Skill point out are obtained with every level up inAssassin"s Creed Odyssey. But there are plenty of crypts that house structures called ancient Steles, which top top finding and evaluating them likewise grant invaluable ability points to entrust to abilities. Scattered across the people are various tombs and crypts that residence some elaborate mazes, filled through traps and also snakes and all various other sorts that nasty hazards. Experimenting them have the right to lead to valuable treasure, but the key prize is the ancient Stele that each crypt contains. This guide will present you wherein to uncover the ancient Stele that each of the crypts has actually inside, in bespeak to gain some totally free skill points.

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Assassin"s Creed Odyssey crypts guide

If you"re spring for an ext advice ~ above the basics the Assassin"s Creed Odyssey, then head end to ourAssassin"s Creed Odyssey overview for much more information to acquire you as much as speed.


Tomb raiding in Assassin"s Creed Odyssey

Even the ancients dabbled in a bit of archaeology. These damaged crypts home a host of floor-based traps and tons of snakes to kill. They"re likewise pitch black, for this reason you"ll have a torch that deserve to be equipped at any kind of time. When handling the snakes, you have the right to throw her torches at them like using ranged weapons, or if you"re feeling brave you have the right to melee strike them instead. Keep in mind that they"ll always deal a third of your health in damages with their bites, so be careful not to get surrounded. You"ll also need come smash pots and also masonry to uncover hidden areas. Below are the places for every of the old Steles found so far:

Tomb the the first Pythia

Found west the Frand mount Parnassos, head within the tomb and also turn appropriate at the hearth. Quit the pots and slide under. Be prepared with a torch to strike the snake you’ll discover here. Head downstairs and kill the snakes, being careful of the press plate spike catch in the center of the room. Turn left and also follow the corridor until you watch a mural. There is a snake alongside it. Rest the wall surface to uncover the ancient Stele. You’ll gain experience and a skill allude for your troubles.

Tomb of Alkathous

Close to the sink of King Lelex in Megaris, head into the room to the appropriate as you go into and malfunction the wall. Struggle the snake and continue until there is a fork in the path. Revolve left because that the old Stele, while the pots to the ideal hide a room with treasure and also a snake. There is a 2nd set of stairs left the the Stele which has one more treasure chest and a pair of snakes.

Mycenaean dig of AjaxOn the Isle that Salamis, defeat the guards bordering the outside, then knock down the wall surface to head inside. Head down the corridor, killing any snakes you come across. The room left the the pressure pad spike trap has a treasure chest, but a ton that snakes, therefore be cautious if you decide to loot it. The following room has actually three holes, one on each side that the room. The left-hand one has actually blood almost everywhere it, denote a trap, if the right-hand one has actually a chest.

The center one has some stairs walking up. Be mindful of both traps and snakes top top the ground. You’ll ultimately come throughout a room through a feet in it. Down the hole is the old Stele and some treasure. To escape, move the barricade indigenous the hole, travel with the hole and also dodge roll automatically to prevent the spikes, climate head upstairs to exit.

Tomb of Eteokles

Located near the western edge the the Sacred plain of Demeter in Attika, this place is really dark inside. Crack the wall surface as you go in and also follow the course down. Spike traps and also snakes space plentiful, so mind wherein you go. In the an initial chamber, the pots bring about a snake, for this reason don"t bother through breaking them. Monitor it around and also in the 2nd chamber you"ll see a wooden wall. Death all the snakes, one in the pots, one close to the sweetheart chest ~ above the left-hand path, and also one on the right-hand side. Pull the blockade ~ above the left-hand path ago and relocate the 2nd one backwards and into the brand-new hole you"ve made. It won"t completely fit through, yet it"ll provide you enough of a course to clamber into the little hole. Proceed through come the following chamber, dodging any spike traps and also snakes, to find another chest and the ancient Stele. To the ideal is an additional blockade that once pulled back leads to an exit.

Giant Heroes funeral Ground

Found ~ above the island of Naxos, head in and also break the wall. Swim through the hole and collect the chest follow me the way. ~ a quick dip, surface and also have her torch lit. Traction the barricade to collection a chest and also the old Stele.

Tomb the Brizo

On the island the Delos, close to the Kynthos Ruins, head inside and break the wall. Head down the corridor, watching the end for the usual snakes and also traps. In the chamber, rotate left and hit the pots to reveal the following path. Take the left path, and also enter the room with a feet in it. There will certainly be snake on both floors, so litter torches to get an idea of wherein to land and also kill any kind of snakes. On the bottom floor, over there is a chest, but additionally near a barricade, there will certainly be a mural v a cracked in it. Rest it to expose the ancient Stele.

To leave the tomb, head v the door and travel upstairs. There will certainly be a hole the you have the right to slide with which leader to a spike trap maze. The end of which has actually a chest. In ~ the height of the stairs, move the barricade to reveal a hole the leads outside.

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Once you"ve derived a Stele"s skill point, it"s a an excellent idea to invest it immediately. For some advice top top the best an abilities to invest them on, go to ourAssassin"s Creed Odyssey skills guide. Girlfriend can additionally learn around the gear you"re most likely to find as sweetheart in every of the crypts in ourAssassin"s Creed Odyssey combat guide.