you're an avid pan you deserve to probably deduce i beg your pardon community, this will certainly be. Anyone else will need to wait till February 12 in ~ 9 p.m. To watch The walking Dead season 7, episode 9 online!

Where deserve to I watch The go Dead Season 7, illustration 9 Online?

If you desire to watch The wade Dead "Rock in the Road" online, you'll require a live streaming business with AMC. Luckily, you've got three main options. You deserve to watch The go Dead season 7, illustration 9 online with DIRECTV NOW, Sling TV, or playstation Vue. Any type of other online choices would not permit you to watch at the same time together it airs on cable. If you want to watch The go Dead "Rock in the Road" virtual keep reading for your options!

Use DIRECTV now to watch The go Dead Live Stream

You have the right to watch AMC as part of DIRECTV NOW's the smallest $35/month package. This package contains over 60 channels including AMC, TBS, TNT, and also USA. Lot of packages are obtainable if girlfriend want much more channels! You deserve to even add HBO because that $5/month. DIRECTV now (review) works on a variety of streaming devices including apple TV and Chromecast. Here's just how you deserve to sign up for your free 7-day trial. This is a great way to clock The walking Dead digital free!

Watch The go Dead Live Stream through Sling TV

Sling TV uses AMC and more than 25 other channels for just $20 a month. This package also includes Comedy Central, Disney, ESPN, and also TNT. If you desire to add channels there room multiple bundle choices available. Sling TV works with many streaming devices. Ours Sling TV review has more information. Make certain to authorize up because that your complimentary 7-day trial before The wade Dead midseason premiere!

Use playstations Vue to clock The wade Dead Live stream Online

To watch AMC v PlayStation Vue, you'll pay simply $30 a month. This package contains 60 other channels including some local options, A&E, FOX News, and Syfy. If friend won't be residence to clock The walking Dead online once it airs, playstation Vue supplies a DVR option. Through a DVR you can record The walking Dead, so girlfriend won't miss out on it! playstation Vue offers a totally free 7-day trial. Our PlayStation Vue evaluation has more information on the service and the mobile constraints which block mobile service outside of your home.

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Hopefully you don't have any type of questions about The wade Dead season 7b premiere, however if you do, you have the right to leave castle in the comments. If you're looking for an ext information on exactly how to clock The go Dead online, you can examine our key guide!