Tiger Woods sent the 2019 Genesis Open right into a frenzy late on Saturday evening together he started his 3rd round with 5 straight 3s. He picked up the plot early Sunday, too, together he began his third round ago up at the par-5 17th with an up and down for par. He followed that through a par top top No. 18 and also another eagle on the par-5 first hole to gain to 7 under because that the week. It to be a amazing run for someone who has famously struggled at this event (at least for him) over the years.

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It likewise didn"t last.

Woods tidied increase a third-round 65 that felt like it can have to be a 55 and started the end 20 minutes later on a final round that gained going with 3 birdies in the an initial seven holes. In ~ 10 under, the was beginning to legitimately climb right into the golf tournament. However after the he bookended his 5 threes top top Saturday with five fives ~ above Sunday in a stretch that went native the 17th hole through the 3rd hole, and sent him spiraling off the leaderboard. The righted the ship with several pars coming home, yet the damage was done. Here"s a detailed look at Woods" last round.

Front nine (2-under 34): The denouement came at the par-3 16th hole where Woods holed the end from a bunker 35 feet indigenous the cup. In ~ the time, winning still seemed a stretch considering Justin cutting board was busy lapping the field, however a top-10 finish seemed like a lock. 

Back ripe (3-over 38): A 5-5 start on the front nine (his last nine the the event) quelled that, though. Woods made an additional five top top the par-4 fifth hole (more on the ugly bogey in a minute) and also ended a funny (albeit bumpy) week v a 1-over 72 in the final round.

What go well: Not a lot! He was really great around the greens, i beg your pardon is a little bit of a catch-22. Woods missed a the majority of greens in the last round, which expected he needed to it is in really great around the greens, yet he still ceded (specifically with the hole-out 2 on No. 16). 

What walk poorly: Everything walk at the very least a little bit south, but it was his putter that failed the the most. After ~ finishing third in the field in putting in the smoking hot Round 3, Woods lost strokes to the field in round 4. This is conjecture, obviously, but I think the marathon few days this guys had to take it on impacted a 43-year-old Woods an ext than most. That hit part truly terrible putts over the last nine holes on Sunday.

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One hole to explain the day: Tiger to let go a 2-foot, 6-inch putt top top the par-4 fifth hole. A 2-foot, 6-inch putt. It"s a mental mistake Woods hardly ever makes, and I have to believe mental tiredness came into play there.

Where the stands: Woods won"t complete in the peak 10 after ~ finishing v a 6-under 278, but it was still a effective week for him after absent the reduced at this competition last season. He thrilled on Saturday afternoon with those 5 straight threes and probably the shot of the tournament. I thought coming in the a made reduced here would be success for Woods, which the barely achieved, and now he"ll take it a little juice into his next event.