to progress, grow, or prosper vigorously, together a service or a city: Her organization is booming since she enlarged the store.

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a period of rapid financial growth, prosperity, high wages and prices, and reasonably full employment.
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First recorded in 1400–50; 1910–15 because that def. 10; late center English bombon, bummyn “to buzz”; cognate with Dutch bommen, German bummen; imitative the the sound
Boolean algebra, Boolean operation, Boolean ring, Boolean sum, Boole's inequality, boom, boom-and-bust, eight box, boomer, boomerang, boomerang kid
Nautical. Any kind of of various an ext or much less horizontal spars or poles for expanding the feet of sails, especially fore-and-aft sails, for handling cargo, suspending mooring lines together a vessel, advertise a vessel far from wharves, etc.
Aeronautics. one outrigger supplied on details aircraft for connecting the tail surfaces to the fuselage. A maneuverable and also retractable pipeline on a tanker aircraft for refueling an additional aircraft in flight.
a chain, cable, series of connected floating timbers, or the like, offer to obstruct navigation, confine floating timber, etc.
Machinery. A spar or beam projecting native the mast of a derrick for supporting or guiding the weights to it is in lifted.

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(on a motion-picture or tv stage) a spar or beam top top a mobile crane for holding or manipulating a microphone or camera.
explosion, development, increase, rush, advance, jump, upsurge, expansion, improvement, upturn, inflation, growth, gain, spurt, boost, explode, roar, reverberate, thunder, resound
a duration of high financial growth identified by climbing wages, profits, and prices, full employment, and high level of investment, trade, and other financial activityCompare depression (def. 5)
a beam or spar pivoting in ~ the foot the the mast of a derrick, controlling the distance from the mast in ~ which a load is lifted or lowered
a pole, generally extensible, transferring an overhead microphone and also projected end a movie or television set
a barrier across a waterway, usually consisting of a chain of associated floating logs, come confine free-floating logs, defend a harbour from attack, etc the area for this reason barred off