Matthew Berry: Sam Bradford will have huge game Monday night (0:54)Matthew Berry discusses why Sam Bradford will have actually a huge Week 1 game and why cam Newton have to be on her bench in fantasy football. (0:54)

The most important thing is to win. Let"s start there. Together we open up up the an initial Love/Hate of the continuous season, I desire to underline that. Increase front and also center, we space trying to win.

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But, maybe a close 2nd ... We do not desire to lose. No everyone have the right to win, however if we play that right, at the very least we won"t end up last.

This began a few years ago when i was trying to find stories around punishments for civilization who finished last in their fantasy organization for my publication "Fantasy Life." and also I"ve got to phone call you, ns was puffy away v what some world do. The amount of creative thinking is amazing. It to be a hugely popular part of the book. I got even more great ones for the paperback and also it continues to this day, as world tweet me all the moment with images and video clip of punishments, utilizing #fantasylife.

Because it has been a year due to the fact that we did this, i thought before we begin the season we should look at several of the best ones the were it is registered to me top top Twitter or via the Fantasy Life application to repeat what we play because that ... And also what we play come avoid.

You better not shed the peak Shelf league or people will know almost everywhere you go!

— Jason Strine (
StrineSports) September 6, 2015

It seems most punishments autumn into one of a few buckets. Forcing the loser to carry out or wear miscellaneous embarrassing at the draft ...

MatthewBerryTMR Loser the the league wears a toilet seat for round 1! #fantasylife

— Ivan L. (
brcodeman) September 8, 2015

MatthewBerryTMR I"ll give you one guess who finished in last place last year. #fantasylife

— kris Swanson (
swanny909) September 8, 2015

MatthewBerryTMR Chap"s 12 team Auction lg. Worst team in the league punishment. Simply happens to it is in my dad.

— Mike Chapman (
mchaps55) august 23, 2015

Or carry out something embarrassing in public ...

MatthewBerryTMR last ar punishment in ours league. Stand in a speedo because that 20 mins top top busiest street in our town

— Jeremy crosby (
jerymya83) July 29, 2015

MatthewBerryTMR Buddy shed his league and also had to stand on the corner for an hour choose this#DontGetLast #HesNotNaked

— The liked 1 (
JordanSWAGel) respectable 28, 2015

Of course, there are countless ways come humiliate oneself publicly.

What happens as soon as you draft Montee round in the first and C. Patterson?? girlfriend come in last place.

— Jack Fenty (
JACK_in_a_b0x) respectable 10, 2015

MatthewBerryTMR a tiny last location fantasy soccer punishment.

— Brock Chipman (
BrockTheChipMan) respectable 24, 2015

MatthewBerryTMR this is our league"s punishment

— Jason Howard Flaro (
bizchrist) July 30, 2015

MatthewBerryTMR This is #FantasyLife.

— Ross Goodson (
rgoodson21) July 18, 2015

And finally, over there is constantly actually law something come oneself.

MatthewBerryTMR ultimately put the tat top top the last location finisher! He plainly doesn"t listen 2 ur advice #ptl #letitgo

— Kris blacksmith (
wit_a_k) July 27, 2015

Speechless. But before you feeling too bad for any type of of these people, realize it could still be much worse. You might be Dusty Carter, walking about with this tattoo for the rest of her life:

MatthewBerryTMR looks favor I"m headed because that my 2nd tat. I"ll respectfully questioning they leaving u out of this 1 #TattooLeague

— Dusty Carter (
dcar_32) December 16, 2014

Here"s come you enjoying one of these punishments on among your league-mates ... And with that, we wander right into Love/Hate.

This year, the column will still be the exact same as girlfriend have always known. Intros, many players, and also this season we will add more of a emphasis on daily fantasy (DFS), particularly geared towards the official daily fantasy sports provider of, In situation you"ve somehow been under a rock, we are doing a quite cool promo with them. Sign up come play in a league on (there"s tho time!) and also then enter the Millionaire an equipment on

The person playing in a organization Manager (LM) league on who scores the highest on DraftKings wins $1 million to share in between him/herself and also everyone he/she plays with in LM leagues. The winner gets $100,000 and other $900,000 is break-up equally between him/her and the members of each of the LM leagues he/she is in. The simple. The idea is to encourage folks to play through us below at; who from will certainly win $1 million for him/herself and also his/her league-mates in mainly 1. Guaranteed. So hope you"ll pat in much more LM leagues ... More chances come win, don"tcha know? Nice how that functions out. Don"t worry about links, if you win, we"ll discover you. But much more details are available at And if you desire to try DraftKings for free, they space doing a $100,000 freeroll (which method $100,000 in prizes, however it doesn"t price to play) through me for Week 1. Use promo code TMR as soon as you go to

As always, Love/Hate is based on general tardy of exactly how players room viewed and my personal take ~ above them. Just because I "love" Doug Martin and "hate" Marshawn Lynch doesn"t typical you start Martin over Lynch. Rather that, particularly when it concerns the value cap format of daily games such as DraftKings (DK), martin is a much better value come me.

Hates are always tough because that me due to the fact that it is one of two people saying bench a stud, i m sorry in season-long pat is almost impossible come do, or that is being negative on a marginal player. Now, the "hates" are really geared towards DFS, i m sorry makes more sense, together you have the right to "hate" a stud"s price that week.

For those of friend who have never play DFS before and are curious what some of the phrases median (it"s not tough, I"m sure you"ll number it out), friend should inspect out Renee Miller"s fantastic glossary.

One critical reminder prior to we dig in: This is all written late Wednesday night. As always, players" status, ranks and also values change all the time. Always consult ours rankings web page for certain start/sit questions, examine out the daily podcast, and also tune into ~ above Sunday. That"s right, I claimed, no 2175forals.com2 (though that"s great too). This year, ns am joining the actors of our brand-new show NFL Insiders: Sunday execution (10-11 a.m. ET) and also then I will be component of Sunday NFL Countdown (11 a.m.-1 p.m. ET) ~ above I also will still add to Fantasy football Now, which proceeds on 2175forals.com2 from 11 a.m.-1 p.m. ET. Can"t wait. Yes, really excited.

OK. Sufficient plugs. Big shoutout come Jacob Nitzberg, Robert Nelson and also the crazy youngsters over at Stats & info for their help. Let"s get to it.

Quarterbacks i love in main 1

Tom Brady, Patriots: want a stat or want gut? "Cause I gained both. Stats say that last season the Patriots ran the many plays v two tight ends on the ar in the NFL. Through Gronk and also the underrated Scott Chandler, they"re going to do simply that. Especially due to the fact that the Steelers" defense permitted the many completions, yards and TDs versus two-plus dare sets last season. Gut says ... National audience and whatever you think that them, the Patriots feel they"ve been unfairly accused. After ~ the offseason Brady has actually had, watch him do a large statement here. Especially with LeGarrette Blount suspended. The Tom Brady empty You 2015 tour starts Thursday. He"s precious his DraftKings price of $7,700.

Aaron Rodgers, Packers: In 2 games versus the Bears last season: 617 yards, 10 touchdowns. If you desire to go height shelf in DFS at QB, Rodgers is the play.

Matt Ryan, Falcons: Lotta point out in this one, and the Falcons will must throw to save up v Philly. An unsure ground game, lotta snaps thanks come Philly"s up-tempo offense and also then there"s this stat: just one quarterback has actually totaled at the very least 300 full yards and also multiple touchdowns in three directly season openers ... Matt Ryan. Two first names, always a crowd pleaser. He"s $7,500 on DraftKings.

The price is right

Matthew Berry"s RotoPass

With customized ranks for your particular scoring system, breeze software, lineup optimizers, lots of great analysis and so lot more, can aid you even if it is you pat season-long, DFS, dynasty, ideal ball or noþeles else.

With you gain full accessibility to and also 5 various other premium fantasy football sites for one short price. You"re welcome. -- Matthew

This is a new section i am adding to Love/Hate this year, highlighting a few cheaper options for DFS top top DraftKings.

Sam Bradford, Eagles ($6,900): You witnessed the preseason, didn"t you? Well, then, what room you staring at? The Eagles are tough to game arrangement for regardless, however the an initial game that the season? versus a defense the ranked last versus the pass last season and got a bag on simply 3.6 percent of adversary dropbacks, the second-lowest figure in the league? The Falcons upgraded the defense in the offseason with the breeze and complimentary agency, yet that will take time come jell. Amongst the games with the greatest over/under in Vegas, this game should have actually a ton of scoring ~ above both political parties of the ball. Bradford is healthy now and I love him at his price.

Ben Roethlisberger, Steelers ($7,300): His price is center of the pack and also with no Le"Veon Bell and also Brady putting it on, he"s gonna be chucking it every night together well.

Philip Rivers, Chargers ($7,100): The Lions permitted multiple happen touchdowns in eight that their last 10 games last season and losing Ndamukong Suh this offseason won"t aid pressure Rivers right into making mistakes.

Tony Romo, Cowboys ($7,300): This video game will it is in shootout city, i beg your pardon wasn"t the name of a bad video game in the "80s, however should have actually been.

If you"re desperate: that won"t be pretty, however mobile QBs obtain fantasy points, so i am really intrigued by Tyrod Taylor, especially at his minimum $5,000 price ... Derek Carr was top five in pass attempts last season and now encounters a Bengals defense that was passed on an ext often 보다 30 groups last season and ranked dead critical in sacks. A Derek Carr/Amari Cooper stack would certainly be a reasonably low-owned stack for competition play.

Quarterbacks I dislike in mainly 1

The "hates" this year space going to be much much more DFS-focused, together if you own these big names in season-long leagues, you"re obviously starting them. I know, I currently said that, but fifty percent of you skip the part, so I"m placing it here too to save both of us time on Twitter.

Andrew Luck, Colts: He"s a stud, through or there is no the long, crazy beard. If you very own him, you"re starting him. But as the second-highest-priced QB top top DraftKings ($8,300), ~ above the road versus a receipt team that enabled just 16 touchdowns with the air critical season? The fewest in the NFL? I"d rather go cheaper or salary the extra $200 because that Rodgers.

Drew Brees, Saints: I"m guessing the Cardinals leave the roof open up for this game. During his career, Brees has actually played worse outdoors, averaging 249 yards and also 1.7 TD passes per video game (compared to an ext than 300 yards and also 2.3 TD passes indoors). It will certainly take a if to adjust to life without Jimmy Graham, and on the roadway in Arizona -- v the fourth-highest price tag among QBs on DK -- is no the location to discover out.

Jay Cutler, Bears: new offense, banged-up receiving corps and then ... The matchup. In 10 games versus the Packers (as a member of the Bears), Cutler has 13 TDs, 21 INTs and averages only 183 passing yards every game. Nope.

Cam Newton, Panthers:

The scene: EverBank Field, Jacksonville

Cam Newton drops earlier to pass. Together he walk ... One angel shows up on one shoulder. A devil appears on the other.

Devil: What are you doing? Don"t litter it! carry out you watch Philly Brown out there? The guy who can"t catch? Don"t throw it there! He"s terrible! through the way, Ted Ginn Jr. Simply outran your eight by 50 yards.

Angel: Don"t look in ~ me. I"m v him. Those males suck. (Angel takes gloriole off, sit down, the cross legs, lights cigarette and also sighs.)

Cam looks toward Greg Olsen, now covered by 6 guys. As he looks over there, he is sacked. Again. By the team that was tied for the sixth-most sacks in the NFL last year. Camer is slow-moving to obtain up.

Angel (to Devil): and you thought the Johnny Manziel gig suck ...

Running backs i love in main 1

Eddie Lacy, Packers: one more obvious name, however mentioning that here because I believe he is worth the price ~ above DraftKings ($7,500, 6th highest). Expect the Packers to walk a bit more run-heavy as they lull their new receiving corps into things, especially because no team has actually allowed much more yards every rush during the previous two periods than the bears (4.85), and their 34 rush TDs permitted are bound for fifth most in the span. The Bears will certainly be there is no DT Jeremiah Ratliff (suspension) and will regularly be play on a quick field because that the Packers after ~ Cutler transforms it over (I"m guessing).

DeMarco Murray and also Ryan Mathews, Eagles: In instance you let go it, I"m type of top top the Eagles this week. The Falcons enabled 21 rushing TDs critical season, three more than any type of other team in the NFL and as I claimed in the Bradford section, it"s walk to take it a while because that the brand-new pieces top top defense to jell. The Eagles run so plenty of snaps in a game, anyone gets come touch the ball. It"s fun that way! Murray is just the 11th-highest guy on DK ($6,700) and Mathews should gain 10 come 12 touches, which makes him perhaps flex worthy in season-long play and an interesting flyer at $3,600 on DK.

Jeremy Hill, Bengals: ~ piling increase the many rushing yards in the NFL indigenous Week 9 on critical season, it"s Jeremy Hill"s world, we just live in it. Ns mean, what room they gonna do? allow Andy Dalton throw it? Exactly. Oakland"s defense is not a joke, yet they"re quiet a couple of pieces away as well. He"s no a cheap at $7,100, but should return that value for cash gamings or 50/50s on draft Kings.

The price is right

Jonathan Stewart, Panthers: What space they gonna do? allow Andy Dalton litter it? Er, I typical Cam? walk I use that joke already? Sorry, I create this shaft behind the Panthers offensive line and I was dizzy from getting hit for this reason much. I do think the Jags" defense is better than they obtain credit for, yet they did offer up at least 100 rushing yards and also a touchdown to opposing running backs eight times critical season. Volume is the key to Stewart here, especially because I intend him to be associated in the passing video game a kind amount and the Jags did battle with pass-catching backs last season. Stewart is $5,800 top top DraftKings, 15th highest.

Chris Ivory, jet ($4,100): going to obtain the round a ton versus a team that permitted the many rushing yards in the organization last season.

Doug Martin, Buccaneers ($4,500): DraftKings set their prices before Doug Martin decided to look like Doug martin again in the preseason. He"ll be a really popular beat on DraftKings and versus the Titans, a effective one together well.

Rashad Jennings, Giants: Whom carry out you think Dallas is worried about? Rashad Jennings or Odell Beckham Jr.? Jennings will discover a decent amount the nickel coverage to run against and it"s precious noting the he averaged 95 yards in gamings last season in i m sorry he taped at least 10 carries. Us don"t know yet how Shane Vereen and also Andre Williams will number in, yet Dallas did give up 10 rushing touchdowns in its final nine gamings of 2014 and you can do much worse for $5,100 in a high-scoring game. I like him in tournaments quite than head-to-head games, however the upside is there.

If you"re desperate: usual caveats apply with a Patriots running back, however Dion Lewis ($3,000) should acquire a decent amount of watch in the "Shane Vereen role" ... C.J. Spiller is expected to miss the video game Sunday, which method Khiry Robinson ($3,000) should gain double-digit touches. ... Todd Gurley is out and there"s a chance Tre Mason might be as well, for this reason Benjamin Cunningham ($3,000) would acquire a the majority of work. It"s against Seattle, so, you know, no ideal, yet this is the desperate section we room in. Don"t make that face. Come on. You"ve excellent worse.

Running backs I hate in week 1

Marshawn Lynch has actually just 76 rushing yards full in his previous two trips come St. Louis, so I"m fading him. Five ... Sorry, Marshawn. I didn"t check out you. To be you right here the totality time?AP Photo/Elaine ThompsonMarshawn Lynch, Seahawks: If you very own him in season-long leagues, of course you"re starting him, however I don"t love that in everyday this week. I feel the attack line for Seattle is quiet a job-related in progress and while that catches more balls than you think, Lynch is no a good PPR play (DraftKings scoring). In his past 4 games versus the Rams, he has averaged less than 60 yards rushing and has no scored in his two games at St. Louis the past two years. In ~ $7,300, over there are much better options at that price range. He"s a great contrarian pick, if girlfriend want, together I expect his ownership in tournaments to be short this weekend, however other 보다 that ... We"re all right here so us don"t get fined, Marshawn. We all are.

Melvin Gordon, Chargers: I own him in a few season-long leagues, so I"m beginning him. I have actually no choice. Yet in the $5,500 price range, I"m feather elsewhere. Gordon is meant to leave the ar on 3rd down and passing plays, he looked just OK in the preseason. And his an initial start is versus a defense that was No. 1 against the run last season. Yeah, the Lions lost Suh, but they"ll still be a force to it is in reckoned with.

Alfred Morris, Washington: In Kirk Cousins" ripe career starts, Morris has actually averaged 66.6 rushing yards and 0.44 rushing TDs per game on 3.66 yards per rush. Every one of those number are below Morris" career averages. That doesn"t capture passes (watch out for mine beloved Matt Jones!), is going versus one of the best defensive present in the NFL and is $5,500 in DK, much more than open minded Gore and Carlos Hyde and the exact same as Lamar Miller, all of whom I favor more.

Wide receivers ns love in mainly 1

Julio Jones, Falcons: see Ryan, Matt. What"s the record for targets in a game? A billion? A billion five? Jones is the many expensive wideout ~ above DraftKings at $9,300 and also I speak he"s worth it.

Randall Cobb, Packers: Cobb is nine in price top top DK ($8,000) but an initial in Aaron Rodgers" heart. Five, count "em, 5 receiving touchdowns in his previous three gamings versus the bears and, you know, the whole no-Jordy thing.

A.J. Green, Bengals: just the 11th-highest priced guy on DK ($7,800), eco-friendly is underrated since of his injury critical season, however was when again, he"s really productive once healthy. Oakland"s defense has improved, yet not the much. Plus, he tends to absent the very first game of the season: 21 captures for 404 yards and also four touchdowns in his four career season openers.

Julian Edelman, Patriots: off the injury report and also into our hearts! Wait, I offered that line, too? damn it. You shot writing behind this line. Which guys, assist me out here. Meanwhile, check out Brady, Tom.

The price is right

Mike Evans and Vincent Jackson, Buccaneers: The Titans at this time have ripe players noted at cornerback or safety on their active roster. None of them are taller than 6-foot-1. Evans and also Jackson are each provided at 6-foot-5. Jackson"s $6,000 price sign is specifically inviting.

Charles Johnson, Vikings: Johnson to be targeted top top 23 percent the Teddy Bridgewater"s passes during Minnesota"s last seven games, and also I"ve been really vocal about the reality that ns am team Johnson, no Wallace, as far as that is the Vikings" No. 1 guy. Just $4,900 top top DraftKings, I"ve used a Bridgewater-Johnson stack in an ext than one lineup this week. Plus, if girlfriend watch with a buddy, you can root for him while utilizing Norv as a verb. "Hahaha I simply Norved you!" "Norv this, punk." "Yo! friend going to the fridge? I"m Norving!"

Davante Adams, Packers: At simply $4,400, he"s a must-own in everyday this week. Everyone else will have actually him and you won"t find that type of manufacturing at that price elsewhere, so, you recognize ... The expense of law business. Also, if I own him in season-long, I"m starting him.

Eddie Royal, Bears: This will certainly be a high-scoring game and also Cutler needs to throw to someone. Really prefer him in PPR and daily (just $3,900 on DK).

If you"re desperate: Rueben Randle gets the "let"s disregard him to emphasis on OBJ" slot this week and is $5,100 ... Stevie Johnson has had actually a nice preseason, and I don"t believe San Diego will have the ability to run lot on Detroit, meaning the Chargers will have to throw. And no Antonio Gates means Johnson is in play, especially at $3,700. ... Allen Robinson got all the (deserved) preseason hype, but Allen Hurns will gain some love as well in a pretty matchup for simply $4,000.

Wide receivers I dislike in main 1

Alshon Jeffery, Bears: Banged up and also a negative matchup; in six career gamings versus the Packers, Jeffery has actually a complete of two receiving touchdowns and also has never eclipsed 80 receiving yards. I have actually him in a season-long league and I"m beginning him, but I"m staying clear of him in daily.

Sammy Watkins, Bills: ~ above a run-first team through a young QB, I need to see it from Watkins prior to I"m ready to trust him against a secondary that to be top-12 critical season. He"s $7,000 top top DraftKings and also I"d much rather have Brandin Cooks ($7,100), Jeremy Maclin ($6,900), Amari Cooper ($6,700) and Julian Edelman ($6,600) in the exact same price range.

Torrey Smith, 49ers: I"ve supplied this stat before, yet it"s precious repeating: last season, an ext than 30 percent of Smith"s receptions came on passes 15-plus yards downfield. His new QB Colin Kaepernick completed 33 percent of together passes last season, tied v Geno smith for 4th worst in the NFL.

Tight ends i love in week 1

Rob Gronkowski, Patriots: It"s Jeremy Hill"s world, however it"s plunder Gronkowski"s universe. We merely exist as specks of dust in it. As safe a play as there is this week, he"s fully healthy and also target one, two and also three for Brady. At $7,000, he"s worth every penny.

Greg Olsen, Panthers ($5,300): For every my other fans the "The League," sometimes you don"t have to be the prettiest girl in the bar, friend just have to be the just girl in the bar. Greg Olsen is the just girl in the bar.

The price is right

Jason Witten, Cowboys: due to the fact that 2013, he has actually 13 touchdowns. 5 have come against the brand-new York football Giants. And at just $4,000, this must be a game with a high floor and also a bit of upside for him.

Owen Daniels, Broncos ($3,400): As lengthy as he is healthy and playing with Peyton Manning, he has actually value. Peyton pays attention to points like former teams and also everything, and if there"s a chance, mine gut says he grooves one come Daniels against Baltimore and tries to acquire him right into the finish zone.

Delanie Walker, Titans: Marcus Mariota has to throw it come someone. Ns say it"s Walker, that is a cheap at $3,400.

If you"re desperate: Those short Titans defenders don"t obtain a break through Austin Seferian-Jenkins (6-foot-5). He"s also $3,400. ... And what a shock, one more Packer. Critical season, no team allowed much more fantasy points come TEs than the Chicago Bears, consisting of 13 receiving touchdowns come TEs, second most in the NFL. Go into Richard Rodgers, who"s simply $2,500, making that an choice in competition play if you want to punt the position.

Tight end I hate in main 1

Dwayne Allen and also Coby Fleener, Colts: The Bills enabled just two tight end touchdowns last season and with more weapons for Luck (and in a low-scoring game), trying come predict which one of these guys might luck -- heh heh, I said luck -- into a touchdown isn"t a recipe for success. Or also brownies. I can live v that. Anyone likes brownies.

Defenses ns love in mainly 1

Carolina Panthers: critical season, defenses dealing with the Jaguars score 201 fantasy points, 24 more than any kind of other team. The team encountering the Jaguars score double-digit fantasy points ripe times, many of any team. They"ve improved, however the Panthers must still be a solid play.

Miami Dolphins: delight is encountering Kirk Cousins. Ripe interceptions in six gamings last season; his 4.4 percent interception rate was the highest amongst 36 QBs with at least 200 pass attempts. The dolphin are simply $3,000 on DK.

The price is right

Minnesota Vikings: last season, Colin Kaepernick ranked 88th of 92 qualified QBs in completion percentage as soon as under pressure. He"s currently behind a depleted offensive line, therefore the Vikings should have no problem bringing the same pressure they did critical season, when they were peak 10 in sacks. Just $2,800 on DK.

If you"re desperate: We disputed this ~ above the podcast, yet assuming her buddies simply download the podcast and don"t in reality listen, you"ll victory a bar bet through this stat: critical season, the Jacksonville Jaguars to be tied for the sixth-most sacks. In ~ home versus a Panthers team that offered up 42 sacks critical season, has actually struggled this preseason and also doesn"t have an excellent receiving options? yes ... $2,700.

Defenses I hate in mainly 1

Buffalo Bills: They"re good, but so is Luck. The Colts permitted sacks on simply 4 percent the dropbacks, the third-lowest price in the NFL.

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San Francisco 49ers: Remember when they were the 49ers?

And there you have it, folks. Good luck in week 1 and this entire season. And also just remember, even in the darkest hours, as soon as you have actually the most pressing concerns ... I"m always with you.