1. Sports in the level of a single activity (the expense driver) explain the variations in the related full costs. 2. Cost behavior is approximated by a direct cost duty within the pertinent range. A direct cost function is a cost duty where, in ~ the pertinent range, the graph of full costs matches the level the a solitary activity develops a directly line.

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1. Variable price function--Total costs readjust in proportion come the changes in the level of task in the appropriate range.2. Fixed cost function--Total expenses do not change with changes in the level of task in the relevant range.3. Mixed price function--Both variable and fixed elements. Full costs change but not in proportion to the changes in the level of task in the relevant range.
A linear cost role is a cost role where, within the pertinent range, the graph of total costs versus the level that a single activity concerned that expense is a right line.
"High correlations in between two variables method that one is the cause and the various other is the effect" carry out you Agree? Explain.
No. High correlation merely indicates that the two variables move together in the data examined. The is essential also to think about economic plausibility before making inferences around cause and also effect. Without any economic plausibility for a relationship, the is much less likely that a high level the correlation it was observed in one set of data will be similarly found in various other sets of data.
1. Industrial design method.2. Conference method.3. Account analysis method.4. Quantitative analysis of current or past price relationships.
The conference method estimates price functions ~ above the basis of analysis and opinions around costs and their drivers gathered from miscellaneous departments of a company.Advantages of the conference technique include:1. The rate with which price estimates have the right to be developed.2. The pooling of understanding from experts across functional areas
Estimates cost functions through classifying cost accounts in the subsidiary ledger as variable, fixed, or blended with respect come the determined level of activity.
6 measures in Estimating a Cost duty on the communication of an analysis of a past cost relationship. What is the most challenging step?
1. Select dependent variable. 2. Identify price driver.3. Collection data.4. Plot the data.5. Calculation the cost function.6. Advice the price driver that the estimated price function.Step 3 typically is the most complicated for a expense analyst.
When making use of the High-Low Method, should you base the high and low monitorings on the dependent change or on the price driver?
Causality in a cost role runs from the cost driver to the dependency variable. Thus, choosing the highest possible observation and also the lowest observation of the cost driver is proper in the high-low method.
Define finding out Curve, synopsis 2 Models come be offered when incorporating learning into the estimate of price Functions
A learning curve is a role that measures just how labor-hours every unit decrease as systems of manufacturing increase due to the fact that workers space learning and also becoming much better at your jobs. Two models used to catch different forms of discovering are1. Cumulative average-time discovering model. The cumulative average time every unit decreases by a constant percentage every time the cumulative quantity of units developed doubles.2. Incremental unit-time finding out model. The incremental time essential to create the last unit decreases by a constant percentage every time the cumulative quantity of units created doubles.

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4 frequently Encountered difficulties when collecting cost Data top top Variables included in a expense FUnction
1. Fixed prices are allocated together if they room variable.2. Too much values of monitorings occur.3. The relationship in between the cost and also the expense driver is no stationary.4. Inflation has arisen in a dependency variable, a expense driver, or both.