Maple Leafs announcement Schedule for 2017-18 Season

The Toronto Maple Leafs have announced their schedule for the upcoming 2017-18 season.

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The Toronto Maple Leafs have announced your schedule because that the upcoming 2017-18 season, through this year"s campaign commencing in Winnipeg on Wednesday, October 4 prior to the team holds its residence opener in ~ Air Canada Centre versus the new York rangers on Saturday, October 7. Toronto wraps up their 2017-18 project on residence ice on April 7, 2018 versus the Montreal Canadiens.

The Maple Leafs will hold the Carolina Hurricanes at 2 p.m. ~ above December 19, 2017, commemorating specifically 100 years due to the fact that the Toronto Arenas played the very first game in franchise history on December 19, 1917, as component of the an initial game work in history. Extr details ~ above the club"s plans come commemorate this historic occasion will be made easily accessible at a future date.

Toronto will play the franchise"s 3rd outdoor video game when the team access time the Washington fundings as part of the 2018 Coors irradiate stadion Series™ in ~ the Navy-Marine Corps Memorial stadion in Annapolis, Md. On march 3, 2018. The Maple Leafs have won their two previous outdoor gamings - the 2014 Winter classic in Ann Arbor, Mich., and 2017 Centennial classic in Toronto - both of which were played versus the Detroit Red Wings.

The society will host the expansion Vegas gold Knights, who play your inaugural season in 2017-18, top top November 6, 2017 at Air Canada Centre prior to playing their an initial game in las Vegas top top December 31, 2017.

Click right here to watch the Maple Leafs 2017-18 schedule in that is entirety.

Priority access to purchase consistent season tickets will be made accessible as component of a pre-sale because that Maple Leafs season ticket members, as well as members that Leafs nation on July 11, 2017. Pan looking come gain access to the pre-sale for continual season ticket are urged to it is registered for Leafs country at by 12 p.m. ~ above July 10, 2017 to be eligible for the pre-sale. Following the pre-sale, any remaining consistent season tickets will be easily accessible to the general public on July 12, 2017 via Ticketmaster.

The Maple Leafs additionally released your 2017 Preseason Schedule today. The club will play eight preseason gamings in total, with three of their four home games ensuing at Ricoh Coliseum, residence of the American Hockey League"s Toronto Marlies. This year"s preseason schedule consists of home-and-home series with 4 Atlantic division rivals; the Ottawa Senators, Buffalo Sabres, Montreal Canadiens and also Detroit Red Wings.

Tickets because that Maple Leafs pre-season gamings at Ricoh Coliseum will start as low together $20 and will be obtainable through Ticketmaster. Priority access to tickets will be made obtainable to Maple Leafs season ticket members and Leafs country members ~ above July 5, 2017. Pan are encouraged to register for Leafs nation by 12 p.m. Top top July 4, 2017 to be eligible because that the pre-season ticket pre-sale. Any kind of remaining tickets to pre-season games will be accessible to the public on July 6, 2017.

The Maple Leafs" 2017 pre-season schedule is obtainable below.

Mon., Sep. 187:30 OttawaCanadian tires Centre
Tue., Sep. 197:30 p.m.vs. OttawaAir Canada Centre
Fri., Sep. 227:30 p.m.vs. BuffaloRicoh Coliseum
Sat., Sep. 237:00 BuffaloKey financial institution Center
Mon., Sep. 257:30 p.m.vs. MontrealRicoh Coliseum
Wed., Sep. 277:00 MontrealVideotron center (Quebec Only)
Fri., Sep. 297:30 DetroitLittle caesar Arena
Sat., Sep. 307:00 p.m.vs. DetroitRicoh Coliseum

Further details, consisting of broadcast information, and also the team"s cultivate camp schedule will certainly be released at a future date.

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An additional malfunction of the Maple Leafs" 2017-18 schedule is obtainable below.


Longest residence stand: Six gamings - January 2 to January 16Longest roadway stretch: five games - December 20 - December 31Number the back-to-back games: 14Busiest month: November - 15 gamesBusiest home months: January and February - 8 gamesBusiest road month: December - 10 gamesBusiest job of the week: Saturday - 23 games







Total variety of back-to-back games: 14Home game, followed by house game:0Home game, adhered to by roadway game:4Road game, followed by house game:4Road game, adhered to by road game:6