I newly updated intuitive studio 2015 and also now, once i try to develop any task it always fails and also i get the error

Severity Code description Project document Line Suppression State Error MSB8036 The home windows SDK version 8.1 was no found. Download the required version of home windows SDK or readjust the SDK variation in the project property pages or through right-clicking the solution and selecting "Retarget solution". Proj D:Program documents (x86)visual studio 2017Common7IDEVCVCTargetsPlatformsWin32PlatformToolsetsv141Toolset.targets 34

I retargeted the systems as it said, and also the trouble persisted, even though the retargetting was completed.I chose to install intuitive studio 2017 since of this, and, lo and also behold, the did the precise same thing.I"m likewise using home windows 7.

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What is the problem and how can i resolve it?

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I faced this trouble too. Re-ran the Visual Studio 2017 Installer, walk to "Individual Components" and also select windows 8.1 SDK. Go ago to come the job > appropriate click and also Re-target to complement the SDK forced as displayed below:

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answered might 10 "17 at 9:40

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I set up the 8.1 SDK"s version:


It supplied 1GB (a tiny more) in the installation.

Update October, 9. There"s a https error: the sdksetup connect is https://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/p/?LinkId=323507

"Save attach as" must help.

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Another method (worked because that 2015) is open "Install/remove programs" (Apps & features), discover Visual Studio, pick Modify. In opened up window, push Modify, check

Languages -> intuitive C++ -> common tools because that Visual C++Windows and web advance -> devices for global windows apps -> tools (1.4.1)and home windows 10 SDK ()Windows and also web development -> devices for universal windows apps -> home windows 10 SDK ()

and install. Climate right click on solution -> Re-target and it will certainly compile

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I had actually win10 SDK and I only had actually to carry out retarget and also then i stopped obtaining this error. The idea was the the project demands to upgrade its target home windows SDK.

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answer Sep 22 "18 at 11:09

Michael BahigMichael Bahig
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I establish this article is a couple of years old, yet I just wanted to extend this to anyone still struggling through this issue.

The company I work for still uses VS2015 so subsequently I still use VS2015. I freshly started working on a RPC application utilizing C++ and found the must download the Win32 Templates. Like many others ns was having actually this "SDK 8.1 was no found" issue. Ns took the complying with corrective actions with no luck.

I located my VS2015 download in Apps & Features and ran the repair.I totally uninstalled mine VS2015 and reinstalled it. I attempted to manually suggest my console application "Executable" and also "Include" directories to the C:Program files (x86)Microsoft SDKsWindows Kits8.1 and C:Program records (x86)Microsoft SDKsWindowsv8.1AinNETFX 4.5.1 Tools.

None of the attempts above corrected the problem for me...

I then found this write-up on society MSDN https://social.msdn.microsoft.com/Forums/office/en-US/5287c51b-46d0-4a79-baad-ddde36af4885/visual-studio-cant-find-windows-81-sdk-when-trying-to-build-vs2015?forum=visualstudiogeneral

Finally what addressed the issue for me was:

Uninstalling and also reinstalling VS2015.Locating my installed "Windows Software advancement Kit for home windows 8.1" and running the repair. Confirm my "C:Program papers (x86)Microsoft SDKsWindows Kits8.1" come verify the "DesignTime" folder was in truth there. Opened up VS developed a Win32 Console application and also comiled through no errors or issues

I hope this saves anyone else from practically 3 full days of frustration and loss of productivity.