A) wrong as no acceleration simply means there is no unbalanced force. This might mean there are no forces yet it can also mean the the pressures are balanced.

anthony is learning around electric circuits. He has actually started building a circuit shown below. I beg your pardon of the complying with items should

To give an idea that sensitivity of the platypus"s electric sense, how much from a 80nC n C suggest charge walk the ar have this m

The concern is incomplete. The finish question is :

A platypus foraging because that prey deserve to detect an electrical field as small as 0.002 N/C.

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-To offer an idea the sensitivity that the platypus"s electrical sense, how far from a +80nC suggest charge walk the ar have this magnitude?

Solution :

Given electrical field, E = 0.002 N/C

Charge, Q = + 80 nC





R = 600 m

This is the distance of the fee from the point of observations.

As you know, loudspeakers are used for communication at sporting events, and also in colleges or supermarkets. Study loudspeakers o

Sound is invisible, however sometimes we can feel it. Once a kettle-drum is thumped with a stick the time the tight north skin relocating up and also down an extremely quickly for some time and then that pumped sound waves into the air. Loudspeakers additionally work in a comparable manner.

components of a speaker:


In stimulate to analyze an electrical signal into an audible sound, an electromagnet is offered in looudspeakers


suspension is supplied to center the voice coil in the void of the magnet and it exerts a restoring pressure to save it there. Suspension is supplied to limits the maximum mechanical excursion of the diaphragm and also voice coil.

voice Coil

Voice coil is a coil of cable which is attached come the apex of a loudspeaker cone. It gives the motive force to the cone by the reaction that a magnetic ar to the current passing v it.


In a loudspeaker, a thin, semi-rigid membrane attached come the voice coil, which moves in a magnetic gap as result of which it vibrates and also produced sound. That is well-known as diaphragm and also It can additionally be dubbed a cone, though no all speaker diaphragms are cone-shaped.


surround is additionally known as front suspension. Surround is used to sign up with the cone come the chassis. In addition to the suspension that controls the cone excursion, and also it is likewise used to identify how power which is travelling with the cone is absorbed, and how the speaker boundaries when the reaches the end of the travel.


dustcap is provided to protect the voice coil native dust and dirt. The is a component of the cone.

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How speak work

The outer part of the cone is fastened come the outer component of the loudspeaker"s circular metal rim. The inner component is addressed to voice coil the sits simply in prior of a long-term magnet . Once loudspeaker is hooked approximately a stereo, electrical signals feed v the speak cables into the coil. That will convert the coil right into an electromagnet magnet . When electrical energy flows back and forth in the cables, the electromagnet one of two people repels or attract the irreversible magnet. This move the coil earlier and forth, and also it pull and also push the loudspeaker cone. Favor a north skin vibrating back and forth, the moving cone pumps sounds out into the air.In this way loudspeakers works.