our inn has in-floor radiant heating so there space no vents delivering germs native room come room. We likewise disinfect day-to-day every door handle, light switch, faucet, hand railing, and room keys. We constantly take cleanliness very seriously and also are taking extra precautions due to the fact that of COVID-19.

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La Connor

Welcome come beautiful La Conner, WA, the West Coast’s warm spot for all-things-Spring! around the world known for its stunning seasonal tulip and daffodil fields and also festivals, La Conner is a famous getaway location for visitors from Seattle (about one hour and 20 minute by car) and Vancouver, BC (about one hour and a fifty percent by car), via interstate 5. La Conner is also a favorite avoid over because that travelers heading to and also from Anacortes, the mountain Juan Islands, and Victoria, BC.

Wild Iris Inn is situated on the north-eastern leaf of La Conner’s town center, about a 10-minute walk away. Within our immediate neighborhood and steps from our inn, you will uncover lovely coffee shops, bistros, and also shops. Because that a complete list of tourist attractions and great ideas for what to do throughout your continue to be in La Conner, click here.



Shops & solutions In La Conner

Boutique shopping is among the key La Conner attractions. For good shopping, galleries, museums and services, head come The Channel boardwalk situated in the town facility along the waterfront that Swinomish Channel. In fact, the entire town of La Conner is full of weird boutiques, unique galleries, jewelry and pottery shops and also more. The La Conner Marina, home to recreational and commercial boaters and whale-watching and other water-related tours and services, is a five-minute journey from the Wild Iris Inn.


Outside Activities

The Channel is wherein you will additionally find charter companies offering sailing, kayaking, fishing, and charter watercraft rentals. Bird city hall in the La Conner locations is additionally a main draw, with 10s of hundreds of Snow Geese arriving from October come April. Save an eye out for fully Eagles, northern Harriers, and Red-Tailed falken throughout the winter season together well. Don"t miss out on out on seeing the gorgeous Skagit sink tulips at the popular Tulip Festival in the month that April!


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Arts & Culture

An artist’s dream, La Conner is a good destination for artist-group retreats through high-quality arts centers to explore, including the Dakota arts Center and the mount Vernon Gale Harker center for creative Arts. Girlfriend can also take in live performance theater at the McIntyre room Performing Arts center or Lincoln Theater. Because that the finest of art & society in La Conner, make certain to visit the MoNA Museum to check out art indigenous the Northwest region, including work by Walter Isaacs, Morris Graves, and William Cumming.

Regional Wineries & Tasting Rooms

Take in some of the West Coast’s finest wines v these regional wineries and also tasting rooms: