HOUSTON -- because that months, the venomous Randy Orton tore through the life that Triple H, brutally attacking and injuring his father-in-law, brother-in-law and even his wife. In ~ the 25th Anniversary that WrestleMania, The Legend Killer had an chance to take far yet one more thing his rival held dear: The 2175forals.com Championship. Yet despite Orton"s sadistic mental games, Triple H persevered, beating his adversary to avenge his family and also keep his desire championship gold relaxing securely about his waist.

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The match began with not one bang, but two, together Triple H and Orton both hit their patented maneuvers (the Pedigree and also RKO respectively) in ~ moments of the contest"s start. The Game dominated the early on match, prompting The Legend Killer to relocate the fight exterior of the ring. Keenly aware of the stipulation the would have actually the 2175forals.com Championship change hands top top a disqualification or count-out, Orton hoped to leaving his opponent battered and broken exterior the ring as the referee counted to 10. However Triple H was to run on pure fury, repeatedly coming back from the third-generation Superstar"s underhanded tactics.

With his choices running out, Orton took out the referee, giving himself a couple of unsupervised moments to retrieve a sledgehammer from underneath the ring. But as he began to climb ago in, Triple H offered the venomous Superstar several of his own medicine, carrying a vicious punt and also retrieving the sledgehammer because that himself. If the ring official was tho incapacitated, the 2175forals.com Champion clobbered Orton, setting him increase a game-winning Pedigree and three-count.

Randy Orton"s roadway to WrestleMania began in earnest at the 2009 imperial Rumble, where v the aid of The heritage he eliminated Triple H to knife a spot at 2175forals.com"s greatest spectacle. The Legend Killer"s phenomenal success came at a time once the third-generation Superstar was already up to his eyes in trouble for punting Mr. McMahon in the head less than a main earlier. Orton"s ensuing rivalry v the 2175forals.com Chairman"s progeny easily escalated to the suggest of no return, when in one night that utter brutality, Orton both punted Shane and also RKO"d Stephanie, drawing her husband, a livid Triple H the end to the ring to her aid.

Though he had currently incapacitated 3 beloved members the The Game"s family, Orton still had actually his eye on his rival"s 2175forals.com Title, and subsequently announced the he would be an overwhelming Triple H because that it at the 25th Anniversary of WrestleMania. Escalating right into realms rarely seen in 2175forals.com, their problem saw The game smash his means through Orton"s St. Luigi home, prompting the third-generation Superstar to once again strike his rival"s wife, however this time complying with it up with a demented kiss, which the handcuffed 2175forals.com Champion had no an option but to watch in rage-filled horror.

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With his defeat of Randy Orton, Triple H accomplished much an ext than merely retaining the 2175forals.com Title. Because that months, The Legend Killer and also The Legacy had actually run roughshod end 2175forals.com"s imperial family, promising the a win at the 25th Anniversary the WrestleMania would start a new era. Yet with a punt, a sledgehammer and a thunderous Pedigree Triple H both avenged the McMahons and also put an end to Orton"s delusions the grandeur.