The description for the Monk’s way of the hundreds Fists seems to suggest the second strike in the sequence is created of 7 separation, personal, instance hits. Are they truly separate hits, meaning each deserve to generate a separate “on-hit” effect?

And if they aren’t, what is the advantage of the hands of Lightning rune, then?


Way that the hundred Fists is composed of 3 attacks, which show up to it is in 1 hit, 5 rapid hits, 보다 1 fight again.

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The 5 quick hits counts together one struggle for any on-hit effect.

For example, if you have actually 0 spirit and use the full means of the hundred Fists combo, you will have actually 18 spirit since it provides you 6 soul per attack.

I likewise tested this through on-hit results by removed all equipment except a weapon v an amethyst in that (which steals life top top hit), and also found that throughout the food of a combo, I"d only heal 3 times.

As because that your various other question about the hands of Lightning rune, it appears you are getting 3 extra strikes with no damage decrease per attack. Ns played approximately with that a bit, and although the damages per fight fluctuated a bit, it appeared to median the exact same per fight both with and without the rune.

The three assaults each it seems ~ to do 1/3 the 140% weapon damage each, so her 5-hit combo is approximately 9.3% weapon damages per hit, which results in an extra 3 hits giving you another 28% damage.

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There is a difference in between "attacks" and "hits". Way of the hundreds Fists is, in fact, made up of 7 hits by default (Hands of Lightning can increase this to 10). The 2nd attack is the one that generates lot of hits. The 140% damages is divided amongst the hits. Each attack can additionally hit multiple adversaries In other words, if you are surrounded by multiple enemies, you have the right to hit every of lock 5 times v the normal skill. This deserve to be it was observed by transforming on damages numbers.

It walk seem together though the property "Each hit Adds +X Life" does only proc as soon as per attack and is therefore misleading. Various other "on hit" effects such as sluggish or cool on hit might proc ~ above actual access time or ~ above attacks.

The huge benefit is the each hit has a separate possibility to crit. This makes means of the hundred Fists the prime skill to use in conjunction through Sweeping Wind (especially v Hands of Lightning) together it can assist you to obtain max stacks really quickly.

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