QS 4-3 goods accounts and also computations LO C2Kleiner Merchandising CompanyAccumulated depreciation$700 start inventory 5,000

Ending Inventory 1,700

Expenses 1,450

Net Purchases 3,900

Net Sales 9,500



Krug business Company


Revenues 14,000

Cash 700

Prepaid rent 800

Accounts payable 200

Equipment 1,300




You are watching: Use the above information from a service company and from a merchandiser to compute net income.

 Compute gun profit, the goods obtainable for sale, and the price of products sold because that the merchandiser. Hint: not all info may it is in necessary.

b. Use the over information native a service firm and indigenous a merchandiser to compute net income.



a. Goods available for revenue ($_______)

Cost of goods sold ($_______)

Gross profit ($_______)


b. Net earnings for Krug Service company ($_______)

Net earnings for Kleiner Merchandising agency ($_______)


Mar 30 2021 07:11 pm

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Nicole R reply on April 01, 2021
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a. Goods available for sale = $ 8,900 price of items sold = $ 7,200 Gross profit = $ 2,300b. Net income for Krug Service company = $ 1,500 Net earnings for Kleiner Merchandising agency =  $ 850Solution: 

Kleiner Merchandising Company

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