Champion, Reaver, or Templar? This guide will phone call you all you have to know worrying the warrior specializations in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

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when players have actually reached Skyhold in Dragon Age: Inquisition, a new war table procedure will be open up to castle — "Specializations for the Inquisitor." once this operation has actually been completed, three different trainers will arrive in ~ Skyhold come each market the Inquisitor specializations.

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Specializations room subclasses that occupational alongside the pre-existing class. For each key class, there space three specializations, but the player deserve to only select one. When it concerns warrior inquisitors, they have actually the alternative of Champion, Reaver, or Templar. If you"re struggling to decide which expertise is best for you, or you"re unsure how to finish its questline, we"ve got every little thing covered because that you simply below.

whereby to uncover the Warrior Trainers

Dragon age Inquisition Warrior Trainers in Skyhold Location
The three expertise trainers because that warriors deserve to be uncovered on the battlements the Skyhold, at the most southern suggest of the top map (as presented above). Over there is lord Chancer de Lion because that the Champion role, Ser because that the Templar role, and also Breaker Thram because that the Reaver role.

You can speak to all three NPCs and choose come undertake all 3 quests, however once you hand in a quest to finish it, you will be picking that specialization and also will be can not to choose either of the others.

Dragon age Inquisition Exalted levels Champion Locations
NPC: mr Chancer de Lion Specialization: Champions room warriors committed in defense, making them ideal tanks to protect their allies, and also still being able come deliver an effective attacks. Quest: lord Chancer de Lion asks the you build a suitable Champion standard and also study the Champion"s password in order come be allowed to join the Champion order. You should collect a details codex, fight three different Champions in order to retrieve your heraldic symbols, gather crafting materials, and then do the typical to give to Chancer de Lion. very first and foremost, you"ll desire to take the Writing top top Champion methods that unlocks the codex entrance "Way that the Champion". This can either be uncovered close come Blackwall in the stables in ~ Skyhold or purchased indigenous the merchant Willvan in Val Royeaux if Blackwall was no recruited.

then you"ll must head over to the Exalted Plains to take on the champion for their three heraldic symbols. The champion are situated in the complying with areas: Ghilan"nain"s Grove (on the path leading towards the swamp), Halin"sulahn (south of the Dalish camp), and the Desolate bank (close to where the coast runs out). You have the right to see the areas you must visit marked on the map above. Loss all 3 to earn the symbols.

Next, you"ll require 20 Veridium; if friend don"t have this currently then you can discover it in the Emerald Graves, Crestwood, or the Exalted Plains, or alternatively, it have the right to be obtained from the "Exalted plains Resources" battle table procedure if you send Cullen or Josephine.

After girlfriend have all of the items noted above, head to any requisition table to handmade the standard, i beg your pardon you deserve to then offer to Chancer de Lion to finish the quest and become a Champion.


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means of the Reaver

Dragon period Inquisition Crestwood Rivals Locations
NPC: Breaker Thram Specialization: Reavers specialize in bloody battles, v their assault increasing throughout the battle. The much more damage they take, the an ext damage they will certainly deal to your enemies. Quest: Breaker Thram asks you come gather certain ingredients to infuse v dragon"s blood and also requests the you examine the techniques to prepare the properly. You should collect a particular codex, kill 3 rivals to collection their infusion primers, gather crafting materials, and also then do the distillation to give to Breaker Thram. Firstly, you"ll have to grab the Writing ~ above Reaver methods the unlocks the codex entry "Way of the Reaver." This have the right to be discovered near stole Bull in the Herald"s rest tavern in ~ Skyhold, or alternatively, it deserve to be purchased from the seller Willvan in Val Royeaux if Iron Bull was no recruited.

Next, you"ll have to travel come Crestwood to find and also defeat your 3 rivals to retrieve three infusion primers. Each of the rivals is additionally accompanied by a few other enemies too. The rivals are located in the complying with areas: the eastern Side Hills, the Flats, and also the black color Fens, every one of which are marked on the map above. If friend can"t find any type of of the rivals as you have not yet opened up the damn, you deserve to leave the area and also return later on to discover that the rivals have respawned. Alternatively, if you have actually the short List perk, you deserve to purchase the infusion primers indigenous the seller Saphi in Val Royeaux. Their distinct stock is random, so if the primers aren"t listed, leave the map area and also re-enter in order to refresh the stock.

The next thing you"ll require is 50 Rashvines; which you can uncover in the following areas: the Emerald Graves, the Exalted Plains, and also Emprise Du Lion. Alternatively, they can be derived from the "Exalted levels Resources" war table operation if Josephine or Leliana are sent, or have the right to be purchased from the village the Crestwood merchant.

once you have actually all the required items, you can craft the distillation at any requisition table and then take it to Breaker Thram come unlock the Reaver specialization.

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Dragon age Inquisition The Hinterlands Demon Locations
NPC: Ser Specialization: Templars specialize in fighting against magic wielders, such together demons and also mages, and making appropriate tanks that are qualified of protecting their party members well. Quest: Ser asks friend to handmade a philter and also to examine the approaches of the templars. This calls for you to collect a specific codex, retrieve three broken philters from fallen templars, conference crafting materials, and also then handmade a philter to offer to Ser. Firstly, you"ll must collect the Writing on Templar methods the unlocks the codex entrance "Way of the Templar." This deserve to be uncovered on the optimal floor the the armory located in Skyhold, i beg your pardon is just eastern of Cassandra"s location. Alternatively, it have the right to be purchased native the vendor Willvan in Val Royeaux.

Next, you"ll must travel to the Hinterlands to discover three broken philters by defeating three various kinds that demons; a pride demon, fury demon, and a terror demon, every of which room accompanied by various other demons too. The three demons can be found in the following areas: Witchwood, West Road, and also Lady Shayna"s Valley. The places are all marked on the map above. Death all 3 to retrieve your philters.

~ that, you"ll require 50 Embrium, which deserve to be discovered in the adhering to areas: the Hinterlands, Crestwood, the Emerald Graves, and the Exalted Plains. Alternatively, they deserve to be obtained from the "Emerald graves Resources" battle table operation if Josephine or Leliana is sent, or purchased from the town of Crestwood merchant.

as soon as you have actually all the forced ingredients, you deserve to craft the citizen at any kind of requisition table and then return to Ser come unlock the Templar specialization.


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