One the the most effective forms that snap counts wake up to be the difficult count - which many veterans use virtually every single game.

But what exactly is a hard count?

Today we"ll talk around what a hard count is and some that the drawbacks to making use of it.

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Also, we go end a couple of of the other creates of snap counts that don’t gain as lot attention.


A tough count is a kind of snap that quarterbacks usein an effort todraw an the opposite player offside.

Hard counts aretypicallyused in fourth down situations.

You would certainly hear the quarterback yell louder than usual and sometimes also shout the usual word provided to signal the snap.

However, the center is frequently told no to snap the football uneven the quarterback feels as if the defense no well sufficient prepared.

These counts regularly take the entire play clock as quarterbacks usage up 15-20 secs to kind an irregular, accented cadence in the snap count.

These tough counts can additionally occur outside of fourth down situations...

These space usually done by a few of the finest quarterbacks in the league, mostnotablythe eco-friendly Bay Packers" quarterback, Aaron Rodgers.

Rodgers seems to constantly draw the defense offside v his tough counts, which have come to be a staple of his game in the NFL(video below).

When a difficult count functions in a non-fourth under situation, periodically the referees won’t stop the beat whichallows the offense to gain a free play without any kind of repercussions.

This is one more reason why the tough count is so necessary in today’s game.

Not every quarterback is able to attract an offside favor Rodgers, but there isn’t lot of a penalty on the groups end.

If the team is out of field goal range, they might decide to use up the whole clock and also accept the five-yard hold-up of video game penalty.

Or castle might pick to burn a timeout through a second left if the head coach realizes the the tough count isn’t functioning the method that they had hoped.

Also, the offense needs to be mindful as there have been times when the tough count fails as result of false starts.

Again, the entirety goal is come bait the defending team come commit an offside penalty.

However, hard counts mayaccidentallythrow the offense off safety too, leading to them to jump theline that scrimmage, and collection them earlier five yards.

It takes absolute discipline and also comfort with your quarterback to have the ability to pull a difficult count offsuccessfully.

Other forms of Snap Counts

Quarterbacks, especially the veteran ones, like to store opposing defenses on your toes as soon as it concerns their difficult counts.

Some prefer to throw out random words or phrases when others use numbers.

This is regularly the factor you may have actually thought girlfriend heard a quarterback yell the end words such as “Rihanna” or “Yellow.”

This has taken the hard count to new heights in current years -- mostnotablyduring the 2020 NFL season due to the lack of the crowds.

With stadiums at minimal capacity, players like Rodgers were able to communicate far better and occupational their magic with the tough count.

This intended they were seldom messing upoffensivelyduring difficult counts and the defense to be paying too lot attention come what was being said.

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As fans go back to the stadiums, mean the following generation that quarterbacks to proceed adapting their tough counts together the game changes.