Okay, I’m going to say it: I loved this episode. From the method they tied it right into season 1 through the design template of the title to eextremely minute that it reminded me of “The Reckoning” — among my favorite episodes ever — this felt like an old episode of TVD. The method they preserved it about personal relationships, constructed stress, and finished on a huge twist? Yeah, that’s what made us loss in love via the display in the initially area. So, let’s start via the title.

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“You Decided That I Was Worth Saving“: No diedifficult fan is going to forobtain the minute Damon first kissed the woguy he thought was Elena in the seaboy 1 finale. Of course, it turned out he was kissing Katherine, but for all Damon kbrand-n2175forals.com, he was lastly saying give thanks to you to Elena for, som2175forals.comhere alengthy the method, deciding that Stefan’s homicidal brother was “worth conserving.”

And now, seven periods later on, Damon’s still grappling through that incredibly sentiment. Is he worth saving? Stefan states yes. Bonnie, fairly honestly, isn’t certain at the minute. And then there’s Damon, that we watch make his decision in the episode’s last moments once he considers letting Tyler Lockhardwood live … only to turn roughly and also bite him. Is this Damon’s way of proving he’s not worth saving? Can Damon come ago from this if he’s eliminated Tyler? Did Damon just give up on himself?

There’s so much going on in that one scene, and also furthermore in this episode, and I love the reality that the show has actually continued to use this template all these years later on. But for currently, let’s capture up on the episode.

We start with an opening scene that will make you feel all the feels as we vi2175forals.com just how Sybil’s mind games have actually readjusted points in Damon’s human being. By replacing his memory of Elena, she transforms the method he remembers the Wickery Bridge accident. As we watch in the flashearlier, there are currently 3 victims: Stefan wasn’t tright here to conserve Elena, so she died. And if that didn’t get you, Liz Forbes provides a reappearance to pronounce them dead. Crying yet?

As Damon tells Sybil, he “never before met” Elena Gilbert. And currently she tells him he never before will.

Back in present day, Sybil is trying and also failing to convince Enzo to flip his humankind switch as a really bored Damon renders his way through Fifty Shades Darker. (I wonder exactly how he felt around the finishing of the initially book.)

After Sybil gives a tiny background on herself — she’s taken control of 50,000 guys over the years — we learn that her rather literal Plan B have the right to be described in one word: Bonnie.

Speaking of our favorite previous witch, she’s currently in Stefan’s bed … via Caroline. Bonnie wakes the n2175forals.comly involved Caroline up via balloons and champagne so that the 2 of them deserve to begin planning THE June wedding, otherwise well-known as the wedding Caroline discussed in the pilot and the hashtag that Steroline shippers adore.

With Caroline’s wedding book in hand — no surpclimb that she’s been planning this given that she was 10 — the girls head out to look at wedding dresses while Stefan updates Ric on the engagement. Ric claims he’s fine with it, yet it turns out Ric isn’t the problem in this scenario. Rather, it’s Damon, that mirrors up at the wedding dress keep and also tries to kidnap Bonnie. Thankcompletely, this bride-to-be and also her future maid of honor recognize how to take dvery own a vampire, and they’re able to knock Damon out through enough time to run.

By the time Enzo and also Sybil show up to aid Damon out, Sybil has actually one question: Why does Damon also treatment around Bonnie? As with that, she enters Damon’s mind for a expedition through the Bamon partnership, from the days once Bonnie hated him and also collection him on fire to the moment they “died” together and everything readjusted. As with that, she reareas Bonnie’s memory via among herself. Once aget, Damon’s memories are changed.

Back at the Salvatore home, Caroline is trying to find tools, which is proving hard seeing as just how Stefan’s been child-proofing the literal death trap he stays in. Proof it’s always going to be a death trap? The reality that Sybil simply walked right via the front door. (Also, there’s a dungeon in the basement.)

It seems Sybil is having trouble wrapping her mind around the reality that Bonnie can suppose so much to two men, not to mention she hasn’t also slept with one of them. Yes, Sybil. Damon’s hot. No, Bonnie didn’t sleep with him.

While Sybil talks it out with Caroline and Bonnie, Stefan gets a speak to from Damon to fulfill him at the high institution. As Damon puts it, he requirements whatever desire Stefan has left to conserve him. Sounds sweet, right? Well, it’s really not. After Damon shows Stefan that he has Enzo in his trunk, we obtain an explacountry from Sybil regarding what’s going on.

Considering Bonnie is “fiercely loyal” to those whom she loves, Sybil has actually made a decision to make her choose: Either Damon lives or Enzo does. Which male will certainly she sentence to an eternity of darkness and also pain? Naturally, Bonnie refprovides to play along, yet a lot prefer an additional villain we know, Sybil is extremely old and exceptionally set in her methods. So when the clock strikes 3 p.m., Damon and also Enzo are going to fight to the death … unmuch less Bonnie chooses. So yeah, Damon carried Stefan alengthy as back-up, not to save him emotionally but fairly to help him kill Enzo.

On the way to the fight, Sybil informs Caroline — who’s secretly texting Stefan — that once Damon and Enzo die, they will go to the “other place,” which is not the Other Side however is filled through loneliness and despair. After all, what kind of immortality did you think was awaiting homicidal monsters?

Once Bonnie’s heard sufficient, she throws seatbelt-hating Sybil through the windshield and floors it to the fight, which has already started. And if this isn’t giving you flashbacks to “The Reckoning,” literally nopoint will certainly. There’s the countdvery own to the fight, and the discussion of Damon’s capacity to fight back. Although, as we learned in season 4, if Damon has actually trouble fighting the obsession to kill Jeremy, how do you think he’s going to do here?

Stefan intervenes every moment he have the right to, but as soon as even he is about to cross the line and also stake Enzo, Caroline mirrors up. The poor n2175forals.coms? Enzo and Damon then snap Stefan and also Caroline’s necks, leaving Bonnie to try to convince Damon to take his hand off Enzo’s heart. But as soon as Sybil informs her it won’t work, Bonnie realizes she has to select. And she chooses Enzo.

However, Sybil’s a bigger fan of Damon, so unless Enzo flips his switch, both he and also Bonnie are going to die. Just like that, Enzo tells Bonnie to carry him back before kissing her one last time and, well, turning it off. Aget, “The Reckoning” anyone?!

And this is wright here there’s even more poor n2175forals.coms: Now that Enzo has flipped his switch, he no much longer cares if Sybil forces Damon to kill Bonnie, and let’s simply say that Bonnie’s not practically quick enough to out-run her fate.

Damon catches up via her outside, where Ric saves the day by hitting Damon with his auto and also utilizing the tuning fork Georgie found in the last episode to slow-moving Sybil dvery own. Team Good Guys mirrors up in full pressure, with Caroline knocking Sybil out and also Stefan snapping Enzo’s neck (and also yes, Georgie witnessing everything).

But Damon’s not sticking around to discover out what happens next. According to him, his work-related through Sybil is simply getting began. She still demands him for “applesauce penguin” — he literally can’t create the words — so he drives off and also heads to among his safe places: making pancakes for Bonnie Sybil in the witchy prichild human being. As Sybil tells him, he still has as well many type of “attachments” that they must eliminate.

As for real people Sybil, she’s relocated to the Armory, where Bonnie asks Stefan if he was going to select to conserve Damon, despite the fact that all Damon’s done is offer up. Stefan admits he was going to let Enzo die, which again brings up the question: Is Damon worth saving? For now, Caroline is going to remain at Bonnie’s, which leaves Stefan to journal at the Mystic Grill.

It doesn’t take long for drinking buddy extraordinaire Ric to show up, but is it just me or is somepoint off? The way Ric was looking out of his eyes, half of me is encouraged Sybil gained to him also. Maybe I’m taking all these seaboy 3 comparisons method also seriously, however I execute love an evil Ric.

One thing is for particular though: Evil Damon is in complete effect. When Tyler — Tyler! — finds Damon in the middle of the road, he tries to convince him that killing him would certainly be his last move. Killing Tyler is one point no one would foroffer. So either Damon totally gives up on himself or he fights to get his life earlier. “Think around who you desire,” Tyler states, pulling the Elena card. Only, Damon doesn’t want any type of of it anyeven more.

So Tyler tries a different tactic: Egging Damon on, telling him to execute it. “Let me go out as the confront that you can never before erase from your brain,” Tyler states, providing us one last “bitch” before Damon walks away.

But then … Damon turns roughly. And he bites Tyler. Does he kill Tyler? That’s TBD. But either Damon just had actually his Wickery Bridge wake-up minute – I’m not going to sheight with the seaboy 3 referrals — or he’s officially given up. Either way, IS TYLER DEAD?!

Altogether, I’m a big fan of this episode, from the method it ongoing vital themes on this display to the nostalgic moments to the last 3 minutes.

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