Each week, 2 of 2175forals.com"s DFS professionals weigh in top top a controversial daily fantasy topic. This week: Which main 15 RB injury fill-in will produce the most fantasy points?

Josh Ghatak: Tim Hightower runs choose he has no regard for his own life or anyone else"s top top the field. His rapid burst of speed and also "carpe diem" running layout are noticeable after evaluating the mainly 14 tape against Tampa Bay.

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In his week 14 start, Hightower had actually 28 touches, which is six an ext than mark Ingram ever had this season. If game flow was a major factor, Hightower bulldozed his means to 85 yards and a score on that heavy workload.

Hightower"s main 15 matchup against Detroit must again job-related in his favor. The Lions space a poor defensive team against the run and if the Saints can gain ahead the the Lions at home, suppose Hightower to check out 20+ carries as soon as again.

Josh Wegman: First off, I practically fell out of my chair laughing when you supplied "quick burst of speed" to define Hightower. This is a 29-year-old running back, who, until Week 10, hadn"t had actually a rushing effort in the NFL because 2011!

Even in his heyday Hightower was a slow running earlier (4.6 40 time). His job yards-per-carry typical of 3.9 provides you know why he to be at residence sitting ~ above his couch for four years.

The ideal injury will fill-in RB will quickly be Denard Robinson that the Jacksonville Jaguars. As soon as T.J. Yeldon went down last week, the third-year ago carried the rock 14 times for 75 yards (5.4 YPC) and also a score. The previous collegiate QB has discovered at house at to run back, boasting a career 4.3 YPC median while still discovering the position.

Josh Ghatak: Well, that"s four years of rest time at a position that destroys the body. Yet watch Hightower"s film from critical week and tell me the doesn"t look at both reckless and also quick.

While Robinson has a quite matchup versus Atlanta, Hightower"s matchup isn"t too bad either. Detroit has enabled the many rushing touchdowns (18) and also gives up 115 yards per game on the ground. Furthermore, new Orleans ranks fifth in the league in rushing touchdowns (13). If Hightower can obtain near the score line, expect him to punch it in.

Regardless that Robinson"s short-lived appeal this week, Jacksonville is still a pass-happy offense that scores via the air quite than the ground. The Jaguars happen on practically 65% of your plays and have just scored 4 rushing touchdowns this season.

When they gain to the red zone, Robinson will certainly likely gain one crack and also then give means to the much more talented Allen Robinson, Allen Hurns, and Julius Thomas. If a running earlier can"t gain in the finish zone, their ceiling is carried down significantly and also that is the situation Robinson is facing.

And really, when has playing a Jacksonville running earlier been a legit fantasy option?


Josh Wegman: I understand it may be difficult for girlfriend to admit as a Falcons fan, but Robinson"s matchup is far much more than "nice". Atlanta is giving up the second-most fantasy point out to to run backs this season in standard league scoring.

The 23.22 median fantasy point out Atlanta provides up to running backs doesn"t account because that PPR, which most DFS sites incorporate in your scoring. The Falcons have given up a league-leading 94 receptions to to run backs. Jacksonville"s offense may be pass-first on paper, however as 3 1/2 point favorites, castle should have the ability to establish and control the video game on the ground.

As lot as Detroit"s defense is weak, that game projects to be one where Matthew Stafford and Drew Brees each litter for many of yards together their teams abandon the run in a shootout.

Josh Ghatak: Stafford and Brees could throw because that plenty the yards yet that won"t necessarily prevent Hightower native scoring. Hightower has a much far better chance that scoring this mainly with brand-new Orleans happy to run it in.

While Hightower may shed out on some receptions compared to Robinson, he more than renders up for it through goal-line touches. If Brees deserve to march the Saints under the field and also Hightower deserve to punch that in choose he did last week versus Tampa Bay, he will certainly make for a good fantasy play.

Also, 3 1/2 points yes, really isn"t that huge of a margin. Considering the spreads and point totals for both of these matchups room pretty much identical, your video game flow debate is simply as applicable to new Orleans and Hightower.

Ultimately, game circulation is very hard to predict regardless of what the spread out and suggest totals say. DFS players should take Hightower and his touchdown potential through these games expected to it is in so similar.

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Josh Wegman: Last season Robinson had plenty of success once he overtook Toby Gerhart together the starting RB. In the four games wherein he had at the very least 15 carries, Robinson average 5.4 YPC, 97.2 YPG and one TD.

With beside no vain in the Jacksonville backfield and also a potential nearby game, I"d to speak Robinson is a lock because that 20 touch barring an injury.

Robinson is the overall far better football player and has the better matchup. Not just is his floor higher, but his ceiling is higher as well. Hightower is much too touchdown-reliant, while Robinson is a for sure bet to check out a hefty dose of action.