In much less than 2 weeks, us will see the first of the kind when John Cena, Alberto Del Rio and also CM Punk meet in a triple threat complement inside the steel structure well-known as Hell in a Cell. Unfortunately, I"m not as well excited for this unique encounter.

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Why? since compared to the initial Hell in a cell matches, the bouts the take place on the PPV through the same name seem more like pillow fights. And that"s whereby Edge vs. The Undertaker enters.

Over 3 years ago, the Phenom and the Rated-R Superstar collided in the main occasion of WWE"s second-biggest PPV that the year. That was merely a grudge match with months and also months of pent-up frustration. I beg your pardon is precisely a remedy the Hell in a Cell can cure.

Edge vs. Undertaker to be the critical Hell in a Cell match that really meant something. The buildup for that complement really began at Survivor collection the ahead year, as soon as Edge clocked Taker through a camera in yet another Hell in a cell match and cost that the title.

After countless battles throughout the next couple of months, Edge lastly prevailed and forced Taker to leaving the agency after beating him in a TLC match. But then Vickie lugged him ago to get revenge on she cheating husband.

I mean, we can"t yes, really blame sheet there. We are talking about Vickie, not Trish Stratus. Either way, the after-effects were huge, and it all culminated in ~ SummerSlam.


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And the match delivered.

Both men fought inside and also out of the cell, making use of tables, cameras, chairs, steel steps and ladders ~ above the journey. And in the end, Edge was literally "sent come hell."

Fast-forward come 2011, and also now, the Hell in a Cell enhance doesn"t mean almost as much. The cabinet is supposed to finish long-standing rivalries and crown a true winner. Now, the just time we can see among these matches is if it wake up to be beforehand October.

Cena vs. Punk alone can make one outside instance for a Hell in a cell match, however even their rivalry has actually not unable to do on long sufficient for that honor. As for Cena and also Del Rio, well, allow me make this easy. No a chance.

Most likely, we will certainly see note Henry vs. Randy Orton inside Satan"s structure as well. Henry is on the role of his career, yet even that match doesn"t worthy the honor. If anything, it have to be Orton vs. Christian instead.

The last kicker because that this PPV is the absence of blood, and that go a long way towards to reduce the "hellish" nature of the show. Then again, Edge and Taker did not feature any kind of blood indigenous the head, and also that was still a fantastic match.

In mine opinion, it"s time come scrap the Hell in a cell PPV and return the complement to its former glory. Leaving the match for long-standing rivalries the cannot be ended in any other way. Unfortunately, with the PG direction the the show, I"m afraid that the glory job of Hell in a cabinet are far behind us.

Thanks for reading my an initial WWE short article here ~ above Bleacher Report. Any comments or feedback you might have are constantly appreciated, great or bad.

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