A Night In san Francisco is a live album by irish singer songwriter Van Morrison i m sorry was taped at concerts in California in December 1993.

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I’ve stated it before but the human being (and specifically me) requirements for valve Morrison live albums.

Van Morrison A Night in mountain Francisco


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Set List

Like It’s too Late To stop Now, in this set, van Morrison dram tribute to his influences and picking song from his many earlier albums.

For me personally, the additional he moves away from the three absolutely crucial studio albums, Astral Weeks, Moondance and also St Dominic’s Preview, the much more problems I have actually theoretically with the liked set.

Disc 1:

Did Ye get Healed? (originally on the album Poetic champions Compose)It’s all In The Game/Make It actual One an ext TimeI’ve Been working (His Band and the Street Choir)I Forgot that Love ExistedVanlose Stairway/Trans-Euro Train/Fool for YouYou do Me feel So cost-free (Into the Music)Beautiful VisionSee Me Through/Soldier that Fortune/Thank friend Falettinme Be mice Elf AginAin’t the Loving girlfriend Baby?Stormy Monday/Have You ever before Loved A Woman?/No Rollin’ BluesHelp MeGood Morning small School GirlTupelo HoneyMoondance/My Funny Valentine

Disc: 2

Jumpin’ through Symphony SidIt fills You UpI’ll Take care Of You/It’s A Man’s, Man’s, Man’s WorldLonely Avenue/4 O’ Clock In The MorningSo Quiet In Here/That’s wherein It’s AtIn The Garden/ friend Send Me/Allegheny (No Guru, No Method, No Teacher)Have i Told You recently That i Love You? (Avalon Sunset)Shakin’ all Over/Gloria

I may have reservations about the collection list and also there space plenty that songs i wish he’s played yet Van Morrison has actually delivered another compelling performance.

When I first bought this album ns was disappointed through it. This next sentence native my initial review synthetic up my feelings. The problem is that it’s no as magical as It’s too Late to Stop and also I find that The cool Opera house Belfast live album has a many charm the pulls me earlier into it as well.

Now I accept that this is wonderful and when I work out on mine ratings, I intend it to it is in in the 27 or 28 note (losing points because that the set list and also the atmosphere and also lack interplay v the crowd). The performance itself is an excellent and i can’t stop playing it at the moment (late June 2015). I’ve acquired used come the idea that Morrison is the tape leader (like duke Ellington for example) in ~ this stage in his acreer and not the leading figure that he was in the early on 1970s.

What Other civilization Say

The attention of the movie critics goes to It’s as well Late to Stop currently when it concerns live albums by van Morrison. It is a great album.

A Night In mountain Francisco likewise has that charms and also fans.


Buying van Morrison A Night in san Francisco

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