Valentine’s job is ~ above us and so what much better thing to talk around than romantic anime?

Today, I’ll it is in talking around an anime that I usually keep under wraps. The a guilty satisfied of mine in the truth that it’s not widely regarded as “great” in terms of quality. It also falls into a grey area through the harem tag, miscellaneous I commonly steer clear of because I don’t generally like harem plots. If you ever read the home page of this site, you might remember that I have actually a quote from it

Obligatory spoiler warning because that both the anime and also manga (including the ending).

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Let me offer a little bit of context because that those not familiar with The human being God just Knows (TWGOK). The key character is Keima Katsuragi, a high school student. The is crazy about visual novels and also 2D girls, often not caring about the actual world. That is till he erroneously contracts v a (cute) demon that is tasked v bringing back loose souls the escaped indigenous Hell. Loose spirits reside in the heart. To record them, Keima must similarly capture the heart of whomever it has inhabited. Native there, the (cute) demon, Elsie, will carry out the rest. Break the contract or fail to satisfy the conditions, and he will certainly die.

Sounds reasonably usual through anime standards. Keima basically has girls autumn in love with him and also that’s it. The just caveat is the after every “conquest,” when a girl falls in love with him and the loose spirit is captured, that girl loses all storage of it. Exactly how else would certainly the plot support multiple romances? You observed the location of the write-up though. The catastrophic “Harem.” You understand why the harem part is a little bit of a misnomer now. The tragedy? Keima, that doesn’t lose his memories.

During a conquest, a lot of goes into making a girl loss in love v him. That isn’t simply romantic gestures and also pleasant dates. That learns your life story, the troubles which allowed a loosened spirit to embed themselves in lock in the an initial place. There is no his presence, plenty of of the girls would’ve shed themselves. Some would abandon your extracurricular passions, shed their self-recognition, find themselves jaded by the genuine world, etc. Love is the goal, but the method to that end require Keima to overview the girls with their problems and also spark self-confidence and also determination, eventually reorienting castle to reach a path where they will be happy. His own pleasure is an additional matter entirely.

“Well, it’s probably simpler for me this way.” – Keima Katsuragi, TWGOK, Ep. 1

Speaking realistically, unusual scenarios notwithstanding, love is no a one-way street. It needs both next to disclose their hearts and minds to each other. Thus, every time Keima has a girl fall for him, it’s difficult for him come not host at the very least a sliver that emotion for them in turn. He may try and say that this is simply what he have to do in order come “fulfill the contract” or “complete the route,” however this is every a facade. Because that as long as the series needs to continue, the can’t discover true love. Yet what if those occupation targets did regain their memories? This is in reality an integral plot allude in Season 3.

A girl named Kanon runs as much as Keima and also confesses to him, remembering the conquest that dates ago to Season 1. You deserve to tell native the clip below that Keima is in ~ a loss because that words. He’s not in the organization of being confessed to. Because that someone to still remember him and also therefore love him? It renders his love skip a beat.



There are two things I neglected come mention. The first is that Keima doesn’t actually recognize who has regained your memories. He needs to subtly probe every those he has previously target to uncover out.

The second is the crest of the season. Fail to capture the understanding of those who have regained their memories and also the world will fall to ruin. The details of why aren’t particularly important because that the article. Although, know that this causes an man-made timer for the former point.

This needing come probe (seeing who displays feelings for him) and also the timer (mandating a fast turnaround time in between conquests) reasons a scene that none of united state want come see, permit alone experience.

On the institution roof throughout the festival, Keima and also Chihiro gather together as a couple. It’s here that Keima realizes the Chihiro no a girl he needs to capture. Too little too late though.

He demands to press her away. The can’t loss in love v her. She can’t loss in love with him. Otherwise, the can’t go after the critical target, Ayumi. Yet when Chihiro finds out that he is trying to romantic Ayumi, she angered to no end. Keima does try to explain the stakes to Chihiro, yet she’s tho angered. Why? Not since she rubbish him. She realizes the stakes. That the reality that Keima isn’t serious enough around Ayumi.


Her own joy doesn’t matter. She recognizes Ayumi loves Keima. Together Ayumi’s finest friend, she’ll support that. If you ever saw Hamilton, probably you psychic the tune Satisfied. It has lots the parallels come this arc. Here’s a good AMV of TWGOK.

After Ayumi is captured and the civilization is saved, the isn’t the end:

Keima speak Chihiro the she was never connected in this. He lies, implying that they never once loved every other. Walk forward, he desires to spare her from anything prefer this. That doesn’t desire her to get connected with his life because chances are that hell inadvertently break she heart again. She’s already gone through so much- She deserves better.

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The anime end on a concert, Chihiro’s tape (consisting of countless who were catch targets, consisting of those who got their memories back), play a song she wrote around herself prior to this mess started. As the concert continues, she recognizes that she’s the just one who never acquired a happy ending. Yet, the lyrics of the song describe her thoughts. Though her very first love has actually ended, she’ll never ever forget it…

Its title: “The memory of My first Love.”

Keima listens from the roof lamenting; the only time he’s presented crying because that serious reasons in the series. So also does Chihiro start crying together the tune ends.