Tom Brady has ceded some that his best moments in freezing-cold temperatures, but he isn’t rather as infallible when he’s wearing a pair the skis. The 41-year-old picked up skiing midway v his career, and he terrified Patriots pan in 2017 by posting a video of a crash come his Instagram account.

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If girlfriend french fry when you're an alleged to pizza, you're gonna have actually a negative time! trust me!!!

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Brady is preparing because that a family members ski pilgrimage in the offseason, and also he teased fans Friday by speak he’s going to take part cues native skiing legend lindsay Vonn and add some speed and also height come his jumps.

Always set aside time for film review.. Ns going big this year. #sendit

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Former Patriots teammate attracted Bledsoe opened up about Brady’s capability as a skier a few years earlier – and also he didn’t give a great review.


“We to be up there, our family was in Montana skiing and Tommy to be up there through his family. Ns made a pair of turns with him. However this was like two or three years ago, and also he was really terrible then. Ns think he’s gained a tiny bit better. Ns think he and also Gisele both started skiing at the exact same time and also all the reports I get is the she’s a better skier 보다 he is already. He is absolutely going to gain lapped by his kids. Ns know exactly how that goes , because they begin early and they just skyrocket.”


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