I was wondering how can you ask for the definition of a word in Gerguy. I"m a little surprised that a Google search for "ask for word definition in 2175forals.com" didn"t provide any kind of direct advantageous link.

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After searching for "to mean" in a dictionary I uncovered that "what does that mean?" is translated as

Was bedeutet das?

so I wonder if

Was bedeutet ?

is a correct means to ask what a word indicates in Gerguy.

Also I"m interested in discovering if tbelow are other or much better methods to ask for the interpretation of a word.



Yes, it is correct and also my individual favourite. But there are additionally alternatives:

Wie muss ich verstehen?

Können Sie mir erklären? Ich verstehe es nicht.

Können Sie mir erklären, was bedeutet? Ich verstehe es nicht.

Or the constantly popular and also infamous:




so I wonder if "was bedeutet ?" is a correct way to ask what a word means in Gerguy.

Yes, that would be a perfectly valid question for the definition of .

If that would be your finish sentence, though, it might perhaps be taken as a small rude or you can be taken as non-severe, as it is lacking any politeness (It counts, obviously. Most folk"s won"t take it bad, yet if you are about to take an intersee, this would not be best practice)

Personally, I think that Germale is a really verbose language. As you can see in Toscho"s answer, the native speakers regularly choose to connect informations to the original idea of the sentence.

Instead of merely asking Could you explain the meaning of the term to me?, a second I don"t understand is added as a 2nd sentence.

So, contrary to asking Was bedeutet ? you might say somepoint like

Entschuldigen Sie, könnten Sie mir die Bedeutung des Begriffes erläutern? Er ist mir nicht geläufig.

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Obviously, that is not somepoint an amateur speaker would actually say. Don"t overdo it, simply try to be a tiny polite and explain what you desire as clearly as feasible.