Travis wall Biography

Travis wall is one American dancer, run instructor, and also choreographer specializing in contemporary dance and jazz dance finest known because that his 2006 appearance as a challenger on the second season the the television display So friend Think You deserve to Dance, which airs top top the Fox Network.

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Travis wall surface Age

He to be born on September 16, 1987, Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA. That is 31 years old as of 2018.

Travis wall surface Gay

In dancing Idol, he appears to uncovered the love of his life. He has uncovered perfect friend in Dom Palange, in ~ UCLA gymnastics trainer. They spend an excellence time together or this couple has likewise been for while now or they are still going on a naval adventure ~ above boats.

He had additionally wanted to close a knot through the Dom because that a number of time or take it their relationship into one more level up. Travis still had a ring for 2 years or to be keenly waiting for the perfect instant to been objective his love that life.

Candidly gay, wall surface proposed his life partner named as Dom Palange ~ above his 5th anniversary of your loving relationship. On different wiki sources, an engagement was a type of romantic one or it repurchase a location on almost everywhere exotic and exciting. That proposed his fiancé by to adjust of 200 roses and candles ~ above the coast of Malibu.

Travis wall Mom

He was elevated up by his mother Denise Wall. His mother, owner, and operator of the eponymousDenise Wall’s Dance power recalls putting him in a walker and also watching that imitate the dancers.

Travis wall Adoptive Brother

has one adoptive brother, Danny Tidwell, that was a jogger up the the 3rd season of SYTYCD.

Travis wall Career

He started his job at very early age. Beginning when that was just three, the dancer supplied to train in ~ his mother’s studio. At the period of nine, he appeared in a Dr.

Pepper commercial. When he to be 18, the participated in the 2nd season the SYTYCD that occurred in 2006. He made it increase to top four, and at the cool finale, he was placed on the second rank overall show.

The celebrity dancer has actually received the Junior nationwide Outstanding dance Scholarship Award. He won Teen superior Dancer that the Year award by brand-new York City dance Alliance and also toured with them for a year.

In 2012, he to be the choreographer for the show, and he was actors in the Oxygen truth show, all The ideal Moves. He to be nominated for Emmy for his work-related on the show’s saturday season.

Travis wall photo

Travis wall surface Net Worth

Being a run celebrity and choreographing on one of the finest dance display in the USA, that has also been together an assistant choreographer in ~ the Academy Awards. The dancer with his own company has gathered a decent network worth the $500 thousand.

Travis wall Movie

2017: i Dream the Dance

Travis wall Sytycd

He danced ~ above October 16, 2007, Dancing with the Stars results show, in a piece choreographed by and starring Wade Robson.Along with Tidwell and also many ahead finalists of So, friend Think You deserve to Dance, performed during the 2nd annual Idol gives Back charity event on April 9, 2008. Nigel Lythgoe produced both shows at the time. The teaches students modern dance at NUVO, a dance convention that tours the nation. In 2007, wall surface and Ivan Koumaev made a dance video clip called It’s around Time designed come be because that the viewer’s entertainment fairly than because that instructional functions like many dance videos.

In 2011, wall surface choreographed a floor exercise regime for Olympic All-Around Champion Nastia Liukin which she will use to shot to knife a spot on the 2012 Olympic USA Gymnastics team.

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