Eric Zane was when flying high as component of the Free Beer & warm Wings syndicated morning show. After ~ 15 year on the show, the wore out his welcome and they let the go. Then, in 2016, Cumulus hired him to host mornings in grand Rapids. Previously this year, he shed that job. In our interview, Zane admits he’s not easy to get in addition to and that perspective may have helped nudge him the end the door that radio. However, over the years, he’s emerged a really loyal fanbase. Now, he’s hoping to take those fans, and also a couple of advertisers, end to his garage whereby he’s structure a brand-new studio and producing a new podcast. Zane talks about how the plans to make the show a success, if he thinks he deserve to make as much money podcasting together he did in radio, and also how he’s dealing with mental illness.

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Radio Ink: offer our readers, who may not know, her radio background.Eric Zane: The normal story the bopping roughly from city to town. I met up with The totally free Beer & hot Wings display in Knoxville. And then we sort of simply did our thing. We gained a couple of lucky breaks, however we were prepared for those breaks because we were every pretty good at the biz. That turned right into a nice tiny syndication deal.

Radio Ink: exactly how did the warm Wings team come together?Eric Zane: I was rivals with Greg (Daniels) and Chris (Michels) in Tennessee. I was their competitor. I acquired fired from mine job. I had a relationship with their boss, and also Greg and also Chris and I all visited the same school, but I didn’t recognize those guys at the time. I simply wandered over there and also I said, hey, you got room for this idiot? They put me in touch with a producer. Over time it ended up jelling which caused all three of together leads top top the show. That lasted from 2001 to 2016, 15 years.

Radio Ink: What caused that to pertained to an end?Eric Zane: Well, it’s interesting because, as time has actually passed, I’ve developed a different perspective on the entirety thing. I think that by the moment that ns did acquire fired, ns feel like I had actually worn the end my welcome. I’ve stated this before, I sometimes struggle to get along with people. I deserve to see, and also would understand, if anyone said, “Hey, i don’t think this is working.” I probably would have been uncomfortable at the time but I absolutely understand I’m difficult to work-related with. Probably the 2 years leading as much as the end, that didn’t seem favor we were hitting on every cylinders, but whatever. Because that years, whenever ns would step in it through an advertiser, or something choose that, mine old administration team would always take treatment of it due to the fact that we had actually a stunner amount the success. I type of acquired used come that. Well, new management takes over, with a different management style, and also whenever i would acquire in trouble they would say, “Hey, girlfriend know, this is crap. Us don’t prefer this.” So basically they simply kind of acquired wore out. Greg and also Chris would offer you a similar answer. They would most likely say, “Yeah, you’re right, he’s an ext trouble 보다 he’s worth. Phone call him come hit the road.” So that was it. Nothing more to it 보다 that.

Radio Ink: you don’t often hear human being admit what you just admitted.Eric Zane: Thank you. I evaluate you acknowledging that. Anyone will tell you, and Greg and Chris would most likely agree, I have emotional high points and flash points. I’ll get angry. Frankly, I’ve worked on that fairly a bit because then. Believe it or not and nobody would certainly admit this either, Ed, I’ve gotten some mental health help and I’m medicated now. Everything’s a little bit easier. I cannot stress that enough as being a positive due to the fact that life is much easier these days even after just gaining fired again. The was a much less complicated thing to process after ns was diagnosed. The is what that is. It’s the truth.

Radio Ink: perform you stay in touch v Greg and Chris?Eric Zane: No, us don’t speak. Unfortunately.

Radio Ink: What’s it like when the PD calls you into the office and also you understand what’s coming?Eric Zane: I’m happy you lugged this up since the critical time was different. I have been referred to as in the office before. 2 firings ago, when I thought I to be going come survive yet didn’t. The was scary and the guy who fired me to be so cheery and sweet and nice. Come hear this pleasant man’s voice say, “Well, we obtained to let girlfriend go.” ns was like, Oh no, the was a kick in the face.Then the many recent one, i had acquired sick. I had actually the flu in ~ 7 a.m. I saw the bathroom and that was ugly. Ns went ago on the air, did one more hour and also it taken place again at 8 a.m. I asked my companion to end up out the show without me. I claimed I’m walking home due to the fact that I’m going to epidemic people. Ns left and also the Grim reaping machine starts walking v the halls in ~ 9:00 severing heads. That was looking for one more head. Mine. Whereby is Eric? he went home. I’m sound asleep. Mine phone’s buzzing favor crazy. It’s a text from an insider saying two males just acquired fired and they’re searching for you. Therefore it occurred when i was at the toilet on the phone, and all I want to carry out was obtain off the phone. Ns didn’t even care at that point. Ns was like, ns gotta go. Many thanks for telling me, goodbye. They walk it end the phone. I didn’t have a trouble with it due to the fact that I would have hated it if they made me come ago to the radio station to get fired.

Radio Ink: are you done v radio?Eric Zane: I’m not going to say that. I love radio. I’m not among these podcasters who starts come hammer radio. Radio is awesome. I love it. The only thing now is, at least for the next six months, I’m really concentrating ~ above podcasting. If a radio station requirements my services, I’m walking to do doubly sure that the podcast is no touched and I have the right to still promote it. That’s the only way I would certainly take a radio station task these days. I would usage it as a bargaining chip. I’ll say let me have this and also we can all work-related in a quite relationship. There’s a lot of of flexibility with this. I’m cursed to it. I was plan to gain a task selling campers or offering cars or other to make ends meet and then ns was like, ns can’t do that. In order come be committed to this, I’ve obtained to be completely on board, and that consists of selling it.

Radio Ink: therefore you’re the end of a job and also you room thinking around selling campers. You decision “I’m walking to do a podcast” when you’re sit at home. How do you gain started?Eric Zane: When I got fired from Free Beer, ns went down this road. I bought all the equipment and also built a website yet kept it dark. In fact, i was going to go live with it and also then I acquired the project with Cumulus. So i waited and also kept whatever boxed up. A pair times in the two years nine months i was on BBL, I got in trouble and also I thought, Okay this is this is the huge one. Then it lastly happened this past January. Ns did a facebook live video clip to announcement it. I referred to as the guys who run my site and my merchandise and also told castle to do the website live and please make it so world can purchase the t-shirts. It was that basic one phone call on a Friday. Ns had already had the Patreon site built and also I had currently subscribed come Audioboom to use as my platform. It was as basic as setup up microphones, rojo a document on Adobe, putting it ~ above Facebook, and on Sunday us were in business. I released that night so people would have actually it Monday morning. I moved it out to every the normal podcast apps and also we were happening. Ns say we, it’s simply me. I had actually interest native a local advertiser on Thursday and also sold them a package. It’s a comedy society in town. They obtained the studio naming rights. My audience members space super passionate. I am very close through them and also a most these people have my an individual cell phone number. We’re all friends. They rallied roughly me. Right now I have a crew finishing the drywall on mine studio and also then I have a paint crew coming in. Someone donated the flooring. It’s all being constructed in the dormer above my garage. I don’t have to pay for any of it. It’s favor a grassroots vibe that has taken over.

Radio Ink: So these are former radio listeners that complied with you over to the podcast.Eric Zane: Yes. They call themselves The Zaniacs. There’s a pan page, Zaniacs United, and also they buy all the shirts. Lock subscribe. They’re awesome. It’s very powerful.

Radio Ink: What is her content?

Eric in his new studio being built above his garage.

Eric Zane: That’s a an excellent question due to the fact that I sometimes swear and let that fly. It just depends ~ above the moment. Ns don’t choose to use swear words in a sex-related way, yet you know, ns say nasty words every the time, i beg your pardon is different than gift on the radio. However, I need to be cautious with that because the Zaniacs suppose a particular thing. I’m figuring out that there there’s a time and also a place for it without it being too ridiculous. Ns think I have the right to hold my own in any type of conversation or a comedy bit or a rant there is no doing that. That’s about the only difference. I generally talk around a many of family things. The nonsense that happens in a busy household and also my interactions through people. Ns pay close attention to that. How have the right to I make that funny. A the majority of the times it’s simply me through a mic on facebook live law it, and also I’m really comfortable act that. It’s no a problem. Talking around pop culture, whatever’s going on in the world.

Radio Ink: Why room you making use of Facebook Live?Eric Zane: Initially, on the launch, i was simply going to carry out that for the very first week. However Facebook has actually noticed just how populated those videos are. They’re obtaining a the majority of attention and also they reached out come me and they desire to put some ads in. Ns didn’t even know the was a thing. Therefore I have to run the end that floor ball and also see what’s up. It’s been choose that because I began doing this. This doors type of simply open just from throwing stuff up there. That’s what led me to, Hey i think there’s something to this.

Radio Ink: facebook contacted you around running ads in her video?Eric Zane: I know, right? ns was favor wait what’s walking on here. Ns don’t understand if it’s much, I’m still finding out a lot of things. I’m do the efforts to obtain as techie together I perhaps can. The whole procedure of do money by what we’re doing and getting stuff on every the different platforms. I’ve got a pair pieces of equipment that i purchased that i don’t even know how they job-related — no clue. I haven’t even had time to take it them out of the box, however I understand I need them. Every day because getting fired has actually been acclimating myself v these brand-new things. But I knew I had to obtain in front of human being first. It’s a very rudimentary setup the sounds choose garbage sometimes, yet doggone it, civilization don’t care. They just want to view you. They just want come hear you.

Radio Ink: most podcasters begin a display with nothing. Castle don’t have actually listeners. Lock don’t have a former radio audience. They’re simply throwing it all out there. What’s it choose going native walking into a radio station studio, wherein you know you’ll get a paycheck, no matter what you say because that the most part, to her garage studio wherein you’re doing whatever yourself, including sales.Eric Zane: It’s really exciting and also exhilarating. A feeling you have actually when you first get into the business. It has this newness to it. Releasing is the word that I’ve heard world say and I’m using currently too. I have actually moments that anxiety and also fear since I’m like, Oh boy, this is it.Sometimes my brain does shot to cheat me. It’s the mental illness trying to to convince me the I’m a failure and it’s not going come work. Then my wife helps me or i go come bed and also then ns wake up and also I don’t feel that way. That component is scary. It’s nearly like a scare you have actually when you’re around to go on a rollercoaster. It’s one unknown yet then it constantly seems to occupational out and you have a an excellent time in ~ it. It’s that form of fear. I really like having what you’ve described. Now I’m act it mine way. I’m lucky. I witnessed a lot of civilization who don’t have actually a following like mine. I am fortunate.

Radio Ink: do you think you’ll have the ability to make sufficient money indigenous sales and also the Patreons come live the same way of living you to be living if you were collecting a radio check?Eric Zane: I’m pull close 400 Patreon members. They’re paying me 5 to 10 bucks a month. If i reach 800 I’m whole. So seven podcasts in and I’m draw close 400. Things have slowed under so now’s the difficult work. Currently I have to go out and also sell civilization on it. I have actually to gain advertisers on the air. It’s walking to take it a while, however I’m willing to do everything it takes. Who knows what else can come down the road? every I have the right to do right now is my ideal at placing out something that people would favor to listen to in their spare time or as soon as they’re working. I have actually a goal in six months to it is in at the 800 number. Ns don’t know if I’m walk to obtain there. I’m hoping and also praying but I’m no going come be all cocky about it.

Radio Ink: What time is the show on?Eric Zane: It depends. I have actually a ridiculous schedule this time the the year. I carry out public resolve for the regional hockey and basketball teams and also I’m a dad therefore I’m going come cheer competitions. So I differ it. Ns do short article that every day. I’m walk live in ~ this time. Ns don’t have actually a set time yet. Ns would choose to keep it in the night when civilization are home.

Radio Ink: What us hear native the podcasting experts is you have to have a consistent time. Listeners have to know once they can uncover you.

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Eric Zane: I think you’re probably right there. That’s something i should certainly look into exterior of as soon as I have to be somewhere else, yet it’s really crazy appropriate now.