Satisfy your curiosity by heading end to hill City, the highest possible incorporated city in Tennessee in ~ 2,418 feet. It has a full land area of 3.3 square miles.

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Redefine your definition of a nature trip through a soothing minute in the mountain valley. All the best things to perform in hill City, TN can be uncovered everywhere girlfriend look, many thanks to the pristine wonders this place has to offer.

Come and also get the satisfaction you require for the good experience you’ve to be longing come have. Examine out the list we’ve all set to guide your trip to the great outdoors.

1. Ralph Stout Park


210 S Church St.Mountain City, TN 37683(423) 727-5800

Ralph Stout Park serves as a ar haven where everyone have the right to walk, run, and just play approximately with one another. It additionally houses a memorial wall surface honoring the veterans that war.

Why You need to Go

Taking your youngsters here would be amongst the height things to perform in mountain City with kids. State parks are a good treasure particularly for children because of the wide variety of amenities easily accessible in the park.

Youngsters can have the moment of your life through sliding right into the cute playground and meeting kids their age. Join them in making great memories together.

What to Do

Start your day ideal by jogging or walking approximately the park through your darlings. It’s ideal to start their fitness journey while they room still young to keep a healthy build as they thrive older.

Try sports activities in Ralph Stout Park choose frisbee, baseball, skateboarding, and also a lot more!

You can additionally visit the geese and also ducks continuing to be in the beautiful pond very closely maintained by the community. Watch out for your outdoor musical occasions you deserve to enjoy with your buddies.

2. Doe mountain Recreation Area


1203 Harbin Hill Rd.Mountain City, TN 37683(423) 460-1295

With over 8,000 acres, Doe mountain opens itself as a perfect website for motorcycle adventures do extra unique by the stunning watch of falls and also lakes in ~ the safeguarded natural area.

Why You should Go

Step increase your hill adventures through riding one all-terrain vehicle in addition to your closest pals. It likewise draws you closer to nature which you’d barely acquire in the city.

To say the it is just one of the fun points to do in mountain City would be an understatement due to the fact that the feeling you’d gain here is beyond comparison.

Include this in your list of places to go this day for a heart-pounding experience you won’t discover anywhere else.

What to Do

Gear up for the rocky terrain to be for sure throughout the ride. Keep your eyes on the course as girlfriend mesmerize yourself v the spectacular check out of the natural setting that welcomes girlfriend in Doe Mountain.

Stop by the Gentry Creek falls or the Watauga Lake to have actually a refreshing and also well-rounded outdoor trip. These are simply some of the most amazing sights to watch this weekend.

Don’t throw any trash into the protected area to preserve its beauty for generations to come.

3. Mountain View Nursery


1987 south Shady St.Mountain City, TN 37683(423) 727-2774

Plant lover can call this place home.

Mountain see Nursery grow plants because that landscaping objectives for your home, office, or organization establishment. It has actually been serving Johnson ar for around three decades.

Why You need to Go

It’s about time to beautify and change things increase in your home. V the premium landscaping services of hill View Nursery, you’ll be able to improve not just the look of your home but additionally your way of life.

Your backyard can become so much more beautiful only if you trust this company to help you v the transformation.

What come Do

Head end to this establishment to examine out all the nice places to visit in mountain City.

Buy indigenous plants from their expansive garden facility where friend can get your hand on part rare plants. Watch for types that can thrive indoors and outdoors so the you’ll acquire the soothing emotion you need when you’re at home.

Consult the staff of hill View Nursery if they deserve to head over to your residence and assist you through your landscaping initiatives most particularly when you’re life nearby.

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4. Vintage and Rust


2133 S. Shady St.Mountain City, TN 37683(423) 460-1889

Vintage and also Rust may have actually just opened in 2019 however its vibe have the right to take you on a trip ago in time with the antique commodities they offer. The is open from Tuesdays through Saturdays until 5 p.m.

Why You have to Go

Start gaining inspiration because that your following passion task by discovering the items in store right here at Vintage and also Rust. You can just have the ability to spark your imagination once you watch the cool items they have actually here.

Its promising assets can be used for decorating your room or creating special events with a rustic theme. Vintage and also Rust can carry out you with distinctive things to check out in mountain City.

What to Do

Walk about the one-story shop to find new decors you deserve to put increase in your home. Native signages, pillows, baskets, come chairs, whatever you should level up the vibe is here.

Look because that the repurposed items they market to help advance the sustainability initiative the the keep wants come undertake. It’s good to have a store choose Vintage and Rust the cares about the setting so deeply.

In addition, shopping from this keep is additionally one that the cheap activities to do close to you. Believe me, you will do be surprised to score good deals for items that will certainly make your home look therefore elegant like never before.

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5. Johnson County center for the Arts


127 college St.Mountain City, TN 37683(423) 460-3313

Johnson County facility for the Arts web links the community together v their mutual fondness for the people of art. It likewise provides anyone a platform to rediscover their an imaginative talent through various events, shows, and discussions open up to everyone.

Why You have to Go

It’s never too so late to try something you’ve never done before. If girlfriend haven’t produced any type of work of art yet, that doesn’t mean you’ll never be able to do so all her life. Let Johnson County facility for the Arts help you out.

Workshops, classes, and other forms of mentorship room all within her arm’s reach. You only have to try.

What to Do

Bring your friends come the facility to find the specific art class you’re interested in. Be it painting, sculpture, or musical classes, you deserve to sign up because that the points you like best to tap into your concealed talent. That knows, you might really be good at it?

Attend your special events every month to make brand-new friends girlfriend can attach with even when you leave this place. Jamming sessions and concerts are simply some the the finest events you have the right to attend.

Indoor stuff to do once it’s rain or cold in mountain City won’t bore friend out particularly when she in the center. Shot making some art!

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6. Lengthy Journey Home


127 university St.Mountain City, TN 37683(423) 460-3313

A musical celebration, lengthy Journey house is among the most extremely anticipated celebrations carried out by the Johnson County center for the Arts. That is organized every job Day weekend.

Why You should Go

Music can carry out a relaxing emotion that will certainly take all your anxiety away. Through A trip Home, friend can accomplish the to chat you need while immersing in the community.

If you’re travel with senior members of the family, you should incorporate this in your itinerary to reap some that the music lock loved when they were younger.

What come Do

Listen come the music of blind Banman Grayson, Clarence “Tom” Ashley, Clint Howard, and Fred Price come revisit your sweet donation to the music industry.

It’s certainly one of the cool attractions in mountain City you should never miss out on.

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7. Possibility Hill Bed and also Breakfast Inn


801 W key St.Mountain City, TN 37683(423) 727-0139

The victor era comes alive in prospect Hill Bed and Breakfast Inn, among the greatest downtown spots come visit in hill City. It has served many guests over the past years who have the right to attest come its top-notch services.

Why You should Go

Every traveler needs a residence away from home.

Prospect Hill Bed and also Breakfast Inn can be that location for you. The maintains comfortable beds wherein you have the right to sleep well every night—you’d actually feel prefer you’re on your very own bed! There’s also a fireplace that can keep you heat if the temperature gets as well low.

What come Do

Book a room for your whole stay in mountain City to maximize the extravagant setting in prospect Hill Bed and Breakfast Inn.

Taste their sumptuous breakfast in the dining area the you can enjoy with your family, friends, or unique someone. That is nutritional content can keep you going for the day.

Consider holding your wedding or various other romantic points to carry out in hill City because that couples. Do timeless storage you can look back on in the future.

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8. Bristol motor Speedway


151 Speedway Blvd.Bristol, TN 37620(866) 415-4158

Bristol engine Speedway is among the main motor sporting hubs in Tennessee, accommodating countless audience members at a time. It’s a haven because that both race auto athletes and also fans of the sport.

Why You should Go

Nothing can ever save your love beating as fast as race car driving can. Also if you’re just watching native the sidelines, the sirloin you’ll get would it is in incomparable come your previous experiences.

It’s alright if friend haven’t watched race car driving before on television or online. Start emerging your attention in the sport right in this world-class speedway park.

What to Do

Watch the end for their special events and also competitions lined up practically every week. Book your tickets as early on as possible to acquire the best seats possible. Acquire a possibility to meet renowned race car drivers, too, if friend come ahead of time.

You can additionally join camping events at the Geico Campgrounds in Bristol whereby you can meet brand-new friends you will do it treasure forever.

You won’t only find your favorite points to execute in hill City in ~ night. Neighboring areas like Bristol can also give the to friend as long as you’re open to embarking on an adventure.

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9. Grand Mountain


2050 Blowing absent HwyLinville, NC 28646(828) 733-4337

Scenic see await tourists who plan to visit the 300-year-old grand Mountain. You can also find rocks that were first formed 1.2 billion years ago. Yes, it has withstood millennia.

Why You should Go

What’s a expedition to Tennessee and also its surrounding state, phibìc Carolina, without spending most of your time close come nature?

Grandfather Mountain might be your closest gateway to the clouds at almost 6,000 feet above the ground. It master a multitude the adventures the can assist you discover your center away native the hustle and the bustle the city life.

You’ll likewise discover an ext about wildlife and biodiversity as soon as you visit this place.

What to Do

Start her adventure by stepping ~ above the swinging bridge positioned one mile above sea level. Difficulty your fear of heights through walking along the 228-foot suspension bridge that was built in 1952. It was rebuilt in 1999.

If you’re looking for free things to perform in mountain City or other surrounding areas, long walking in the state park can be the task for you. Hikers can pick to begin either top top the file Trail or the Daniel Boone reconnaissance Trail without spending a single dime. Just how cool is that?

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10. Appalachian State University


Appalachian State UniversityBoone, NC 28608(828) 262-2000

Founded in 1899, Appalachian State college has listed quality education and learning to countless students end the past centuries. Business, management, and marketing are several of the popular degree programs offered here.

Why You should Go

Travelers searching for a school to invest their tertiary education and learning should take into consideration touring about Appalachian State University. It’s only a 30-minute drive from mountain City therefore it i will not ~ be too lot of a problem to encompass this in her itinerary.

What to Do

Walk approximately the beautiful campus to check out the elegant structures within the university. Lush eco-friendly trees positioned all around likewise make the environment cooler—it’s one point you’ll love about it.

You may additionally schedule a meeting v the admissions counselor to know an ext about life within Appalachian State University.

Drop by the Belk Library too to surprise yourself through the wide range of study materials accessible inside.

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Explore an ext of the best things to perform in mountain City, TN, and beyond. You might just loss in love and consider moving to this location in the future.