The valence electrons in the metallic bond native the s and also the p orbitals that the steel atoms delocalize. This way that the electrons which remain in the atom through their corresponding nuclei, instead of this castle orbit the steel atoms and also for a sea the the electrons that surrounds the nuclei that the atoms.

This way when one say the the valence electron in a steel are delocalized.

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It way they space not fastened to their "parent" atom, and they are aloud to roam openly to relocate through the bulk structure.

An "extensive property" is a product property that counts on the quantity of material existing in a sample. An "intensive propert Rate the reaction is an "extensive property". Price of generation the a chemical varieties is an "intensive property"


Let´s inspect out the factors that affect the speed of reactions:

Temperature, physical state the the reagents, presence of a catalyst, Pressure, light, Concentration the the reagents.

When having actually a general chemical reaction choose this:

aA + bB → cC + dD

Usually the rate of reaction is stood for by the following equation

^x ^y" alt="Rate = k ^x ^y" align="absmiddle" class="latex-formula">

Where k= constant

x, y = reactant orders

A, B = reactant concentration

As we have the right to see in the last equation, the price of reaction depends straight of the amount of material existing in a sample, that is why it is an "extensive property"

The rate of generation of a chemical species, relies of other factors like Temperature, existence of a catalyst, Pressure. As we can see all the components that permit the speed of generation the a new chemical types let us understand that this is one intensive property because it doesn´t depends of the amount of material.
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Agi, baf2, and also agbr are all sparingly dissolve salts. Which of these salts will be much more soluble in an acidic solution than in wat
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AgI, BaF2, and also AgBr room all sparingly soluble salts. I m sorry of this salts will certainly be much more soluble in one acidic equipment than in water? , , and also are all sparingly dissolve salts. Which of these salts will be an ext soluble in an acidic systems than in water? 1) AgI 2) BaF2 3) AgBr

As a chemist because that an farming products company, you have just arisen a new herbicide,"Herbigon," that you think has actually the potential to kill weeds effectively. A sparingly soluble salt, Herbigon is liquified in 1 M acetic mountain for technical reasons having actually to do with that is production. Friend have identified that the solubility product Ksp the Herbigon is 9.20�10?6.

Although the formula that this new chemical is a trade secret, it have the right to be revealed that the formula because that Herbigon is X-acetate (XCH3COO, whereby "X" to represent the top-secret cation of the salt). It is this cation the kills weeds. Because it is critical to have actually Herbigon liquified (it won"t death weeds as a suspension), you room working top top adjusting the pH therefore Herbigon will be soluble at the concentration required to kill weeds. What pH have to the solution need to yield a systems in which the concentration the X+ is 5.00�10?3M ? The pKa of acetic mountain is 4.76.

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1. B

2. A


1. The thickness of an item represents the mass every unit volume that the object. A density of 0.45 g/mL way that 1 mL of the object weighs 0.45 g, 1.000 g/mL means 1 mL weighs 1 g, etc.

A density of 35,885 g/mL means that 1 mL of the thing weighs 35,885 g. This is a ridiculously high amount of weight for things with a volume the 1 mL and also seems not reasonable. The is highly unlikely the such a substance exist in nature.

2. Considering the reality that only rock would sink in water of every the substances indigenous a - d, the thus method that rock would have actually the best density. Oil, oxygen, and also ice will all float on water, meaning that they space less dense than water.