A scary moment arisen during week 8"s game in between the Denver Broncos and also San Diego Chargers, together Broncos defensive coordinator walking Phillips experienced an injury ~ above the sideline and also exited on a stretcher.

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Mike Klis that 9News explained the situation leading to the injury:


W. Phillips to be watching Bradley Roby's choose six when Gordon inadvertently blasted him. Gordon was pursuing Roby, clogged off play. #9sports

While Phillips necessary a dare to come off the field after the struggle from Melvin Gordon, Klis report the coach to be conscious and wagging the No. 1 authorize with his finger.

Broncos vice chairman of public relationships Patrick Smyth later announced Phillips" precautionary test results came ago "normal," adding the coach go not have actually a damaged leg. Phillips was later released from the hospital, every Smyth, and was meant to be back with the team Monday.


Thanks and I evaluate everyone's problem -I am ok today and earlier to occupational at what i love --I obtain the large hit award for the week!


sonofbumThanks for all the sort words-I was lucky only broken 1 rib(have 23 more great ones) https://t.co/4dly46hMVb

NFL Network"s James Palmer report Sunday afternoon that Phillips will certainly coach against the Oakland Raiders native the coaches box, which Phillips told reporters was a possibility on Nov. 3. 

" is law great," Broncos head coach Gary Kubiak said after the Broncos" 27-19 win, per the team"s official Twitter account. "He"s upbeat, watched the game."

"He"s sore, however he"s feeling good," Kubiak added Monday, per Nicki Jhabvala that the Denver Post. "He"s himself today."

Jhabvala included inside linebackers coach Reggie Herring was calling plays v Phillips out.

Gordon defined his view of the beat after the game, every Michael Gehlken the the San Diego Union-Tribune:

I was running a bullet and also I think (Broncos OLB) Von (Miller) had actually pushed me out, and I didn"t know I pains him. Ns didn"t even know it to be me. I hope he"s OK. You"re in a game, and also usually if it"s a player (on the sideline), lock usually capture you, nevertheless of what next it"s on. They shot to record you. I just kind that ran right into him, and also I couldn"t stop. I was going too fast. I"m really sorry about that, particularly when I found out that i was the one who kind of ache him. Over there wasn"t any mean intention on that.

Phillips is in his 2nd season in his existing stint in Denver (after six years in the 1980s and "90s) and also has hosted various roles in the NFL due to the fact that 1976.

The 69-year-old has actually served as a head coach both ~ above a permanent and also interim basis through the Broncos, new Orleans Saints, Buffalo Bills, Atlanta Falcons, Dallas Cowboys and Houston Texans, accumulating an 82-64 job record.

As a defensive coordinator, the led the Texans to a No. 2 ranking in yards enabled in 2011. Last season, his Broncos defense was the best in the NFL in yards allowed and was critical in helping the team success the super Bowl.

According come Klis, Phillips also overcame a big hit from a player in the playoffs critical season.

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