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This blog is maintained by the staff of the north Carolina Digital heritage Center and features highlights native the collections at, an digital library of primary sources indigenous institutions throughout North Carolina.

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Six procedures To Consider prior to Scanning upright Files

Vertical papers are groups of subject-based materials often compiled with time to aid an organization’s staff with regular reference questions or research. Prefer the example above at Shepard-Pruden Library in Edenton, NC, they’re commonly housed in submit cabinets. They space a an excellent place to keep items that wouldn’t necessarily be cataloged or accessioned (individually and also formally recorded by the institution) however are valuable for research. Inside you might find photographs, clippings, family members trees, pamphlets, handwritten note – but since the components accumulate over time you can find any number of surprises inside.

Vertical documents are also the worst – for digitization that is. The exact same thing that provides them beneficial for research – their convenience, their long term growth, and the range of components – makes them incredibly complicated to scan. If she interested in digitizing vertical files, we have actually suggestions! These have actually been compiled from our own experience at NCDHC in addition to the experience of a number of our partners who kindly responded to a current email questioning for advice.

When dealing with full filing cabinets you might be tempted to dive in appropriate at the beginning and get going, yet we constantly suggest starting with a pilot project using a subset of materials. us can’t emphasize this enough! It’ll offer you a feeling of workflow, assist you develop how you going to name and also organize the scanned files, and uncover obstacles you didn’t anticipate. If it goes poorly, friend can back out without losing a big investment. The suggestions below can be used for a pilot and for a full-fledged project.

Suggestion 1: prepare First, say thanks to Yourself Later


Here’s an instance of a vertical file with newspaper clippings, letters, and also publications about World battle II. Native the arsenal at Shepard-Pruden Library in Edenton.

Scan it all or it is in selective? decision if you want to walk from beginning to finish or to be selective about what you will do it scan. Yes sir no ideal answer however each method has ups and downs. This decision will be topic to her users’ needs and your local resources.

Scan the all? Is there sufficient high value and also unique contents in your vertical documents to warrant scanning everything? because that example, some newspaper titles have actually been digitized in their entirety and are full text search (like those easily accessible at or Chronicling America) for this reason you can decide that scanning clippings indigenous those same papers is superfluous. As another example, many publications published before 1924 in the United claims are obtainable online in ~ the internet Archive or through a straightforward search in your net browser. If your files have a lot of of publication excerpts you may want come skip those.

Be selective? gift selective deserve to be more time consuming and also you may unintentionally miss out on items that would be the use, however it deserve to be ideal if you trying to merely scan items concerned one or two topics or for a specific event. That is also a an excellent option if friend don’t have a lot of time or resources however want to assist give accessibility to high need files.

First pass for organization. Go with the papers in a first pass, during which you’ll assess the files’ contents, sort them in a method that will certainly make scanning easier, and prepare the various formats for scanning. Here are some work to finish as you make a first pass:

Suggestion 2: Prepare for the Digital Files

Unless girlfriend don’t have that numerous vertical records (or you have a lot of time and help) think of every vertical record as a solitary unit. This is what I average by this. If you have actually a vertical paper about a famous local landmark referred to as the “Turtle Log,” and also it includes a few photos, part clippings, and a handwritten narrative, every one of those scans would be maintained together in a online group, folder, or album simply as they room in real life. When you explain that group/folder/album one of two people in an inner or virtual database, you’d define the unit as a whole, rather than describing each individual photo, clipping, or narrative. This will save a ton of time.

With this in mind, you’ll want to think that a record naming plan that will certainly keep every one of these digital teams organized. Thankfully, file systems mimic documents in genuine life, through the use of folders. Make certain you have a consistent naming convention for files and also folders the ensures everything sorts appropriately. On the ideal is a quick instance of just how you could decide come name her files. This instance is very simple – girlfriend could pick to give much more detail, incorporate known dates. However note the number (01, 02, etc.) included that will certainly make the documents sort in order.

Suggestion 3: Determine just how You’ll work-related with Additions

If you intend to store these upright files active after scanning, you’ll require to figure out just how to represent what’s been scanned and also what you’ll perform with new additions to the files. A irradiate pencil note or some various other non-permanent keep in mind on the earlier of every scanned items can signal what’s been scanned. Decision if you have the time and staff come scan new additions prior to filing brand-new donations or if you setup to carry out that wholesale at a later on date. That might additionally be advantageous to have a mite of some type that you have the right to insert into the file cabinets that allows researchers and also staff know about files that have actually been eliminated for scanning and whether or no they have the right to still request them.

Suggestion 4: You need to Scan these In House. Or you Shouldn’t.

I great I could give a single way forward here, yet like so many things the price to even if it is or no to outsource scanning counts on your situation. Here are a couple of considerations because that the 2 routes.

Scanning in house.This provides you a the majority of flexibility. You deserve to work on the project over time. For energetic files, they’ll it is in close available if needed. Your staff will obtain experience scanning, if they don’t already have it.

Unless you have the right to afford an overhead scanner or camera mount setup, scanning vertical documents on a flatbed or other multifunction maker will do a very long procedure a many longer. Sheetfed scanners can speed points up a small but only for extremely uniform, non-unique products that space in an excellent shape. Due to the fact that the task is large, if you nothing have committed scanning staff (or also if you do) be all set for the components of multiple document cabinets to take years to scan. Girlfriend may also need to hire brand-new staff or reskill existing staff to carry out this work, commerce this for various other duties they right now complete.

Outsourcing scanning.Outsourcing deserve to mean a faster outcome because the organization doing the scanning will certainly have committed workflows and equipment for high volume output. If girlfriend don’t have actually digitization specialization on staff, their expertise can be beneficial for staying clear of pitfalls.

Unless you space working v an organization that generally scans distinct collections, the range of styles can be a difficulty and commonly increase the cost. Suppliers that specialize in corporate files will claim attractively inexpensive prices for scanning yet they are commonly used to working v homogenous typing or copy paper. Be sure to interrogate them concerning their expertise, reflecting them examples and even asking for a quote after lock scan a subset. Make certain they sell digital documents of a quality and also in document formats the you deserve to use into the future.

Suggestion 5: Decide about Your access Priorities and also the remainder will Follow

As we’re fond of saying, digitization is the basic part. Even in a job of this size and complexity, the scanning and also preparation that the digital records is more straightforward climate what come next. Here are confounding factors to take right into account once you take into consideration how you’ll provide access to the digital upright files.

Full text Search

Full text search considerably increases the usefulness of digital vertical files. It’s one of the most cited factors for scanning lock in the very first place. To be able to search complete text in ~ a scanned document, you’ll should run that digital record through software that establish the text and also then one of two people embeds it in ~ the paper or stores it separately. (Note that this will certainly only occur with typewritten message – specific automated recognition of handwriting isn’t widely obtainable at this point.) below are two different options:

Suggestion 6: find Examples and Friends

Here room some instances of digitized vertical paper collections online. This are huge projects through a goodly variety of staff and also funding involved, so take that right into account together you look. Note that the documents are placed online entirety rather than breaking out individual items.

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This an initial example originates from the Digital collection of the college Libraries in ~ UNC-Greensboro and also showcases your “class folders.” UNC-G has done quite a bit with vertical files of assorted types, yet this is a great example the folders that have actually a range of items group by subject. These items are in a system dubbed CONTENTdm, i m sorry is specifically designed to organize special collections.