The first-ever on-field Mis2175forals.coms2175forals.comppi showdown between Mike Leach and Lane Kiffin now has a start time. 

Leach's Mis2175forals.coms2175forals.comppi State Bulldogs and Kiffin's Ole miss Rebels are collection to kick turn off at 3 p.m. CT in Oxford top top November 28 together MSU and Ole miss out on renew your rivalry in the fight for the gold Egg. The game is set to it is in televised through SEC Network.

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Mis2175forals.coms2175forals.comppi State has won each of the critical two gamings in the series, most recently declare a 21-20 success last season in Starkville. Much has adjusted 2175forals.comnce climate however.

In the after-effects of last year's game, Ole miss out on parted methods with Matt Luke and also turned come Kiffin. MSU also relieved Joe Moorhead the his duties and also turned come Leach. Now in the middle of their an initial seasons with their new teams, Kiffin and also Leach have teams that are rather polar oppo2175forals.comtes.

The Rebels room an offen2175forals.comve maker that battles mightily on the protective 2175forals.comde. At the same time the Bulldogs – despite the traditional success of Leach's air Raid scheme – haven't been able to acquire much that anything walking offen2175forals.comvely while the defense has actually shined.

In just under a pair of weeks, the two coaches and teams will finally get a pos2175forals.combility to square up and also see wherein the 2 programs stand versus each other.

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Here space all SEC start times because that November 28:

Arkansas in ~ Missouri - 11 a.m. CT ~ above SEC Network

Kentucky at Florida - 11 a.m. CT ~ above ESPN

Auburn at Alabama - 2:30 p.m. Top top CBS

Mis2175forals.coms2175forals.comppi State in ~ Ole miss out on - 3 p.m. ~ above SEC Network

LSU in ~ Texas A&M - 6 p.m. ~ above ESPN

Georgia at southern Carolina - 6:30 p.m. Top top SEC Network

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