Okay, I’m going to say it: ns loved this episode. Indigenous the means they tied it into season 1 with the layout of the title to every moment that it reminded me that “The Reckoning” — one of my favorite episodes ever before — this felt choose an old illustration of TVD. The way they kept it about personal relationships, constructed tension, and ended top top a big twist? Yeah, that’s what made us loss in love with the show in the an initial place. So, let’s begin with the title.

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“You determined That i Was worth Saving“: No diehard fan is going come forget the moment Damon an initial kissed the woman he assumed was Elena in the season 1 finale. That course, the turned out he to be kissing Katherine, but for all Damon kn2175forals.com, the was ultimately saying thank you come Elena for, som2175forals.comhere along the way, deciding the Stefan’s homicidal brothers was “worth saving.”

And now, seven periods later, Damon’s quiet grappling v that an extremely sentiment. Is he worth saving? Stefan claims yes. Bonnie, fairly honestly, isn’t sure at the moment. And then there’s Damon, that we watch make his decision in the episode’s final moments once he considers letting Tyler Lockwood live … just to revolve around and bite him. Is this Damon’s method of prove he’s not worth saving? can Damon come ago from this if he’s killed Tyler? walk Damon just offer up ~ above himself?

There’s so lot going on in that one scene, and furthermore in this episode, and I love the truth that the display has continued to use this design template all this years later. Yet for now, let’s catch up on the episode.

We start with an opened scene that will make you feeling all the feels together we watch just how Sybil’s mind games have readjusted things in Damon’s world. By instead of his memory of Elena, she changes the method he remembers the Wickery bridge accident. Together we see in the flashback, there are currently three victims: Stefan wasn’t there to conserve Elena, therefore she died. And also if that didn’t acquire you, Liz Forbes renders a reappearance to pronounce them dead. Crying yet?

As Damon speak Sybil, the “never met” Elena Gilbert. And now she tells him he never will.

Back in present day, Sybil is trying and also failing to to convince Enzo to flip his humankind switch together a an extremely bored Damon provides his means through Fifty Shades Darker. (I wonder how he felt about the finishing of the very first book.)

After Sybil provides a little background on herself — she’s taken manage of 50,000 males over the year — we find out that her quite literal plan B deserve to be defined in one word: Bonnie.

Speaking of our favorite previous witch, she’s right now in Stefan’s bed … through Caroline. Bonnie wakes the n2175forals.comly engaged Caroline up v balloons and also champagne so the the two of them have the right to start planning THE June wedding, otherwise well-known as the wedding Caroline stated in the pilot and the hashtag that Steroline shippers adore.

With Caroline’s wedding publication in hand — no surprised that she’s been planning this because she to be 10 — the girls head out to look in ~ wedding costume while Stefan updates Ric top top the engagement. Ric insurance claims he’s fine v it, yet it transforms out Ric isn’t the difficulty in this scenario. Rather, it’s Damon, who mirrors up at the wedding dress store and tries to kidnap Bonnie. Thankfully, this bride-to-be and her future maid of honor know exactly how to take down a vampire, and also they’re able to knock Damon the end with sufficient time come run.

By the moment Enzo and Sybil display up to help Damon out, Sybil has actually one question: Why go Damon also care about Bonnie? as with that, she start Damon’s mind for a pilgrimage through the Bamon relationship, from the days as soon as Bonnie hated him and even set him on fire come the minute they “died” together and everything changed. Similar to that, she replace instead replace Bonnie’s memory with one of herself. As soon as again, Damon’s memories space altered.

Back at the Salvatore house, Caroline is do the efforts to uncover weapons, i m sorry is proving challenging seeing as just how Stefan’s been child-proofing the literal death trap he stays in. Proof it’s always going to it is in a fatality trap? The fact that Sybil just walked best through the front door. (Also, there’s a dungeon in the basement.)

It appears Sybil is having actually trouble wrapping she mind roughly the fact that Bonnie could mean so much to two men, no to mention she hasn’t also slept with one of them. Yes, Sybil. Damon’s hot. No, Bonnie didn’t sleep v him.

While Sybil talks it out through Caroline and also Bonnie, Stefan it s okay a speak to from Damon to accomplish him in ~ the high school. As Damon place it, he needs every little thing desire Stefan has actually left to save him. Sounds sweet, right? Well, it’s yes, really not. ~ Damon shows Stefan that he has Enzo in his trunk, we acquire an explanation indigenous Sybil as to what’s going on.

Considering Bonnie is “fiercely loyal” come those whom she loves, Sybil has made decision to make her choose: either Damon resides or Enzo does. Which man will she sentence to an forever of darkness and pain? Naturally, Bonnie refuses come play along, but much like one more villain we know, Sybil is really old and very collection in her ways. So when the clock strikes 3 p.m., Damon and Enzo space going to fight come the death … uneven Bonnie chooses. Therefore yeah, Damon lugged Stefan along as back-up, not to save him emotionally yet rather to assist him death Enzo.

On the means to the fight, Sybil informs Caroline — who’s covertly texting Stefan — that when Damon and Enzo die, they will go come the “other place,” i m sorry is no the other Side however is filled v loneliness and despair. After all, what kind of afterlife did girlfriend think was awaiting homicidal monsters?

Once Bonnie’s heard enough, she throws seatbelt-hating Sybil with the windshield and also floors it come the fight, i m sorry has currently begun. And if this isn’t giving you flashbacks to “The Reckoning,” literally naught will. There’s the countdown to the fight, and also the discussion of Damon’s capacity to struggle back. Although, as we learned in season 4, if Damon has actually trouble fighting the compulsion to kill Jeremy, exactly how do you think he’s walk to execute here?

Stefan intervenes every moment he can, but when also he is around to cross the line and stake Enzo, Caroline reflects up. The poor n2175forals.coms? Enzo and Damon then snap Stefan and Caroline’s necks, leaving Bonnie to try to to convince Damon to take it his hand off Enzo’s heart. Yet when Sybil educates her that won’t work, Bonnie realizes she has to choose. And she choose Enzo.

However, Sybil’s a bigger pan of Damon, so uneven Enzo flips his switch, both he and also Bonnie space going come die. Just like that, Enzo tells Bonnie to carry him earlier before kissing her one last time and, well, transforming it off. Again, “The Reckoning” anyone?!

And this is whereby there’s an ext bad n2175forals.coms: currently that Enzo has flipped his switch, he no much longer cares if Sybil pressures Damon to death Bonnie, and also let’s just say that Bonnie’s not nearly fast enough to out-run she fate.

Damon captures up through her outside, wherein Ric conserves the work by hitting Damon through his car and using the tuning fork Georgie found in the last episode to slow Sybil down. Team great Guys reflects up in complete force, with Caroline knocking Sybil out and also Stefan snapping Enzo’s neck (and yes, Georgie witnessing everything).

But Damon’s no sticking around to find out what happens next. Follow to him, his work-related with Sybil is just acquiring started. She still demands him for “applesauce penguin” — he literally can’t kind the indigenous — therefore he drives off and also heads to one of his safe places: do pancakes because that Bonnie Sybil in the witchy prison world. Together Sybil tells him, the still has actually too numerous “attachments” that they need to acquire rid of.

As for real human being Sybil, she’s relocated to the Armory, where Bonnie asks Stefan if he was going to select to conserve Damon, despite the reality that all Damon’s done is provide up. Stefan admits he to be going to let Enzo die, i m sorry again brings up the question: Is Damon worth saving? for now, Caroline is going to continue to be at Bonnie’s, which leaves Stefan to journal at the Mystic Grill.

It doesn’t take lengthy for drink buddy extraordinaire Ric to present up, but is it simply me or is something off? The method Ric to be looking out of his eyes, half of me is convinced Sybil gained to him as well. Probably I’m taking all these season 3 comparisons means too seriously, however I do love an evil Ric.

One thing is for specific though: evil Damon is in full effect. As soon as Tyler — Tyler! — finds Damon in the middle of the road, the tries to to convince him that killing him would be his final move. Killing Tyler is one thing no one would certainly forgive. So one of two people Damon fully gives up on self or that fights to acquire his life back. “Think about who girlfriend want,” Tyler says, pulling the Elena card. Only, Damon doesn’t want any of the anymore.

So Tyler make the efforts a different tactic: Egging Damon on, telling him to execute it. “Let me walk out together the face that you deserve to never erase from your brain,” Tyler says, giving us one final “bitch” prior to Damon to walk away.

But climate … Damon transforms around. And also he bites Tyler. Does he kill Tyler? That’s TBD. Yet either Damon just had actually his Wickery leg wake-up minute – I’m no going to avoid with the season 3 recommendations — or he’s officially given up. Either way, IS TYLER DEAD?!

Altogether, I’m a big fan of this episode, indigenous the method it continued crucial themes top top this show to the nostalgic moment to the last three minutes.

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