Del Valle ( del VAL-ee) is a suburb of Austin and part of the Austin–Round Rock–San Marcos city Statistical Area.

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It is one unincorporated area in southeastern Travis County, Texas, unified States. It has actually no local government of its own and also no official boundaries. Yet Austin has linked portions, including the site of Austin-Bergstrom global Airport in 1990. After that, many recently in 2013, the city added more Del Valle territory to the east (8 to 13 miles southeast of downtown Austin).

The 2010 census approximates the population to it is in 17,139.


Del Valle is situated 7 miles (11 km) south east of Downtown Austin. It is situated at (30.21, -97.65) with an key of 482 feet.


In 1812 Santiago Del Valle cleared up in the hills of main Texas in a piece of land offered to him by the Spanish government as a land grant. The neighborhood of Del Valle, developed in the mid-1870s, was called after the floor grant. In 1878 a post office opened. Through the mid-1880s Del Valle, v 50 residents, likewise had 3 churches, 2 cotton gins, one general store, one steam gristmill, and also one school. The primary crops shipped by farmer in the Del Valle area to be cotton and grain. By 1900 Del Valle had 75 residents. Around 150 people lived in Del Valle in 1927. The great Depression hampered the community, which had actually 25 residents in the at an early stage 1930s. In 1942 the Del Valle military Air Base opened (later renamed Bergstrom Air pressure Base), leading to rise in the area population. In the mid-1940s Del Valle had 125 residents. In the mid-1950s Del Valle had actually 200 residents. In 1907 the area usual school district had two schools. Throughout much of its history Del Valle was served by the Colorado common School ar Number 36 and also the Hornsby-Dunlap common School District. In April 1963 the college district to be renamed Del Valle independent #910. From the at an early stage 1970s to the early on 1990s, Del Valle"s population estimates hovered approximately 300. The armed forces base was closed in 1993, to it is in re-opened together Austin–Bergstrom worldwide Airport in 1999 which lugged growth come Del Valle and Southeast Austin.

Austin–Bergstrom worldwide Airport

Austin–Bergstrom worldwide Airport or ABIA (IATA: AUS, ICAO: KAUS, FAA LID: AUS, formerly BSM) is a course C global airport situated in Austin, Texas, United claims (the funding of Texas), and also serving the better Austin urban area, the 34th-largest city area in the unified States. Located about 5 miles (8 km) south east of Downtown Austin, the covers 4,242 acre (1,717 ha) and has 2 runways and three helipads. That is on the site of what was Bergstrom Air force Base. The airport and also Air force base were named after Captain john August Earl Bergstrom, one officer who served with the 19th Bombardment Group.The airport changed Robert Mueller Municipal Airport as Austin"s key airport.


Circuit the the Americas

Circuit the the ameri (COTA) is a unidirectional, grade 1 FIA specification 3.427-mile (5.515 km) engine racing facility situated in Elroy, on the southeastern periphery of Austin city limits, in central Texas. COTA plays hold to the Formula One United states Grand Prix. The circuit likewise hosts the Motorcycle cool Prix that The Americas, a round of the roadway Racing civilization Championship, commonly known as MotoGP, the FIA human being Endurance Championship, and also the WeatherTech SportsCar Championship. The previously held the Australian V8 Supercars series, the American Le man Series, and also the Rolex sporting activities Car series in 2013.


Austin360 Amphitheater

The Austin360 Amphitheater, winner the Pollstar’s “Best New major Concert Venue” award because that 2013, is one open-air amphitheater situated within Circuit that The Americas’ 1,500-acre sports and also entertainment complex and has actually room for approximately 14,000 guests.

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