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understanding rhetoric : a graphic guide to creating through Losh, Elizabeth M. (Elizabeth Mathews), writer
Publication date 2014 object English language -- Rhetoric -- Comic books, strips, etc, Rhetoric -- Comic books, strips, etc, English language -- Rhetoric, Rhetoric Publisher Boston : Bedford/St. Martin"s collection inlibrary; printdisabled; internet2175forals.combooks Digitizing sponsor Kahle/Austin structure Contributor internet 2175forals.com Language English

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xi, 291 pages : 24 cmThis comics-style collaboration between rhetoricians Elizabeth Losh and Jonathan Alexander and illustrator team large Time Attic presents the contents of the composition course in a form designed to attract students in. Understanding Rhetoric: A Graphic overview to creating covers what first-year university writers need to understand - the composing process, an important analysis, argument, research, revision, and presentation - in a visual layout that brings rhetorical concepts to life through instances ranging indigenous Aristotle to YouTubeIncludes indexIntroduction : Spaces for creating ; finding out contexts for writing ; walk boldly through writing procedures ; trying out visual proficiency ; reframe : why rhetoric? why a comic book? -- problem 1 : Why rhetoric? ; Piecing with each other a definition of rhetoric ; Reanimating ancient views of rhetoric ; setting rhetorical concepts loosened on the people ; reframe : what does Aristotle need to do with me? -- issue 2 : Strategic analysis ; investigate texts and analyzing definition ; placing the pieces together with synthesis ; Using reading strategies ; Imagining ideal readers ; reframe ; how do I check out this? -- worry 3 : writing identities ; Leaping into identities in creating ; trying out options for various audiences ; Revealing the performer in ~ the message ; reframe ; what"s my identity? -- problem 4 : Argument past pro and con ; Spotlighting tactics for discussion ; setup the scene because that arguable assertions ; Zooming in top top claims and also evidence ; focusing on efficient organization ; reframe ; the office hour! -- issue 5 : study : more than detective job-related ; maintaining the story straight ; Tracking down sources ; Deciding which sources to to trust ; Making resources talk : summary, paraphrase, quotation ; comes clean with citation ; reframe ; gain a clue! -- worry 6 : rethinking revision ; Looking past the red ink ; Reviewing rhetorically ; Seeing through others" eye ; revising radically ; reframe ; to be I missing something? -- concern 7 : walk public ; Launching into the future of category ; Navigating among media ; start the final frontier v publication ; reframe ; exactly how does this look?