Selling online relies on an audience. When it’s your very own website, your difficulty is to construct the audience v marketing and also SEO. However on 3rd party sites choose eBay and Amazon, you deserve to access brand-new audiences for her products, to benefit from an additional string that revenue to her ecommerce bow.

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Taking benefit of the in-built audience have the right to come at a price. But how carry out the main options stack up, and is it worth your while considering selling specifically or furthermore on some 3rd party site?

Selling on eBay

Everyone knows eBay, and also most web users have actually bought something from eBay at some stage. The huge, and also there room plenty of buyers looking for a never-ending number of products. If you have actually a product the sells, you’ll sell it on eBay, thanks to the audience the exists on the site. However, for skilled sellers, it’s regularly a concern of the prices of offering on eBay, and whether there is sufficient margin in the sale after eBay and often Paypal fees have been deducted.

Ebay Fees

eBay fees fees for listing assets (£0.35), and a 10% last value fee on the sale price. Paypal fee £0.20 per transaction, plus 3.4%, or £0.20 add to 2.9% for quantities over £1,500. For this reason you require to variable in these deductions once selling anything with eBay, so friend can collection a compete price and still secure your margin.

What provides eBay sometimes complicated is competition, and also often low-cost competition from various other suppliers, consisting of offshore sellers. Look at the average market price – you have the right to still market your commodities at a higher price if you need to, however this will influence your sales volumes loved one to the various other sellers within her eBay product category.

Once you’ve uncovered your price, and you’ve calculated how much it’s going to price you to sell on eBay, that time come think around your ads. Presenting her eBay listings in the right layout is an essential to selling, and it’s a comparable art to developing effective product pages on her website. Merged with a an excellent title to entice in eBay searchers, and also you’re on come a winning listing.

Writing eBay Ads

The cheat to selling on eBay lies mainly in the advertisement you space using come showcase her product. Writing great eBay ads applies similar principles to developing any great order page, and your images and also descriptions have to be created in comparable ways to boost your possibilities of recognize buyers.

Title: The location is your first chance come grab attention, and also you must make the many of that if you desire your listing to be discovered by browsing on eBay, and to stand the end from the crowd of rather no doubt offering the exact same product. Descriptive terms and adjectives space essential, as space the keywords and also essential information world need to recognize to look in ~ what she selling.A captivating title will certainly make sure your listing is watched by more people. Provided the listing checks out from there, and you’re offering a great price because that what you room selling, you can expect that this will result in sales.

You’re not just listing ‘Blue Widgets because that Sale’ – you’re offering ‘BRAND brand-new Quality Blue Plastic Widgets – make From 100% recycled Materials’. Gain as much detail in together possible, and shot and sell your product v the title – it could be the just chance you obtain to current to the would-be eBay buyer.

Ebay Images

The next most important part of your listing is the images. This will certainly dictate the thumbnail image you room able to use for your eBay listing, and also providing the visual basis on which civilization can do judgements about whether to buy or relocate on. At any time you space taking photos because that ecommerce, it’s finest to walk for high resolution photos from a range of angles, for this reason buyers can truly construct up a 3D picture. It is in wary of exotic backgrounds – the plainer and whiter the background, the far better you will be able to showcase your product.

Include as numerous images as you deserve to of her product, and also make certain the resolution is good enough that they stand the zoom test. This will offer buyers the confidence that you have the product come sell, and that they space buying the ideal thing.

Formatting her Listing

Your listing summary is the chance to display off in long-form the info buyers have to know about your products, and also around your ecommerce operation. You deserve to opt for a text based summary if girlfriend want, or with a bit of extra initiative you deserve to upgrade come an HTML draft listing, complete with your own ecommerce save branding and also contact details. This have the right to be beneficial as a convincer, but additionally in regards to attracting eBay visitors to her own, privately regulated store, wherein your margins will be greater and also competition an ext than just a listing away.

Build her listing description around key product features, and take treatment to list all the important points over the fold. The same ethics as regular ecommerce design and also information placement apply – keep plenty that white room between chunks that information, and also use well-positioned cartridge points to communicate the most essential information.

eBay Reputation


Your listing will be formatted prefer all other Amazon products, developing a homogeny that is beneficial for you when it pertains to selling. While buyers may be aware they room buying from you straight rather than buying indigenous Amazon directly, you acquire the credibility advantage of marketing through the Amazon platform, linked with access to the in-built audience of travellers who space primed and ready to buy.

Selling fees

If girlfriend are selling fewer than 35 items every month, your expenses are a flat £0.75 per marketed item, with a variable percentage depending upon the group of the product. For those selling over 35 item a month, the prices is a level £25 per month, to add the same variable percentage based on the type of products you space selling.

There are people doing ecommerce specifically on 3rd party websites, making money from selling exclusively on eBay and also Amazon without their own store. There are plenty others who room using a combination of these 3rd party selling channels on their very own site, and also many who room able to find new customers for their own store by selling through these routes to market.

Provided girlfriend can end up being familiar with the ins and also outs of each different platform, and also you can withstand the seller’s fees and also payment handling costs, selling on Amazon and also eBay deserve to be a an excellent way come shift much more product and turnover her stock in ~ a much faster rate.

Resources / additional Reading

ASOS Marketplace

For those selling fashion, ASOS Marketplace is one specifically effective route for getting your product and your brand to a more comprehensive market. The leading name in fashion commerce, the association with ASOS is beneficial for your brand, beyond the sheer volume that have the right to come with this kind of exposure.

You salary a 20% commission because that every sale with the ASOS Marketplace, and also you need to adhere to the regards to the programme, consisting of the quantity and also variance of stock you hold and also the photography friend use. However, as a method of selling fashion throughout the globe, girlfriend can considerably expand her reach through the ASOS Marketplace.


An alternative channel friend can take into consideration for gifts, home, garden, jewellery, fashion and also a entirety host of other categories is Notonthehighstreet. Draft to it is in a source for commodities that space a bit different, some retailers uncover it useful to be exposed to better volume indigenous listing in their marketplace. If girlfriend are accepted into the programme, girlfriend can acquire serious inert from the 2 million+ monthly travellers channelling v the site, especially looking to do purchases of commodities like yours.

There is a joining fee of £199 to add VAT, and also a 25% board of directors on every product girlfriend sell. And there’s a possibility you can not be accepted to the programme, depending upon your product kind and photography quality. However, some retailers report far-ranging uplift in volume through marketing in the Notonthehighstreet marketplace.

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Not an ideal for every retailer, Etsy has a solid emphasis top top handmade and also craft products. If this fits with your ecommerce aspirations, you deserve to sell to buyers top top Etsy because that 20p to add 3.5% on every sale. Etsy stores advantage from the existing web traffic to the site, i beg your pardon is widely recognized as a destination for assets in this details niche. If she a fit, yes a great chance you could make an ext sales by gift exposed to the Etsy marketplace.