Ever wonder what the attributes of a necklace space called? In this article, we’ll summary the crucial features that necklaces to assist you decision which necklace layout is ideal for you. Additionally, this details can assist you replace broken or lost pieces the necklace jewelry. Read on to learn around the components of necklaces and also how each component functions.

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Types of Necklaces

The most popular format of necklaces have a chain, cord or string, i beg your pardon are frequently accompanied by a hanging pendant or decoration. However, there are additionally necklaces which space stringed through beads or stones.

There are actually a selection of chain necklace layouts made from all different materials. The most typical materials supplied for chain necklaces space sterling silver and gold.


Necklace Terminology

The key parts the a necklace space categorized into three parts:

The foundation
 - This component of the necklace includes the most material, and also is frequently made increase of a metal chain, animal leather rope or towel cord. The various other two materials of a necklace rely on the foundation.Decorations - These are ornaments that cave from the foundation of the necklace in the type of pendants, stones, lockets or trinkets.The Clasp - This component of the necklace is what keeps it every together and in tact. The fastening piece deserve to either it is in a clasp, spring ring, or hook and also eye fastener that keeps the chain connected.

Popular Necklace Chain Styles

When it come to different chain styles, there room so many options to select from to accentuate your individual taste. From standard cable chain to Italian Figaro chains, each style offers the own distinct qualities. There room feminine, lightweight chains and much more rugged mrs chains. As soon as browsing chain styles, there are a few things to consider: the steel type, the chain style, and the width and also length of the chain.

Here’s a quick overview of every of the most well-known chain styles:

Cable Chain - A classic, straightforward and elegant chain come showcase a pendant

Curb Chain - A sturdy, masculine variation that is flat and also wide

Rope Chain - A stylish explain piece

Anchor/Mariner Chain - A nautical format chain resemblant of one anchor

Ball Chain - Contains small metal beads that evoke an industrial street-style

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Necklace Cords

In enhancement to the famous chain layouts above, there are various species of cords supplied for beaded or gemstone necklaces. Most often, jewelers use silk come string pearls, beads and stones come necklaces. Additionally, polyester towel is used due to the fact that in contrast to silk, polyester is a sturdy cloth that lasts longer. Other types of products used for beaded and gemstone necklaces incorporate coated wires favor Tiger Tail, leather and also hemp.

The dimension of the beads or stones used for the necklace will also dictate the thickness of the cord.

What varieties of Beads and also Stones Are provided in Beaded Necklaces?

Beaded necklaces contain tiny or large beads in distinct shapes, sizes, colors and patterns. In fact, these species of necklaces have either gemstones, pearls, wooden, metal, plastic beads and also even seashells.

Some beaded necklaces save on computer a repetitive plan of the same stone or bead, whereas others will have actually a pattern including various species of beads or stones. Beaded necklaces have the right to be an easy and elegant, choose a pearl necklace, or a chunky statement piece featuring bright colored, uniquely shame beads. There are even chain necklace layouts that have a few beads strung every couple of links.

When buying beaded necklaces, you might encounter beads in a selection of shapes consisting of round, oval, lentils, carved, disks, squares or tubes. Relying on your style, you may come throughout one beaded necklace you absolutely adore, while an additional doesn’t draw your interest. That’s because beaded necklaces room so unique that you can pick and also choose which styles finest suit yours. Beaded necklaces are a fun accessory that can be as understated or extravagant together you like.

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Necklace Lengths

When shopping for necklaces, it’s vital to store in mind the length. There space several different necklaces lengths available, and the layout of necklace you’re in search of will typically correlate come its length.

For example, choker necklaces will certainly be tight about the neck and also usually attribute a basic ribbon or leather band through a pendant.

Here’s an overview of every of the popular necklace lengths:

Collar or Choker Necklace - 14-16” and also sits snug approximately the neck.

Princess Length - The most well-known jewelry length, which sits 16-18” long, falling to the mid-chest. Princess length necklaces often attribute a pendant or decoration.

Matinee Length - longer than Princess length, fall at about 20-22”.

Opera Length - A long and also dramatic length, falling 24-28” long.

Rope Length - These glamorous, dramatic necklaces fall around 30” long and usually covering the totality abdomen. These space flattering when worn doubled, v one component of the necklace choker length, and also the other around opera length.


Most necklaces have actually clasps and also fasteners to save the necklace in place. There room several layouts of clasps do of a variety of materials. This is a look in ~ the most popular necklace clasps:

Hook and also Eye Clasp - The easiest and also simplest clasp, containing two pieces; one is a hook and the various other a circle. The hook slips right into the circle to secure the necklace in place.

Lobster Clasp - This is the strongest kind of necklace clasp, which contains a latch that as soon as pulled opens the other side that the clasp to on slide in the necklace chain.

Spring Ring Clasp - A simple, lightweight clasp which contains a spring the pries open up a small section that the ring to permit the other side the the necklace come enter.


While numerous use the native pendants and also necklaces interchangeably, they room actually two various things. Pendants are a decorative ornament that hangs from the necklace chain or chord. Pendants can be made of silver, gold and also other steels and often attribute a beautiful centerstone. They come in a variety of sizes, shapes and also styles and are a decorate accessory. Some pendants are highly elaborate pieces that art, special filigree and unique features. Pendants room secured come a necklace with a bail, i m sorry secures the pendant to the chain.

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And it is it! currently you know all the crucial parts the a necklace and how each one functions. This details can assist you select which necklace layouts are best for you, and likewise come in comfortable if ever before you should replace piece or refurbish your necklace.