One of every three slave marriages in slave-selling states, like Virginia, was broken by sale.Most adult slaves married and when their unions were not disrupted by sale, they typically married for a lifetime.

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Frederick Douglass escaped from slavery and became the nation"s preeminent advocate of racial equality, but despite his efforts, slavery continued to grow throughout his lifetime.
In the South it was illegal under any circumstances, even self-defense, for a slave to kill a white person.
Often bonds between family members and friends were enough to deter slaves from leaving the plantation.There were regular slave patrols, law enforcement, and a legal system designed to ensure slaves did not escape from their mastersSlaves did not receive formal education and as a result they had little or no sense of geography, making it difficult to determine where to go after escaping.
Many commercial districts in southern cities contained the offices of slave traders, complete with signs reading "Negro Sales" or "Negroes Bought Here."Slave trading within the United States between 1820 and 1860 was a visible, established business.Virginia played a key role in the Second Middle Passage.
With the price of slaves rising dramatically after the closing of the African slave trade, it made economic sense for slaveowners to pay less for health care and shelter.
The largest number of free blacks remained in the South.The entire black population in the North was free.
South Carolina had the highest concentration of slaves.Slave ownership was not evenly distributed throughout the South but was concentrated around areas with fertile soil and easy access to national and international markets.
Although it was illegal for slaves to gather without a white person present, every plantation appeared to have its own black preacher who would hold church services exclusively for the slave population.Slave religion was a mix of African tradition and Christian beliefs practiced for the most part in secret.

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The number of male and female slaves were about the same.Marriage among slaves in this region was much more common, leading to a greater possibility of creating family life.