HIGH SCHOOL Program overview

Welcome all students ago to a safe, colorful culture, focused on connections, unity, and also prospering academics!

The Breaking Down the Walls program is a distinctive chance for students and also staff to connect, share their stories, and also realize "it"s difficult to hate someone whose story you understand."

This regimen creates a safe environment for students to construct empathy and also knowledge with our "play, trust, learn" version. By initially helping students laugh together, they begin to trust one another, and also eventually want to learn from those outside their normal friend team. The assembly, training, and also workshops leave everyone with the realization we are truly BETTER TOGETHER!





“Students that feel linked to their institution are likewise even more likely to have better scholastic achievement, consisting of better grades and test scores, have better institution attendance, and remain in institution much longer.” — Centers for Disease Control and also Prevention

Breaking Down the Walls strengthens social and also emotional learning (SEL), particularly structure social awareness and also connection skills that are crucial to student growth and success.

Bring your students together and carry out dedicated time for them to (re)connect and construct relationships.

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Allow students to share their story and also hear their peer"s stories and learn they are Better Together.

Create an inclusive society wbelow students say: I belengthy here. I am safe right here, I can learn and grow below.

Program Structure

Assembly Kick-off Video

The week kicks off through a fun, lively, and also intentional 20-minute video to be common through all students and also staff to set the tone: We are Better Together!

Student Leader Training

The Learning for Living facilitator will train a pre-schosen group of students to lead little groups throughout a section of the workshop endure. This 3-hour training will certainly equip students with the vision of the program and also prepare them to facilitate pick tasks on their workshop day.


The workshops incorporate a blend of large group, small group, and also 1:1 experiences and provide an possibility for students to create empathy, construct social awareness, and develop meaningful relationships through peers outside their conventional friend group.

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Standard option: Each 6 hour workshop day will include up to 175 students and 25 student leaders

Modified option: (2) 2.5 hour consolidated workshops per day to encompass as much as 85 students and also 15 student leaders

We will partner through your college to adhere to COVID-19 social distancing protocols to set the routine up for success while maintaining students and staff safe.