More than 4,000 amateur triathletes room registered to complete at the USA Triathlon period Group nationwide Championships, continue on 12-13 August in ~ Levi Carter Park in Omaha, Nebraska.

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The period Group Nationals weekend is USA Triathlon’s largest and also longest-running nationwide Championship event. Additionally previously held in Omaha in 2016, the occasion will attribute two work of vain with nationwide titles up for grabs on each day.

Races begin at 07:00 CT each day, v the Olympic-Distance national Championships ~ above Saturday and the Sprint nationwide Championships on Sunday. The Olympic-distance event, which has been organized annually because 1983, features a 1,500m swim, non-drafting 40K bike and also 10K operation course. Athletes in this gyeongju qualified come compete based upon a peak age-group finish at a vault USA Triathlon sanctioned event. The Sprint national Championships, which have actually no qualifying criteria, will function a 750m swim, non-drafting 20K bike and 5K run.

On both Saturday and also Sunday, athletes will be contending for nationwide titles in their respective period groups. Top finishers in each age group will additionally earn the chance to stand for Team USA at the 2018 ITU age Group Triathlon human being Championships in yellow Coast, Australia, in their respective race distances.

The height 18 finishers (rolling under to 25th place) in each period group that Olympic-Distance Nationals will automatically earn a spot on Team USA.

Sprint-distance rivals must end up in the top six in their period groups come secure a spot for the Sprint people Championships, i m sorry will function a draft-legal cycle leg. Athletes can likewise qualify for the Sprint world Championships by finishing in the top-12 in their period groups in ~ the Draft-Legal human being Qualifier in Sarasota, Florida, top top 7 October 2017.

All 50 states and also the district of Columbia are stood for by the competitors in this weekend’s field. The youngest athlete ~ above the begin list is 14 years old, and also the earliest is 88. In total, 16 national champions indigenous 2016 will certainly be earlier to defend their Olympic-distance age-group titles.

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For the very first time at age Group Nationals, athletes, your friends and family deserve to follow the action with the USA Triathlon National events App. The app features athlete tracking, occasion schedules, selfie filters and also more, and also is easily accessible for totally free download top top iPhone and also Android devices.

Race coverage, including a live video stream, will be obtainable both days at Live coverage is also available on Twitter at