The results below are based upon data accumulated as part of astudent job for an introduce statistics class at UF. Ifthere is an ext than one group/treatment, the first group mentionedis group 1. Data was collected at two retailers to compare theaverage price of electronic devices at and also Thep-value was 0.022, and the 95% trust interval to be (-62.6, -5.1).

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1. The students selected electronic items and also checked theirprices at both stores. This difficulty is about a. 2 independent meansb. Dependence proportionsc. One meand. Two independent proportionse. One proportionf. Dependent way .

2. The sign of the different hypothesis must be a. B. =c. >d. No = .

3. Based upon the p-value we deserve to _____________ in ~ alpha = 0.05.a. Refuse the Null Hypothesisb. Expropriate the alternative Hypothesisc. Not refuse the different Hypothesisd. Refuse the alternative Hypothesise. Not reject the Null Hypothesisf. Expropriate the Null Hypothesis

4. In ~ which alpha levels might we disapprove Ho? a. 0.01 and 0.05b. All of the normal alpha levelsc. None of the normal alpha levels0.10 and 0.05

5. Room the outcomes statistically significant at alpha=0.01? a. NoB. Yes

6. We have actually ________________ come say thatthere is a difference in average price of electronic items in ~ thetwo stores.a. "not sufficient evidenceb. Pretty strong evidencec. Some evidenced. Very strong evidence">

7. We room 95% confident that the average price the electronicitems at is in between _________ 보다 $5.10 and also $62.60 less

8. The outcomes of the confidence interval and also significance testat alpha=0.05 ______________a. Do not agree due to the fact that the check is two sidedb. Agreec. Do not agree because the test is one sided

9. The populace of interestis ____________________a. All electronic items accessible at both retailersb. "all electronic items",c. "all items because that which data to be collected",d. "all digital items obtainable at at least one that theretailers

10. We should assume the sample to be randomly selected becausewe space making inferences about?a. An estimator",b."proportions",c. "an unknown parameter",d. "means",e. "one group",f. "two groups",g. "an unknown statistic"> .

11. .For the college student collecting the data, it would certainly be__________ to choose a arbitrarily sample from this population.a. Really difficultb. Reasonably easy

12. Student collecting the data need to strive for ?a. <"a sample dimension of at least 30",b."at the very least 15 successes and 15 failure in the sample",c."at least 15 successes and also 15 failure in the population",d."a populace size that at the very least 30"> .

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