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Did you ever before see the movie, Willy Wonka & The chocolate Factory? It was released in 1970 and also starred Gene Wilder together Willy Wonka. If friend haven"t, prevent reading and also go watch it, climate come back. I"ll wait.

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Ok, now that you have actually seen it, there"s a step I desire to allude out. It"s as soon as the children are acquisition a tour of the chocolate factory and also they get in a hallway through "lickable wallpaper". As Willy himself says, "The strawberries taste prefer strawberries! The snozzberries taste like snozzberries!" That"s when Veruca Salt interrupts him and also says, "Snozzberries?! everyone heard that a snozzberry?"

At this, Wonka squeezes her cheeks, looks she in the eye, and says, "We are the music makers. And also we space the dreamers of dreams..." then lets her go and they proceed on your way.

It was an odd step to me, yet I to be curious wherein that line come from. Turns out, it is component of a poem dubbed Ode by a poet named William O"Shaughnessy. In component it reads,

We are the music makers,And we room the dreamers the dreams,Wandering by lone sea-breakersAnd sit by desolate streams;—World-losers and world-forsakers,On who the pale moon gleams:Yet we room the movers and shakersOf the world for ever, that seems.

Anyway, favor I said, weird.

But, it also made me think around entrepreneurs. In reality, that is every we space really doing. We are creating music and also we room dreaming dreams. We room painters and our canvas is our business. We create, we innovate, us build, and we prosper things. We make the civilization go "round.


As a college college student my wife and I would go grocery store shopping once a week together, usually an extremely late in ~ night when it was much less crowded. The store was open up 24 hrs so we"d walk in in ~ 11pm or midnight. Typically, I would wander far from her and go under the magazine aisle to check out all the money-making magazines prefer Entrepreneur, little Business Opportunities, and also Home-Based Business. I would review all the ads and get excited about selling carpet cleaning services or glow-in-the-dark star patterns for kids" bedrooms.

I eagerly thumbed with those pages as I dreamed and also schemed on exactly how to do my millions. Mine wants and desires have developed over the years, however I"ve never stopped dreaming.

That"s one point that entrepreneur"s are good at...we space all dreamers come a particular degree. But, what yes, really separates the an excellent entrepreneurs native the trivial or even good ones is the ability to rotate those dreams into reality. There is nothing quite prefer taking one idea and transforming it right into its physical tantamount through specific execution. (In fact, this is so crucial that I developed a podcast dedicated to this an extremely idea:The pragmatic Idealists)

The music is made and the desires come true then v our capacity to gain things done. This is wherein the real magic happens. If you uncover yourself in ~ a standstill or you have actually plateaued a bit, then I would encourage friend to prevent thinking therefore much and start doing. That"s how you room going come make her music.

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