Tokyo Ghoul: The Owls, explained Confusingly enough, there are numerous Ghouls named Owl throughout the series. Here"s exactly how to tell castle apart.

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WARNING: The following contains spoilers because that Tokyo Ghoul and Tokyo Ghoul :re.

In Tokyo Ghoul, the most powerful of the man-eating ghouls receive distinctive codenames, Ken Kaneki is well-known as "Eyepatch," Touka Kirishima is "Rabbit, " yet several characters throughout the collection have the codename "Owl," i m sorry is majorly confusing. The name starts off as a title because that the well known One-Eyed Owl, one of the many dangerous ghouls out there. The is then revealed the there is a 2nd Owl impersonating the One-Eyed Owl, and when this character is used to manufacture artificial ghouls, this creates two more. Here"s a overview the four Owls in the series.

Yoshimura is the manager and owner of Anteiku, the café Kaneki works at in Tokyo Ghoul. In the past, he was a lonely ghoul through the name of "Kuzen," who dropped in love through a human being named Ukina. The is initially dubbed the One-Eyed Owl, but, in reality, that title belongs to his half-ghoul daughter. Yoshimura posed together the One-Eyed Owl to cover up she horrific behavior, which the felt responsible for, having abandoned her as a child. In his old age, Yoshimura is a pacifist, promoting a community of non-killing ghouls within Anteiku"s walls. After the CCG defeat him in the Owl Suppression Operation and realize there were 2 Owls all along, the is change the name the Non-Killing Owl. Yoshimura is likewise the resource of the "Owl" Quinque, which to be made from a component of his body torn out by Kishou Arima. Owl is the just Quinque to get an SSS rating.

Harvested because that his kakuhou and also used come create man-made One-Eyed Ghouls, Yoshimura is most likely still alive in part abstract, vegetative state. It"s one of the many plot clues left unresolved in the series, i m sorry unfortunately finished a tiny prematurely.

Eto Yoshimura: The One-Eyed Owl

Eto Yoshimura is the most infamous "Owl" character in the series. Among the most powerful ghouls ever, Eto is the miraculous daughter that Yoshimura and Ukina, conceived against all odds, abandoned by her parents and also growing up hating the world. She founds and commands the Aogiri Tree terrorist group, an antagonistic force throughout the series. Her criminal activity and tremendous strength provide her one SSS rating under the "One-Eyed Owl" title, which source from her owl-like kagune and also singular kakugan (ghoul eye). Eto is likewise a famed novelist under the name Sen Takatsuki. While she is hedonistic and also sadistic, Eto has actually a noble score in producing a ghoul-friendly future, sometimes assisting Ken Kaneki in the process. Unfortunately, she is beat by Furuta Nimura and also left come die. As result of her highlight design and charismatic personality, Eto is a fan-favorite character.

Despite she "death," Eto manages come reappear, returning together the Taxidermied Owl in ~ the finish of the series. In this state, she zombified human body is managed by Donato Porpora. She at some point breaks free, however it"s uncertain what ended up being of her after the last fight.

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Seidou Takizawa: T-OWL/Owl

recognized as T-OWL, Seidou Takizawa was initially a low-ranking CCG investigator through a close relationship to Amon Koutarou and Akira Mado. Along with Amon, the is beat in Owl Suppression Operation and presumed dead by the CCG. In reality, the was caught by Aogiri and also experimented on by Kanou, who looks for to do a "new Kaneki" using Yoshimura"s kakuhou. That means torturing the young, ghoulified investigator till his hair turns white. Many of his fellow test subjects are failures, but Takizawa i do not care the first successful One-Eyed Ghoul making use of Yoshimura"s kakuhou, which grants him an ukaku kagune. Together a member that Aogiri, the is known simply (and confusingly) together "Owl." Takizawa goes on bloodthirsty killing sprees under the organization"s command, completely insane after gift tortured. He at some point rebels versus Aogiri and also regains his connection with Amon and also Akira. Reformed, Takizawa also joins Ken Kaneki"s Goat organization.

The final chapter reveals the Takizawa disappeared after ~ the Dragon War, however there are rumors the he now acts as a vigilante fighting difficult ghouls. Sadly, uneven Kaneki, Takizawa never ever overcame his trauma.

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Amon Koutarou: A-OWL/Floppy

recognized as A-OWL, Amon Koutarou is critical character in Tokyo Ghoul. His black and white, anti-ghoul see of the civilization matures together Ken Kaneki"s very own philosophy and, after ~ a climactic duel with the Tokyo Ghoul protagonist, Amon"s half-dead human body is snatched by Aogiri during the Ghoul Suppression Operation. Uneven Takizawa, Amon is a fail specimen recognized as "Floppy." that being said, that is still capable of developing a formidable owl-like kakuja. After saving Takizawa and Mado, Amon is beat by the Quinx squad and also winds increase in a CCG laboratory. The goes berserk ~ above running right into Kaneki and also other members the Goat, but Takizawa is able to conserve him. Amon coordinates with Hide, Goat and also the CCG to save Kaneki in ~ the finish of the series, eventually killing Donato Porpora, the ghoul who fathered him. This frees Eto, the One-Eyed Owl, from she Taxidermied Owl state.

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In the last chapter, Amon and Akira"s silhouettes are displayed side-by-side, implying that the two currently live together.