A main argument for boosted protections of home rights (PR) is the function they pat in encouraging financial transactions, investment and also economic growth. Likewise, the practical justification of intellectual property laws is that such civil liberties promote an imaginative inventions and also innovation, and also thus can make a nation better off. A further dispute is psychological: that has also been said (though seldom tested) that amplified rights contribute to rises in well-being delighted in by a country’s citizens. Many Latin American countries have made initiatives to improve property legal rights (and their enforcement) in the recent past, through varying success. Using 3 data sources (the Latinobarometer, the human being Bank, and also the civilization Economic Forum’s global Competitive Index), this examination considers the relationship in between property rights and also intellectual residential property protection, financial growth, and individual well-being. The results, which space heterogeneous with respect to labour force status, suggest that policy machines in Latin America should pursue improvements in building rights if they wish to boost citizen well-being while likewise promoting financial growth.

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A consistent effort to establish a more secure mechanism of both residential property rights (PR) and also intellectual home protection (IPP) has actually been under means in plenty of Latin American countries. This has been undertaken through, especially, the adaption that national regulation to the standards set forth in global agreements and treaties favor the Paris Convention for the security of commercial Property (PCPIP), the Patent teamwork Treaty (PCT), and the trade Related facets of intellectual Property civil liberties (TRIPS). Considering the modern history of Latin America, the is evident that the an ar did not start out in a positive method regarding building rights. During the early american period, indigenous groups lost many of their genealogical land as, favor in any type of colonial system, defense of one’s property from early american powers was daunting (Reyes and also Sawyer 2016). Also, in the so late 20th century, politics instability endangered the protection of residential property rights. As just one well known example, in 1971 the Chilean Congress approved a constitutional amendment, which enabled the Chilean government led by chairman Salvador Allende come expropriate united state copper mining companies. The expropriation led to a problem with the united state companies and government, and withdrawal of credit (Besley and Ghatak 2010). The problem with incidents of expropriation is the they can negatively affect the regions’ economic development, due to the fact that foreign companies are less likely come invest in a nation with such industry conditions. As Biglaiser and also Staats (2010) found, recognised and also upheld PRs space the 2nd most essential FDI determinant.

Chile has now controlled to create a fairly secure system of residential property rights (incl. IPP) and also has the highest possible property legal rights scores in Latin America (WEF 2015 and also Appendix 1 below). Similarly, Peru has actually made that a score to accomplish well-defined and strongly defended property civil liberties with, already, profound effects for the resides of Peruvians. One essential example for such an impact has been discussed in a examine by ar (2007), which examined the result of a nationwide land titling program and found that it raised national work supply by allowing people to spend less time watching and also protecting their property. She study verified to what level people’s lives are impacted by residential property rights. Today, Peru is a signatory of countless international conventions ~ above PRs and IPP and also has newly joined 2 Patent beginning Highways (PPH): The Prosur PPH and the Pacific Alliance PPH (USTR 2017). Return the pattern is similar across most of the Latin American countries, the region is still dealing with some challenges. In fact, nine Latin American countries can quiet be uncovered on the unified States’ intellectual property watch list (USTR 2017) and the approximates of the lost revenue early to different forms of intellectual property piracy remain high (Horan et al. 2005). A couple of recent comes to raised by the U.S. Trade Representative (published in April 2017) regarding Latin America include the following: the absence of IPP defense enforcement by the Argentine government; the solid increase in the number of pirated American films in Mexico; and the widespread use of unlicensed software and also pirated and counterfeit products, including counterfeit tobacco, alcohol, fuel, and pharmaceutical commodities in the Dominican Republic (USTR 2017).Footnote 1

Recent initiatives to improve the ar PRs and also IPRs show that there could indeed be some benefits come individuals, as likewise suggested by Sowell in his quote cited above. Those benefits are commonly understood to be of an financial nature, yet they could likewise potentially be discovered in better individual wellness or life satisfaction. The last possibility has actually not yet been commonly investigated, yet there are some potential web links that could be acquired from what has been discovered so far. Because that instance, some authors have connected increased IPP with lessened conflict and also easier accessibility to pharmaceuticals to boost the health of citizens, all of which have been positively attached to greater subjective well-being. This is debated further in Sect. 2.1.

The research on economic benefits, top top the various other hand, is far more established. Besley and also Ghatak (2010) amount up the 4 main channels through which property rights influence economic activity as the protection channel, the performance channel, the decreased protection cost channel, and also the transactions facilitation channel. Their results are in line v the results of many other authors who have investigated these financial benefits and are questioned further in Sect. 2.2.

In summary, this examination inspects even if it is the services that thomas Sowell referred to in the epigraph can refer to boosts in individual well-being and also the oft-found benefits for economic growth. The remainder the this write-up is organised as follows. Section 2 discusses home rights and also intellectual home protection generally, and in the Latin American context, and also makes web links to both financial growth and also life satisfaction. Furthermore, we carry out a brief and also general conversation on why this associations can be expected to differ dependent top top an individual’s labour force status. Section 3 describes the three sources of data used, provides an easy descriptive statistics, and offers methodological comments. Section 4 presents the results. Section 5 discusses this results and the limitations of the study and also suggestions for future research, prior to offering break up remarks.

One the the most typical root reasons of both violent international and intranational dispute has been said to be scarcity (Hume 1751, pp. 14–34). If our indefinite needs were equal to limitless resources, climate there would be no communication for disputes over possessions. To mitigate the problem of scarcity and also thus reduce conflict, that is essential for a nation to develop a collection of rule that will govern the intake of scarce resources. In Latin America, conflicts arising due to ill-defined home rights are rather common. A situation study in Nicaragua, because that instance, revealed that about 40% of all Nicaraguan households discovered themselves in disputes over property rights (Stanfield 1995). Well-defined building rights have the right to fulfil this function of alleviating difficulties caused by scarcity and encourage individuals to utilize obtainable resources successfully (Meinzen-Dick and also Knox 1999). A country’s mechanism of building rights plays an essential role in determining the level of breakthrough in the country and also is often defined as a bundle of different rights (see, e.g., Alchian and also Demsetz 1973; Eggertsson 1990; Everest-Phillips 2008; Besley and also Ghatak 2010). Building rights themselves are often thought about to consist of four main components: the right to use and also possibly exclude others from making use of the property; the appropriate to modify the property; the right to transfer it to somebody else; and also finally, the best to sell and generate revenue the the individual can insurance claim for herself.

Property rights, pundit property protection, and life satisfaction

To investigate any type of potential association in between PR and IPP and how people experience your lives, we make use of the, now well established and validated, economics of life satisfaction research area (Oswald 1997; valve Praag and also Ferrer-i-Carbonell 2004). This is a renowned area of financial enquiry which has actually been learned in relationship to plenty of different phenomena. Diverse examples include unemployment and inflation, and economic development, overeducation, self-employment, and culture (respectively: Di Tella et al. 2003; Mikucka et al. 2017; Piper 2015a; Hetschko 2016; Hand 2017). Because that reviews see Frey et al. (2010), Veenhoven (2015), Weimann et al. (2015) and also Clark (2018). A handbook mentioning well-being in the paper definition of Latin America has also been freshly published (Rojas 2016). The pattern of joy in Latin America is an especially interesting, because the an ar reports high levels of wellness which perform not coincide with the level that income and development. Beytía (2011) investigated the factors of happiness in Latin America, western Europe and the unified states, and also found the in Latin America, jae won satisfaction matters considerably less for joy than in the other regions.Footnote 2

Despite the growing interest in happiness research, in Latin America this ar is no as created as that is in various other regions. As discussed by Díaz (2016, p. 80): “The research field of happiness and positive psychology or the business economics field of happiness or well-being, which room the usual fields of study, room relatively brand-new fields in the occidental world and also even newer in Latin America. The scientific production by Latin American writer on happiness in indexing journals (WoS and also SciELO), succumbed 44 articles from the countries in this continental an ar and in the 12-year period taken right into consideration.” Similarly, any kind of association in between PRs and IPP and life satisfaction has, till now, received tiny attention (generally and also in Latin America specifically) and just below potential web links are presented. These links look to the past, and the modern economics of life satisfaction research area.

Regarding the link between property rights and also life satisfaction, there are some clear factors to believe that secure property rights might influence life satisfaction. Historically, a variety of political theorists have actually long emphasize that building rights can yield mental benefits, enhancing individuals’ satisfaction with life. Because that example, both Jeremy Bentham and also John Stuart Mill justification PRs (and the security of intellectual property in particular) by referring to the social and also economic conditions which lock create. A related debate is the these rights create an environment advantageous for an imaginative intellectual activities (Munzer 2007; Mandel 2011). Intellectual property protection ensures that the inventor of an idea is compensated because that their study and advance effort and also prevents danger of imitation. Together a result, the inventor has an motivation to further develop their product or to occupational on brand-new ideas. While a significant amount that research has been lugged out on the relationship between innovation and economic growth, there have actually been only few empirical investigations into the relationship between innovation and subjective well-being. Countless of these investigations have actually only established an indirect link between them v theories of financial growth (see, e.g., Grossman and also Helpman 1991; Howitt and Aghion 1998). In contrast, Dolan and also Metcalfe (2012) have actually used brother data to investigate a straight link and concluded the there appears to it is in a confident association of technologies with spatu well-being. This argues that, in Britain in ~ least, strong IPP may contribute to spatu well-being, by protecting inventors from imitation thereby boosting innovation. However, native a consumer’s view the opposite can be the case: the is conceivable that far better enforced IPP can raise the price of usual purchases, prefer those because that entertainment purposes, and thus lower life satisfaction. This could be a possibly larger concern in Latin America because, as recent news reports demonstrate, while many people there consume salary television, couple of people pay because that it.Footnote 3

Another appropriate idea originates from John Locke. In his organic rights theory, Locke emphasizes that it is conceivable that solid property legal rights play a key role in protecting an individual freedom, which, in turn, has been positively connected with better well-being in more contemporary literature (for example, Veenhoven 1996; Helliwell and also Huang 2008; Bavetta et al. 2016). Similarly, Helliwell et al. (2015) have discovered that the level of freedom to make life options has a big positive affect on the individual’s well-being. Bring away together, one possible implication of these monitorings is the a mechanism of secure and also well-defined home rights might lead to greater happiness by permitting individuals to act independently and thereby preserve individual freedom.Footnote 4

A potential link between amplified property rights and individual well-being involves the protection of gaue won assets and financial stability.Footnote 5 together Bordo (2007) suggests, solid property legal rights constitute a an essential factor in gaue won stability, since they foster an setting favourable because that both investing in and also holding gaue won assets. Furthermore, financial security itself has been figured out as critical predictor the life satisfaction (Oishi et al. 2009; Green and also Leeves 2013). This relationship in between financial stability and life satisfaction can be concerned the idea of loss aversion, which explains how the ache of loss is more powerful than the happiness of gain. It follows that, through lowering the threat of jae won expropriation, protecting individuals’ financial assets, and also thus enhancing financial stability, stronger residential property rights can positively influence life satisfaction.

Another potential route through which building rights may affect well-being requires health. Labelled as the “intellectual home rights dilemma because that pharmaceuticals”, that is a subject that has been debated by plenty of scholars as it gift a significant challenge. The argument is that, native a public health and wellness perspective, IPP instruments such as patents deserve to decelerate the diffusion of brand-new pharmaceuticals and also medical modern technologies (Cohen and Illingworth 2004). Together a result, the expense of health care increases, making the less easily accessible to world in occurring countries (Sathwara and Bhandari 2016). Plenty of scholars in the area of life satisfaction have actually maintained the physical health and wellness affects subjective well-being (e.g., Andrews and Withey 1976; Diener 1984; Ferrer‐i‐Carbonell and van Praag 2002). If stronger enforcement the patents ~ above pharmaceuticals and medical modern technologies makes accessibility to health treatment costlier, it could be suggested that IPP can have a an adverse influence ~ above well-being.

However, in Latin America, the development of pirated pharmaceuticals, which frequently do no conform to industry standards, represent a serious threat to public health and wellness (Ramírez 2012). While they are most likely to be more accessible come the poor, the so called “counterfeit pharmaceuticals” periodically contain harmful ingredients (Horan et al. 2005).Footnote 6 stronger and more effective enforcement the anti-counterfeiting and also anti-piracy legislations in this sector might thus safeguard public health and wellness from this threat. Therefore, that is conceivable the this may have a positive influence on life satisfaction in the Latin American region.

Another possible linkage involves the concern of inequality, i beg your pardon is of particular importance in Latin America, the region with the highest inequality in the people (Torche 2014). If inequality has actually been linked with pleasure in numerous different regions (Berg and also Veenhoven 2010; Alesina et al. 2004), Graham and Felton (2006) discovered that this association in between inequality and also happiness is particularly strong in Latin America. Their examination offers conclusive proof for strong effects of relative income distinctions on well-being. The authors posit that for the people in Latin America, inequality is perceived as a signal of persistent unfairness (Graham and also Felton 2006). In a current Latin American study, Torpey-Saboe et al. (2015) found that residential or commercial property rights could contribute to the alleviation the inequality in developing countries.

In summary, positive and an unfavorable associations between property rights, pundit property protection and life satisfaction space conceivable.

Property rights, pundit property protection and economic growth

A big and cultivation body the literature has actually investigated the relationship between property rights and also economic development (see, e.g., Acemoglu et al. 2001; Everest-Phillips 2008; Besley and Ghatak 2010; Bose et al. 2012; Haydaroğlu 2015) and there is a relatively large consensus among scholars that secure building rights are an important prerequisite because that stable economic growth and also development. There is rather much more mixed proof for the role of intellectual property defense in promoting economic growth. Both are debated below.

The link between much better property rights and also economic expansion has also been discovered for Latin America. In their cross-national research Staats and Biglaiser (2012) created a link in between property rights enforcement and growth enhancing sources of foreign capital. The authors investigated this connection in 17 Latin American countries and found the stable residential or commercial property rights can promote inflows of foreign straight investment and also increase investment portfolio investment.

Regarding individual Latin American countries, ar (2005) investigated the relationship between tenure security and also investment incentives in metropolitan slums in Peru, making use of data indigenous a nationwide land titling program.Footnote 7 her examination revealed that solid property rights achieved through federal government land titling have actually a positive impact on residential investment, bring about a far-ranging increase in the rate of real estate renovation, with apparent benefits for financial growth. In a related study, introduce to the same federal government land titling program, field (2007) found that secure building rights alleviate time spent on protecting property and enable household members to invest it on other activities. This freed increase time deserve to be provided in the work market and thus boosts labour industry participation leading to financial growth.

In a cross-country study, Park and Ginarte (1997) built an table of contents for pundit property civil liberties (Ginarte-Park Index), which attempts to give a quantitative score to a country’s level of pundit property protection. Using this index, they detailed an check of the relationship between patent protection and long-run economic growth because that 60 nations for the period over 1960–1990 . The results of your study display that solid intellectual property rights execute not add to economic growth by “being codified right into laws”, however rather by boosting investment possibilities; such investments climate being connected with the stimulation of long-term expansion (Park and Ginarte 1997, p. 60). Similarly, Gould and Gruben (1997) likewise identify an indirect result of pundit property civil liberties on GDP: solid patent security leads to renovations in factor accumulation (of factor inputs prefer R&D capital and physical capital) i m sorry in turn has an influence on economic growth. Your findings more suggest that it is necessary to distinguish in between developed and also developing nations (see likewise Thompson and also Rushing 1996).

However, some authors think about the relationship in between IPP and economic expansion to it is in a little more complicated and not necessarily positive. For instance, Falvey et al. (2006) argue that providing solid IPP gives foreign firms patent advantage, which turns them because that at least an initial duration of time right into a syndicate and for this reason reduces competition. This might an outcome in one output listed below the socially preferable level that output and lead to consumer welfare loss. Adams (2011) and also Horii and Iwaisako (2007) concluded that the ultimate result of solid IPP protection on economic growth and breakthrough depends on the country’s level that economic breakthrough and other country-specific characteristics and give a similar explanation together Favley et al. (2006). According to Sattar and also Mahmood (2011), the toughness of the connection depends ~ above the country’s level the income. They found that the influence of IPP on GDP is more significant in high-income nations as contrasted to middle- and also low-income countries. Furthermore, the effect is stronger in situation of upper–middle-income countries in comparison come lower–middle income and low-income countries).

While the discussion over is general, that is conceivable the these associations may differ dependent ~ above the individual’s labour market status and also the proportions the such teams in a nation or region. In Latin America, larger informal sectors room generally connected with an ext self-employment (Tokman 2011): self-employment account for more than half (56%) of the total informal work (Biles 2009), whereby regulations and bureaucracy are sometimes seen as obstacles to business. However self-employment is very diverse in the Latin American region, which provides it essential to consider the various other categories of self-employment too.

According come Tokman (2011), insufficient regulations and bureaucracy lead numerous micro-enterprises to flee to informal sectors. Furthermore, it is an in similar way argued that people who “voluntarily” job-related in informal sectors refuse formality, which could potentially explain why the informally self-employed can not advantage from stronger pundit property protection. Since solid regulations and also bureaucracy lead them to informality in the first place, they could be versus any increase in federal government intervention. Moreover, people who are energetic in the not blocked sector might be directly influenced in your jobs and also therefore no benefit, yet instead experience from stronger intellectual property protection.

There also might be various preferences in ~ other teams of the self-employed. A company owner or entrepreneur, for instance, may advantage from stronger intellectual property security as this might protect her from piracy and imitation, better facilitating the development of brand-new products and also improvements of existing products and also production processes. However, the could likewise be that self-employed service owners execute not benefit from stronger intellectual property protection, since it is most likely that purchasing intangible heritage such as patents becomes an ext expensive (Jacobs 1998).

Our examination is specifically interested in the relationship in between these rights and protections, GDP growth and life satisfaction. The following section discusses the data and chosen method we use to empirically assess this associations.

To inspection the problem of residential property rights, pundit property protection, financial growth and also well-being we employ second data from three various sources: the world Economic Forum’s an international Competitive Index, the Latinobarometer, and also the world Bank. We exploit data for the Latin American region from 2006, once the residential property rights data we usage was very first available, until 2015, the (at the time of writing) last year that Latinobarometer data. Below we discuss each in turn.

The data concerning property rights and also IPP come native the world Economic Forum’s global Competitive index which has, since 2006, collected data every year on plenty of different aspects of numerous countries. The data on property rights and IPP in this index, and also hence in this investigation too, come native an executive survey. 100 executives to be asked the adhering to question in each year: In her country, come what level are residential or commercial property rights, including financial assets, protected?Footnote 8 The answer are provided on a Likert scale from 1, indicating no at all, to 7, meaning to a great extent. The Latin American countries with the greatest averages for property rights end the years taken into consideration are Panama (4.89) and also Uruguay (4.86); those through the lowest space Venezuela (1.97) and Bolivia (2.81), v Argentina (2.85) not faring lot better. The question for pundit property security is similar—in her country, how strong is the security of intellectual property, consisting of anti-counterfeiting measures?—with the exact same scale. For this pundit property security measure the highest averages are again discovered for Panama (4.14) and also Chile (3.81); those through the shortest averages room Venezuela (1.91) and Bolivia (2.30), with Paraguay having a negligibly higher score (2.34). In general, the ratings for residential property protection are higher than those for intellectual property protection. All of the averages because that each year and also each country are displayed in Appendices 1 and also 2.

The data for life satisfaction and also the crucial socioeconomic control variables come indigenous the Latinobarometer. The Latinobarometer is an yearly data set (though with occasional absent years) containing socioeconomic data from between 1000 and 1200 individuals in each of 18 Latin American countries in every year. A recurring cross-section data set, which has implications because that the evaluation we have the right to undertake.Footnote 9 The Latinobarometer’s life satisfaction question is as follows: usually speaking, would certainly you say you room satisfied with your life? would you say you are…? There are four options as possible answers: very satisfied (1); rather satisfied (2); not an extremely satisfied (3); and not at every satisfied (4). These space positively coded for the evaluation here therefore that greater numbers indicate higher satisfaction. Table 1 gift the number of observations, and also the mean and standard deviation the life satisfaction because that each country.Footnote 10

Table 1 Observations, mean and also standard deviation of life satisfaction in separation, personal, instance countries
Full dimension table

Latinobarometer data 2006–2015, these averages execute not consider 2008, and also there was no inspection in 2012 and also 2014. The scale is 1–4, v life satisfaction gift positively coded.

Where possible we employ conventional socioeconomic controls, common to plenty of investigations within the ‘economics of life satisfaction’ area. Thus, we think about income, socioeconomic level, labour pressure status, marital status, age, and also education. What is particularly missing is health, which is not asked around enough in the Latinobarometer Importantly, income, again mirroring the data gathered in the Latinobarometer, is a subjective measure. Fairly than asking individuals about their actual income, lock are rather asked whether their salary is adequate or not.Footnote 11 The socioeconomic level data reflect the interviewer’s opinion and is based on the appearance of the respondent, their house and also furniture. The various other socioeconomic controls space straightforward and require no elaboration, despite we discuss labour pressure status below. Descriptive statistics for every 18 countries merged are easily accessible in Table 3 in Appendix.

The GDP data come from the world Bank, ours third source of data. We usage GDP development per capita together our measure of economic growth. This data beginning the last stage of our evaluation and allows us to see if there is a confident association between property rights and also life satisfaction, and also intellectual building protection and also life satisfaction, i m sorry is not caused by economic growth. This last stage allows us to learn if there is an additional life satisfaction benefit when financial growth is controlled for. Before that us investigate the association in between both species of rights and also protections and also life satisfaction, while considering socioeconomic controls well-known to influence life satisfaction, without considering financial growth.

Our interest focuses on the coefficients for home rights and intellectual building protection. Both variables room in every estimate, for this reason the coefficient for building rights (intellectual property protection) is acquired while controlling for intellectual property protection (property rights). Any an extensive differences v the acquired coefficients between the 2 stages will therefore be explained by a moderating role for economic growth. Provided that the dependence variable, life satisfaction, is ordinal and also only has 4 different choices we law it as ordinal and present marginal effects derived after notified probit analysis. This is undertaken for all countries combined (controlling because that the specific countries), and full results are gift in the following section.

One benefit of the Latinobarometer is v respect to self-employment. In the survey, self-employed individuals show whether they space self-employed as professionals, company owners, farmer or within the informal sector. It is plausible that the relationship between property rights, pundit property protection, GDP and also life satisfaction might be somewhat different when this vastly different groups the the self-employed are considered. Furthermore, ours analysis also considers other labour pressure statuses (e.g., unemployed and also retired).

In this section the an essential results space presented and also discussed. Given the difficulty of interpreting the approximated coefficients of bespeak probit regressions, in Table 2 we display the marginal effects acquired after the estimation of the ordered probit regressions. The marginal impacts reveal statistically significant results that also have an appealing financial interpretation, in comparison to the notified probit regression coefficients. The columns are distinguished by the addition of a control for GDP development in the 2nd column.

Table 2 Life satisfaction, residential property rights, intellectual property protection and also GDP growth, marginal results following notified probit estimates

The key results because that our examination are in the first two panels. Other determinants held constant, a one-point boost on the property-rights index (on a seven-point scale) offers rise come a 2 percent boost in respondent self-assessing as very satisfied and a equivalent fall in the percentage of those responding not very satisfied by an ext than one every cent. There is additionally a equivalent fall in the percentage of both quite satisfied and not at every satisfied respondents, return these drops are really small. The estimated results of one-point transforms in the residential property rights index are nearly unaffected by managing for GDP growth. Hence, these impacts are no confounded by the correlation between property legal rights protection and also GDP growth. However, in contrast, alters in the table of contents of pundit property protection, return yielding very similar effects to alters in the property rights table of contents in the absence of managing for GDP growth, yield effects that ~ above grounds both that size and (lack of) statistical significance might be related to as zero as soon as GDP development is regulated for.

The financial interpretation of these contrasting outcomes is that home rights in general have effects throughout society that impact directly top top peoples’ life satisfaction (for example, via experience or expertise of abuses arising from lack of property rights or property rights enforcement) in addition to the effects of financial prosperity as measured by GDP. In contrast, the impacts of intellectual property protection are directly experienced by relatively few, when most human being will endure such impacts only indirectly, via the medium- come long-range effect on GDP.

The marginal effects of the other variables, the control variables, are in line v expectations based on previous literature. A ceteris paribus summary follows: renovations in how sufficient one considers their income (including household income) are connected with an much more individuals being very satisfied v life (cf. Clark 2018); enhancements in education increase the variety of individuals report being an extremely satisfied through life . Furthermore being married or having a partner is connected with rise in the lot of people being very satisfied with life (cf. Stutzer and Frey 2006); in contrast coming to be divorced, separated or widowed, increases the likelihood of gift not really satisfied with life or being not at all satisfied v life; period (not shown) adheres to the often-found U-shape, through life satisfaction fall in early on adulthood, getting to a bottom at approximately 52 years, prior to increasing again (Piper 2015b; Cheng et al. 2017; Velásquez 2016 because that Colombians).

The results for labour force status may seem more unusual (i.e., various from many of the scholastic literature i m sorry investigates highly developed countries), however they space supported by previous research study from Latin America. Table 2 shows that gift self-employed, unemployed and also not gift in the labour industry (compared to being employed) space all associated with an boosted probability for individuals to report gift either no at every satisfied through life or no satisfied v life. Here the rather unusual an outcome is self-employment, despite one general reason why self-employment is associated with much less life satisfaction is the self-employed individuals could focus on your work and neglect various other important domains of life such together leisure, family, etc. (Binder and Coad 2012). However, in the Latin American context, various other research has found that this on median finding covers significant heterogeneity (Aguilar et al. 2013). This to be a motivating element for our an ext detailed consideration of labour force status, and specifically different groups of the self-employed.

Regarding these various groups, the many striking differences can be found within the self-employed category.Footnote 12 while the results indicate that self-employed business owners, for instance, it seems ~ to advantage from stronger pundit property protection, also after controlling for GDP growth, the very same association is an adverse and statistically far-ranging for people who space self-employed in the not blocked sector. Likewise discussed in Sect. 2, individuals self-employed in the unshened sector have the right to be intended to be negatively affected by stronger pundit property protection, together it might directly influence their jobs.

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Additional exciting findings room for students and the retired. For students, nevertheless of whether GDP development per capita is managed for or not, over there is a negative association between IPP and life satisfaction. This connection remains far-reaching and negative, even after managing for GDP growth. One potential explanation can be the their age makes them an essential target group for illegal accessibility to entertainment such as movies, videogames and music; together Sect. 2.1 highlighted this is a significant issue in Latin America. More research can investigate this issue. With respect to building rights, however, the relationship for student is far-reaching and positive. For retired individuals, the association in between property rights and also life satisfaction is statistically significant (at a 10% level) and also positive as soon as GDP development is not controlled for and also becomes contempt more far-reaching (while continuing to be positive) as soon as GDP development is controlled for. The link in between IPP and life satisfaction on the various other hand, is not significant for retired individuals. An ext research could uncover potential factors for these associations.