Los Angeles, CA, February 26, 2018 – following the announcement the 2018 would certainly be its last cross-country run, the Vans Warped Tour expanded family has actually released a retrospective video celebrating the history and heart of the above tour. Fans deserve to watch the video, which attributes founder Kevin Lyman, Vans VP the events and promotion Steve valve DorenFletcher Dragge (Pennywise), Silverstein, and more, here: http://smarturl.it/VWTRetrospective
On the upcoming shows, Lyman has shared: “I truly am happy to gain the chance to travel around the country one an ext time to say thanks to you for your support, and also bring you one more best job ever.”
I have spent fifty percent of mine adult life traveling together Kevin top top the tour, connecting with bands and fans around the world, Steve valve Dorenrecalls. “Bringing music and activity sports come youth because that over two decades has to be a an individual honor and also I’m excited come hit the road on the critical cross-country tour.

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Early Bird Tickets because that the 2018 Vans Warped Tour, gift by Journeys, have gone on sale now at VansWarpedTour.com. Super fan Bundles are also available and market fans exclusive merchandise, including a restricted edition poster, collector ticket laminate, and also custom Vans Warped tour Authentics.
As a bonus for beforehand ticket buyers, the first 500 tickets offered for each show will be in ~ the shortest price available and will include a digital download the the official Vans Warped tour 50-song compilation.
The line up because that the 2018 Vans Warped Tour, gift by Journeys, will be announced this Thursday, march 1st. General admission tickets will certainly be obtainable on Thursday, in march 8th.
The Vans Warped tour is the largest traveling music festival in the united States, and the longest-running touring music festival in phibìc America. Originally conceived through founder Kevin Lyman in 1995 together an eclectic alternate rock festival, v a emphasis on punk rock, end the years the tour has grown to incorporate a multitude the genres, consisting of metal, i know well hop, reggae, pop and more. It remains one of the finest tours to deal with discover arising acts, come learn an ext about exorbitant non-profits and companies who room working to do a positive affect on the world that surround them, and to fulfill like-minded friends.
Over the past two decades, Vans Warped tour has constructed a tradition as the must attend summer festival for rock and also music lover alike. Because its start in 1995 that has listed a platform for established as well as up-and-coming artists, with previous performers including blink182, No Doubt, Sublime, Beck, Katy Perry, NOFX, Limp Bizkit, black color Eyed Peas, eco-friendly Day, Eminem, Yellowcard, bad Religion, and also countless others.
In addition, the tour continues to host a large array of impressive non-profits and educational workshops because that attendees and 2018 will certainly be launching The Preventum Initiative, focusing on youth and adolescent opioid prevention. Teenagers With a Purpose, American structure for Suicide avoidance (AFSP), Donate Life new England, plan Parenthood, save A Breast, Testicular Cancer Foundation, To create Love on she Arms, and also Project HEAL will certainly all be associated this summer, simply to surname a few. Fans can see their favorite bands as well as become educated on this causes and how they deserve to help.
I am very excited about the upcoming year. V it being the critical tour, the non-profit presence will it is in as large as ever. Groups who have actually been the end in the previous will be coming out in more markets, and hopefully we will attract brand-new non-profits,” comments Sierra Lyman. “With an ext non-profits coming the end there will be an ext options for our audience to hopefully get involved before, during, and also after the tour. Ns am hoping that this critical year urges non-profits to companion with bands and for bands to companion with non-profits top top their own events and also tours once this summer is over.
Early Bird Tickets and Super fan Bundles because that this year’s tour on space sale now and can be purchased at www.vanswarpedtour.com
The Vans Warped Tour, presented by Journeys, is famed as America’s longest to run touring music festival the the summer. Since 1995, the tour has been a showcase because that both established and up and also coming talent, throughout a wide range of eclectic sub-genres.
The tourism has also cemented its ar in history by bringing alternate rock and also skate culture from the underground come the head of worldwide youth culture, while in ~ the very same time help those in require through non-profit and also eco initiatives.
Alternative push readers poll the Vans Warped tourism as the “Best Tour/Festival” and Rolling rock called it “America’s many Successful Festival”.

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