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Location: Quicken loan Arena, Cleveland, Ohio

PREVIEWS: Raptors in ~ Cavaliers | Pacers in ~ Kings

Game Preview

Fresh turn off an overtime success over the defending champion Warriors, the Raptors take trip to Cleveland to take on the Cavaliers for their 2nd of 4 meetings this season. 

While Cleveland resides at the bottom the the east with the conference"s worst record, Toronto is indeed the sexty team in the NBA – it owns of the league"s longest win streak (seven games) and also best record. End the last five games, the team is additionally the hottest shoot team, connecting ~ above 3-pointers at a 41.4 percent clip when making end 14 a game.

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On Friday, Toronto endured a 51-point performance from two-time Finals MVP Kevin Durant to hang on because that the success over golden State. The Raptors to be led by 37 points and also eight rebounds from Kawhi Leonard, who proceeds to ease earlier into his MVP form. Pascal Siakam collection a brand-new career-high with an effective 26 clues on 8-for-10 shoot from the field and 7-for-8 shooting from the complimentary throw line.

Kyle Lowry dished out a game-high 12 assists come go in addition to 10 points and three various other Raptors scored in double-figures together well: Serge Ibaka (20), Danny environment-friendly (13) and also Jonas Valanciunas (12). 

It"s the 2nd night that a back-to-back because that the Cavs, who endured a 33-point loss in ~ the hands of the Boston Celtics on Saturday. Cleveland has dropped 3 straight due to the fact that earning continuous wins end the Sixers and also Rockets last weekend.

Led by 16 points from Jordan Clarkson, five various Cavaliers scored in double-figures in the loss to the Celtics. Among the 5 were recently obtained Alec Burks, who finished through 15 points, six rebounds and also four assists as well as Canadian Tristan Thompson, who included 13 points and also 12 rebounds.

In what has been a greatly dark season because that the Cavs, Thompson has actually been a bright spot, averaging 11.1 points and also a career-high 11.0 rebounds per game. Together the Brampton native"s 5.0 offensive rebounds per game are an excellent for second in the league, the Raptors should limit the 2nd chances the affords Cleveland"s offence – he"s averaging 7.8 offensive rebounds in the team"s four wins.

Thompson has stepped increase in the absence of Kevin Love, who has missed all but four gamings after undergoing toe surgical treatment in beforehand November. As soon as Love go down, he to be leading the team with 19.0 points and 13.5 rebounds every game despite shooting just 32.3 percent indigenous the field. Cleveland expects to be there is no its five-time All-Star because that at least another month.

In enhancement to Love, the Cavaliers will certainly likely be there is no George Hill, paving the means for a matchup in between Lowry and rookie suggest guard Colin Sexton. While Sexton has displayed flashes of excellence, Lowry will certainly be very tough test.


This is Toronto"s very first visit to Cleveland since being got rid of from the second round the the 2018 NBA Playoffs. Consisting of the postseason, the Raptors have dropped 11 of their last 12 games at Quicken loans Arena due to the fact that 2014.

Through his very first 13 career games against the Cavs, Kawhi Leonard is averaging 19.5 points, 7.7 rebounds and also 3.2 assists per challenge – the those 13 games, Leonard has actually lost to Cleveland just twice.

Sunday marks the 12th consecutive begin for rookie Collin Sexton and the 5th to come opposite an All-Star point guard (Kemba Walker, man Wall, Russell Westbrook, Kyrie Irving, Lowry). In his previous four starts against All-Star guards, Sexton is averaging 19.0 points, 5.5 rebounds and also 3.3 assists while shoot 43.1 percent native the field.

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Cleveland enters through the league"s worst scoring offence at 103.1 point out per video game while Toronto"s 117.6 clues per video game are third-best in the NBA.