about I gained My game On

"I gained My game On" is a song written by Jim Collins, George Teren and also Jamey Johnson, and also recorded through American nation music singer map Adkins. It was released in respectable 2007 as the first new single from his second greatest access time album American Man: best Hits Volume II. The song peaked at No.34 on the Hot country Songs chart in the united States.

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I got my video game on,I action out of the shower head steamin" up the placeWipe off the mirror, shave my infant faceCan"t aid but smile, hey what deserve to I sayI obtained my game onPut ~ above my black color silk shirt, my Armani suit, my tradition made hat, my alligator bootsSlip my rings on my fingers, my brand-new shadesOh, I gained my video game on,Yeah I got my game on, better hang ~ above tightI insurance it"s gonna it is in a helluva rideI obtained my groove on, I acquired my smooth onYeah friend ladies far better watch out tonightI acquired my game onGet come the club in my caddy with my tradition 24"sFlip my tricks to the valet and I"m all set to roarThey"re gonna know the second I strut with the doorI acquired my game onThat little hottie in ~ the bar, just game me a winkFlashed my Platinum card and also buy her a drinkFrom that look she"s offering me boy it"s a damn good thing.I gained my game on far better hang on tightI insurance it"s gonna it is in a helluva journey I got my groove onI obtained my smooth on, going absent star stunner tonightI acquired my video game onYeah I gained my video game on, video game on now babyI got my game on...

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trace Adkins Tracy Darrell "Trace" Adkins (born January 13, 1962) is one American nation music artist and also actor. That made his debut in 1996 with the album Dreamin" out Loud, exit on Capitol records Nashville. Because then, Adkins has released seven more studio albums and also two greatest Hits compilations. In addition, he has actually charted more than 20 singles top top the Billboard nation music charts, consisting of the Number One hits "(This Ain"t) No Thinkin" Thing", "Ladies Love country Boys", and also "You"re Gonna miss out on This", which peaked in 1997, 2007, and also 2008, respectively. "I Left Something turn on in ~ Home" went to No. 1 ~ above Canada"s nation chart. All yet one of his studio albums have received yellow or platinum certification in the unified States; his highest-selling to date is 2005"s… much more »