Last year, i made a post briefly stating the news that Aristotle and also Dante uncover the keys of the Universe is obtaining a sequel entitled, There will certainly be other Summers.

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Now the I’ve permit my excitement simmer for a while, i have much more coherent predictions for the upcoming sequel. Very first of all, deserve to we talk around how wonderful Benjamin Alire Saenz remained in letting us recognize he’s close to finishing composing the book? ns love when authors upgrade their reader on their writing progress.

There’s no release day for TWBOS yet, but I’m hoping it’ll come the end in so late 2018, hopefully, maybe. I have actually been waiting for this publication pretty much because Saenz first talked about it on his twitter.

I’ve had actually the privilege of conference Saenz twice, and I’ve heard that talk around a couple of things regarding the sequel. For this reason I have actually come up v a list of points I really want to check out in this very anticipated book. (Spoilers because that Ari & Dante ahead).

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Dante’s new sibling! I want to see Dante connecting with the baby. (I expect he’s a boy and they name him Diego). DANTE and also ARI BABYSITTING! Yes, please.Ari and Dante hanging out with Gina and also Susie — maybe twin dating? I would love because that Gina and Susie to be a couple honestly. They would be so good together.Somehow, Dante convinces anyone to walk dancing together and Gina and Susie are on board through the idea, yet Ari needs more convincing. Eventually, castle go and also Ari end up being an impressive dancer. Hidden talent, obviously. Dante loves it as soon as Ari dips him.Prom? — Saenz mentioned during NTTBF this year that he was writing a sex scene in between Ari and also Dante. So, if we wanna gain super cliche, ns think Dante would imply to Ari to walk to prom and also have after-prom-sex. I don’t think Ari would have a lot of debates because the would just be freaking out about Dante simply casually tossing around the idea that sex.High college graduation. I would love to check out the different graduations, and the boys having actually to dress up for both, in case they’re on various dates. ~ graduation, Ari, Dante, Gina, and also Susie would all go out to the desert come drink under the stars. Castle would shed track the time, listening come the radio in Ari’s truck, and also they would certainly make it house after sunrise, all full of soft smiles.College life. Whereby will Ari and Dante go to college? will they walk to separate colleges, and if so, just how separate? will certainly they both attend college? I have actually no idea. I honestly think Ari would be collection on going best away, yet Dante would desire to take some time to simply do art, and also both the those options are great.I know this is me hope for also much, yet a road trip would be incredible. Probably a little one where Ari and also Dante take a pilgrimage to the beach? They take the truck and also Dante begs to drive it sometimes even though that doesn’t have a driver’s license yet, but he swears he’s a great driver. Then Dante desires to swim in the ocean and Ari doesn’t understand if he likes sand, but Dante talks him right into it because what can’t Dante talk him into? They follow ghost crabs at night and pick increase a bunch that seashells and Ari actually gets a tan and Dante loves it.Ari’s brother. Will he ultimately get the end of jail or will Ari walk visit him? will certainly there it is in a relationship built between them again? I can see Ari walking to check out him, yet not really knowing exactly how to act approximately him. Will his brother be associated at all, in any type of way?Death? ns don’t wanna it is in grim, but Saenz is well-known for composing tragedy right into his story (I’ve review plenty the them). I recognize he is wonderful and also would no kill turn off Ari or Dante, yet I’m not sure anyone else is safe. I would certainly be so hurt if either one of Ari’s or Dante’s parents die. Ns love them every so much. Yet this is me simply being super an adverse ’cause maybe nobody will die and everything will be complete of happy moments. (RIGHT?)Will this book take place over 2 years choose the an initial one, or will it be longer, or shorter? The location alone implies more summers, for this reason I’m reasoning it will certainly be collection in more than a one-year time period.Again v the title. It sounds sort of depressing. Will certainly Ari and Dante be together throughout the size of the book, or will certainly they rest up? If they carry out break up, i hope that doesn’t last long. I gain that they’re young and this is both of their first relationship, i m sorry realistically provides it very unlikely they will last, but this is fiction and maybe us get more privileges here. I would certainly honestly no be surprised if they execute break up for a quick while. But only to assist them establish they don’t desire to it is in apart.I’m particular Ari and also Dante will certainly be windy in their relationship, but I tho wonder if they will be out only to their family and close friends, or to everyone. Ns think Dante would be ~ above board with being public to everyone, also after what occurred to him, however maybe out of their very own safety, Ari would want to save it hidden. Or that would simply be prepared to struggle anyone who tries come hurt the or Dante. Let’s be honest, Ari might take down anyone.I recognize that this publication will be collection right around the AIDS crisis, however I want to remain optimistic that the won’t play a duty in this story. Saenz wrote Carry Me favor Water, i beg your pardon I believe follows a gay character experiencing from AIDS. Ns haven’t read it yet since the premise is too sad because that me come bear, so ns really expect neither Ari or Dante get influenced by it. I don’t prefer sad gays, however the great thing is the Saenz doesn’t either.To finish on a confident note, ns think this book will have actually so many touching moments in between Ari and Dante. Think of it this way: we obtain to check out what wake up after the night when Ari accepted his feelings for Dante, and he felt no shame because that them. That’s together an tremendous moment, and also I can’t think we gain to check out more! Ari and Dante are both exceptional characters, and also they won’t disappoint.We get to check out them as a pair now. And also they obtain to do on a an initial date, and then numerous others. We acquire to watch them around their households again, and also LEGS. Over there are limitless possibilities because that happy moments, and I can’t wait.

Do you males have any predictions for this sequel?