l>"Way end Yonder in the boy Key" by Woody Guthrie

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Way over Yonder in the Minor key Words through Woody Guthrie, Music by Billy Bragg

I stayed in a place dubbed Okfuskee and also I had a little girl in a holler tree ns said, small girl, it"s level to see, there ain"t nobody that can sing favor me

She stated it"s tough for me to seeHow one small boy obtained so uglyYes, my luttle girly, that could beBut over there ain"t nobody that can sing choose me

Ain"t no one that deserve to sing prefer meWay over yonder in the boy keyWay end yonder in the young keyThere ain"t nobody that have the right to sing favor me

We walked under by the Buckeye CreekTo view the frog eat the goggle eye beeTo hear that west wind whistle come the eastThere ain"t nobody that deserve to sing like me

Oh my tiny girly will you permit me seeWay over yonder whereby the wind blows freeNobody can see in our holler treeAnd over there ain"t nobody that have the right to sing like me

Her mama cut a move from a cherry treeAnd laid it on the she and also meIt stung lots worse than a hive the beesBut over there ain"t nobody that deserve to sing prefer me

Now I have walked a lengthy long waysAnd i still look back to my tanglewood daysI"ve led many girls because then come straySaying, ain"t nobody that have the right to sing like me.


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