‘SHOOK’ IS A brilliantly irish term used to explain feeling frightened, fear or generally being can not to cope.

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Every solitary one the us has uttered the phrase, “He looked shook” upon see an elderly loved one we haven’t seen in a while. And also who among us there is no declared, “I feel a little shook,” after ~ a midweek night out?

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If you’ve been paying fist to social media lately, you may have noticed that an ext and more non-Irish world are using the word in what seems to it is in the ireland context.

Just last week, Katy Perry asserted that the Katycats to be “shook” ~ she exit her brand-new single Rise.

Singer Troye Sivan proclaimed that he to be “shook” after showing up on The Tonight display with Jimmy Fallon.


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"I'm shook" is favor my walk to phrase whenever other unpredictable wake up lmao

— hailz (
me: i'm shook is mine favorite expression maddy, two seconds later: pic.twitter.com/IcXYattMft

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So, wherein did that come from and how has it suddenly found global popularity?

Like many slang terms, it has actually its roots in hip-hop. Maybe the most famous usage of the word come in Mobb Deep’s 1995 classic Shook persons (Part II). And also since then it has actually taken ~ above a life of its own.

A cursory Google find reveals the it’s featured in Nicki Minaj’s Roman’s Revenge 2.0 (“I obtained ‘em scared, shook and also panicking”), Lil Wayne’s us Be secure Mobbin’ (“And if the ain’t shook, i’m gonna shake him”), Jay-Z’s Come and also Get Me (“How challenge you look in ~ Jigga prefer I’m shook favor boo”) and 2Pac’s Thugz Mansion (“Seen a present with Marvin Gaye critical night, it had me shook”).

It was also used by tiny Mix earlier in 2012 prompting this Twitter user come declare the they had “INVENTED” the term.


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It’s unsure why it has taken on such a life of its own on the web over the past few months, but one point is because that sure: it is right here to stay.

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