Mel Madarang, a sophomore journalism major, said she can relate come what the women of Saturday Night Live talked about in your “Welcome to Hell” skit, i m sorry aired Dec. 2.

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SNL’s skit was in reaction to the sex-related harassment scandals the surfaced since the original Harvey Weinstein scandal damaged Oct. 5. With the skit, the female cast tries to explain that females live their resides to avoid perhaps being sexually assaulted.

Madarang claimed that naught in the video was brand-new to her, considering she as well gets nervous walking around late in ~ night and also even dead mace v her to defend herself. She claimed she connected specifically come the component when Aidy Bryant said “Oh, and this ain’t a girl group, we simply travel in a pack for safety.”

In the skit, Bryant, Cecily Strong, Leslie Jones, Kate McKinnon, Melissa Villaseñor and also host Saoirse Ronan star in a Katy Perry-esque video with vivid colors and also upbeat music. The ladies wear exceptionally bright clothes and also talk in stereotypical infant doll voices, all while stating the controversial object that has rocked the news for the past pair of months.

“Despite the whimsical Katy Perry look, through floating cherries, clouds and also giant lollipops, the video clip didn’t sugarcoat the cultivation list of problems women face ― and have confronted for centuries,” read a Huffington write-up article.

Since the Harvey Weinstein scandal to be exposed in October, more and more women have come out about sexual harassment allegations versus other men, choose Senator Al Franken, Senate candidate Roy Moore, NBC talk display host Matt Lauer, and also many more. Some have actually mentioned chairman Donald Trump, who openly talked around groping females in an accessibility Hollywood tape.

Strong opened up the skit by saying, “Hey there, boys, we know the last pair months have actually been insane,” come which Bryant says, “All of these big, cool, powerful guys are turning out to be, what’s the word, habitual predators. And also it’s like, dang, is this the people now?”

“Oh, this been the cursed world,” solid responds.

The cast brings it residence that although this allegations are just coming the end now, life has always been prefer this for females by listing every little thing that has been damaged for them.

“Parking, and also walking, and Uber, and also ponytails, bathrobes, and also nighttime, and drinking, and hotels, and vans,” lock sing.

“Nothing an excellent happens in a van!” Villaseñor sings.

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The skit ends through everyone singing, “Yeah it ain’t fair, however pull up a chair, welcome come hell!”

Patrick Bortel, a sophomore journalism major, stated he actually chosen the method SNL approached the issue. Because it aired ~ above SNL, Bortel stated he didn’t suppose them come talk about the scandals in a serious manner.

“They brought up significant topics,” the said. “I think they walk a great job of balancing the fact that it’s a comedy map out with a significant issue.”

While student on campus could have reacted positively to the skit, no everyone worldwide did. The video clip currently has 4,262,768 views and around 7,000 dislikes top top Youtube.

Some commenters feel the video was “cringe-worthy,” while others suggested the skit was simply not funny. Rather referenced therapy of females worldwide, specifically focusing on ladies in Saudi Arabia.


“Imagine castle life of females in the middle East,” youtube user Jybyrd Jybyrb commented. “Genital mutilation, honor killings, being tossed off the roof because that being gay. Friend think Hollywood is bad? walk visit Saudi Arabia for a week.” 

rather insisted the the video didn’t respect men’s rights, choose youtube user Jay Kay.

People in assistance of the video believed that most opposers to be males that don’t think these allegations, favor youtube commenter Jacky s. H.


Although the skit has received blended reviews, the actors of SNL felt strongly around doing it, cast members said. McKinnon was an especially moved by the skit. .

“It’s a actual honor to have actually this sort of communication to speak around what’s walking on in ~ a minute when yes so much to say,” McKinnon claimed in an interview v Yahoo Entertainment. “I just know that i feel for this reason blessed, and every one of my colleagues do as well.”