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21 how is a chemical reaction influenced by the enhancement of a catalyst?(1) The activation energy decreases.(2) The heat of reaction increases.(3) The number of collisions between particles decreases.(4) The potential energy of the reaction increases.1Catalyst-lowers act. Energy
22 equipment in nature tend to undergo transforms toward(1) reduced energy and less disorder(2) lower energy and an ext disorder(3) higher energy and also less disorder(4) higher energy and more disorder2exothermic and increase in entropy
23 What have the right to be concluded if an ion the an element is smaller sized than one atom the the very same element?(1) The ion is negative charged since it has fewer electrons 보다 the atom.(2) The ion is negatively charged since it has an ext electrons than the atom.(3) The ion is positive charged because it has fewer electrons than the atom.(4) The ion is positively charged since it has an ext electrons 보다 the atom.3ions room smaller when they have lost an electron
24 Which course of essential compounds has molecules the contain nitrogen atoms?(1) alcohol (3) ether(2) amine (4) ketone2TABLE R
25 Which 2 compounds have the very same molecular formula however different chemical and also physical properties?(1) CH3CH2Cl and also CH3CH2Br(2) CH3CHCH2 and CH3CH2CH3(3) CH3CHO and also CH3COCH3(4) CH3CH2OH and also CH3OCH34count atoms they have to have the very same number
28 Which form of reaction occurs as soon as a high power particle collides through the cell nucleus of one atom, converting that atom to an atom the a different element?(1) addition (3) substitution(2) neutralization (4) transmutation4definition the transmutation
29 Which fragment is emitted once an atom the 85Kr spontaneously decays?(1) one alpha bit (3) a neutron(2) a beta particle (4) a proton2Use degeneration Mode indigenous Table N
30 What is a problem commonly linked with nuclear power facilities?(1) A small quantity of power is produced.(2) Reaction assets contribute to acid rain.(3) the is difficult to manage nuclear fission.(4) that is difficult to dispose of wastes4Use her brian
Questions 1-10 concerns 11-20 inquiries 21-30 concerns 31-40 questions 41-50
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