If friend are brand-new to the world of DIY, you should be intrigued through the patent shaped step drill bits. You have to wonder just how you have the right to use a action drill bit. Once you are done analysis this post you will be convinced to add step drill bits to your toolbox.

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When I an initial came throughout step drill bits ns was actually fairly confused about their use. Once I started looking right into their uses I was really excited to invest in my own collection of step drill bits. V experience, i have come to appreciate action drill bits even more with your multitude the uses.

If friend are new to step drill bits, this article will price each and also every question in your mind.

How to usage a action drill bit? friend will usage a action drill bit just like another drill little bit with an exception of its function of use. Because that drilling through a step drill little use a center punch to very first mark the center. Now drill steadily with firm pressure. Step drill bits only job-related with thin steel sheets and also can make holes of different sizes depending upon the number of steps in her drill bit. You can additionally use it to enlarge or deburr an present hole.

With a tool as flexible as a step drill little bit there is a lot to learn once girlfriend start.

My main an ideas behind composing this short article is the fact that ns myself struggled when looking for accurate information and detailed instructions concerning the usage of a action drill bit. I have summed up all ns learned v my endure of functioning with step drill bits in this article.

What is a step Drill Bit?

A step drill little bit is a conical form drill bit to make different size holes with one bit. It has multiple levels with enhancing diameters from guideline to end. It has a spicy groove at one next which acts as the cutting edge. The step drill bit is additionally used to enlarge or deburr holes. This drill bit is used particularly for metals but can likewise work through wood, plastic, etc.


If you room trying to drill a hole with a action drill bit, I have compiled the list of steps you need to follow.

1. Take safety and security Precautions:

The very first step for any type of drilling task is to take it the necessary safety precautions. Undertake your security goggles and work gloves come prevent any type of metal shavings native hurting you.

My favorite perform of security gear. You might not need all of them.1. Dewalt safety Glasses 2. Latex dual Coated job-related gloves3. 3M experienced Dust Respirator4. Dewalt commercial Grade Ear Protection5. 3M difficult Hat6. Caterpillar stole Toe industrial Boot7. First Aid Kit8. Fall Protection Kit

2. Choose a step Drill Bit:

Based on the product you space using girlfriend will should use a various drill bit. You’ll need a separate step drill little for stainless steel, a separate step drill little bit for wood, and a separate one because that aluminum or iron.

3. Use facility Punch:

For precise results, when working v a step drill bit, i recommend making use of a facility punch. Place the tip of the facility punch in ~ the position of your required hole. Currently hit the center punch with a hammer. This will permit the drill little to drill without swaying.

4. Drill:

Now you have to plug your action drill bit into a cordless drill because that drilling. If friend don’t currently own one friend can select one from this perform of ideal cordless drills under $50, without breaking the bank.

Cover your drill in cutting fluid to protect against overheating. Align the drill little bit with the facility mark, hold your drill steadily and start drilling. If you want to drill a huge hole, you deserve to use a little step drill little bit to drill a pilot hole prior to using the bigger step drill bit.

5. Clean:

Now the you have actually completed the drilling removes your drill bit and also thoroughly clean them to remove any kind of shavings. If you have used the drill little bit on steel make sure to polishing the drill bits prior to putting them far to extend their lifetime.

Tips for Using step Drill Bits:

In addition to the steps given above, i have uncovered these advice to it is in really useful whenever I use a step drill bit.

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Make sure to save the drill bit straight if drilling. Having a tilted drill little can result in oblong holes.Let the drill bit do that job and also do not use excessive force.Drill slowly to prevent over-stepping past a desire feet diameter.Use a action drill bit(except HSS step drill bits) at short to moderate spindle speed to prevent chatter.If drilling huge diameter holes, the is recommended to usage a pilot hole.Use a cutting fluid to ensure smooth holes and also avoid damaging the drill bit.To stop overheating keep removing the bit from the material commonly when drilling large holes.

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