False. -When the advanced Marketing Module is activated, marketing activities are divided between two spreadsheets. Prices and forecasts are gone into on the Pricing & Forecasting spreadsheet.

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True or False: Each industry segment responds come different species of media (e.g. Print, straight mail, etc.) come a varying degree. It complies with that each product need to be determined with its target segment. Product target segments are identified by their placement top top the Perceptual Map.
False. -The Marketing budget Detail has a combo box for every product that permits teams to define the product"s target segment. If teams anticipate moving a product from one segment to one more (perhaps one R&D job completes in mid year) lock can define the target segment at the beginning of the year.
A lesser quantity than. -Increasing the variety of advertisements does no linearly rise Awareness. As soon as the advertising runs a 2nd time, a percentage of civilization who witnessed it the first time will watch it again. Those who watch the ad twice carry out not become aware of the product once they watch it the 2nd time. Therefore, the second placement go not add as much Awareness as the first-- the result, diminishing returns apply.
True. -On the Marketing budget Detail, the promo Budget resource sections asks teams to entrust budgets by product, but the section also asks groups to assign a target segment for each product. This facilitates assets that can start the year in one segment, then together an R&D job completes, move to one more segment. Teams can begin promoting in the brand-new segment prior to the move. The same holds true for a product the will have a new segment drift end it. In the Sales spending plan Resource, Sales budgets space allocated by Segment. However, Sales budgets have the right to be fine tuned through the Product Allocations box. Because that example, if teams have actually two assets in one segment, the Product Allocations box have the right to be supplied to prioritize one product over the other.
In the Promotion budget Resource, groups can pick which the the complying with media areas.A. Publish Media and also Television. B. Email and also Telephone Contact. C. Trade and Road Shows.D. Internet Media and Direct Mail.
D. Net Media and also Direct Mail.-The script utilizes organization to service media outlets that reach Original equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). Television, for example, is not an efficient method to with OEMs.
Select i beg your pardon segment your promotion initiatives should be directed towards.-The Target Segment choice pertains solely to Promotion, and allows teams to choose which segment their promotion initiatives should be directed towards.
In the Sales budget plan Resource, the outside sales force meets v customers face-to-face. The expense of each salesperson includes which the the following?A. Salary and commission.B. Travel and Support.C. No one of the above. D. Both A and B.
D. Both A and also B.- each salesperson costs $125,000, which has salary, commission, travel and also support.
$50,000.-The inside sales staff works the existing client list. Each inside salesperson prices $50,000.

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True. -Distributors location your product in their own showrooms. You pay each distributor $100,000 every year come stock her product line.
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